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elaine yp
elaine yp

The clever lads of Stranger's Reunion have made their best-selling buttermilk waffles the main act at Waffle Slayer just next door. Serving up flavour combinations of all kinds, get adventurous with the squid ink or matcha waffles. If you'd rather stick to the plain buttermilk, go for the chicken shnitzel with kaffir lime mayo. While they are pretty pricey, the combinations are worth a try! Photo by Charlene Tan

Perfect for a luxurious tea-break or dessert after dinner, make yourself comfortable on the plush cushions and gorgeous decor of this Parisan-inspired pâtisserie. Enjoy a pot of tea and select from their huge repertoire of beautifully crafted pastries and desserts. It's almost a crime not to order the Antoinette, Chocolate Earl Grey Cake, and the Strawberry Shortcake. These are desserts that actually taste as good as they look.

Located within The Little Drom Store, Kki can be easily missed if you're heading there for the first time. With only a few seats available, just a handful will be able to dine in the charmingly quirky interior. Savor these gorgeous creations slowly, and take notice of how carefully and beautifully crafted they are, even on the inside! We love the ever-classy Antoinette, bursting with creamy white chocolate mousse paired with mango.

Ok, we're gonna close one eye, and consider the humble Swiss roll as a form of cake. Simple yet extremely delicious, we love how good things come in a roll. These classic Swiss rolls are perfect for a simple afternoon tea with the family, with traditional flavors like kaya, durian and mango. Those who queue for these rolls often buy 5 to 10 rolls at a go, distributing them among family members and colleagues. We recommend you do the same!

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Translated as "the Tiramisu workshop", this new kid on the block is a strong contender for serving up the best Tiramisu in Singapore. Crowd favourites are the Classico, gorgeously light and aromatic, as well as the Dark Cherry, great for those who love intense liquer and cognac notes. To make the experience complete, you can enjoy a beautifully made cup of coffee along with your tiramisu. It might interest you to know that the coffee used in the tiramisu is pulled from Liberty beans!

Some say that Dulcet & Studio has THE best scoop cake, ever. It sells out really quick, and is best eaten fast at the shop. Indulge in "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" texture, the light-as-air sponge cake generously layered with dense, vanilla scented cream, and topped with fresh fruit. If you enjoy the taste of apple, we recommend the apple custard Millefeuille! It's a pretty fun to eat an entire scoop cake, just dive in and scoop with your spoon ;)

Opened by the gutsy/ gorgeous Zenn Eng, Cake Spade brings something fresh to the cake scene we didn't know we were missing. Her tofu cheesecakes are genius, light and creamy at the same time, appealing even to those who don't like cheese or tofu (well, they don't actually contain tofu, it refers to the texture). The strawberry is popular, but the peach makes you come back for more. What Zenn has really achieved with her cakes is great balance. Check out this industrial-chic space for yourself, and get a few slices to share.

Japanese inspired french pastry? Why yes, please! With over 20 years of Japanese baking experience, Chef Yamashita gets his inspiration from flowers. "Flor", pronounced in Japanese as "fu-ro-ru", means "flower". Every cake is almost like an art piece, full of color and vibrant but balanced flavor- perfect for a special occasion. If you're looking for a bite of heaven on-the-go, grab their ice cheese tartlets in any flavor you please, cos they're so.damn.good.

It takes a lot of willpower to resist ordering everything at Lady M - everything looks SO GOOD. Their signature Mille Crepe seems to be synonymous with their name, and with good reason. Think "20 silky sheets of handmade crepes alternated with pastry cream, with a golden, caramelised top. Melt-in-the-mouth goodness.". If you're a fan of green tea and in luck - go for the seasonal green tea version.

You never need an occasion to justify eating cake, especially not at Lynn's Cakes and Coffee, where the cakes are moist and flavourful. The cake-to-frosting ratio is just right, and if you're looking for great red velvet and/or carrot cake, look no further. This bakery serves one of the best in town. Albeit slightly inconvenient, it is worth the travel.

The Bakery Chef offers quality bakes that are damn delicious and very pretty (read: instagram-worthy). They offer dessert buffets every now and then, for when you're feeling indulgent. The Chocolate Guanaja has an intense chocolate flavour, and the Rainbow cake, infused with passionfruit and lemon, sells out fast. If you suffer from the pain of being indecisive, go for their dessert platter. Grab your friends along because good friends share calories, right?!

Incredibly spacious and conveniently located in Lasalle College of the Arts, this is a good spot for working in groups in a vibrant atmosphere. Great for grabbing wallet-friendly light bites for lunch or tea time, or evening drinks with a cold cider, you can come here anytime. They sometimes hold events and live performances here in the evenings, so do check out the schedule before you head down! Photo by Charlene Tan

brunches are my weak spot but dessert are my weakest! eat.live.stay happy!

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