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SG: Eastie eats

SG: Eastie eats

What a real Eastie eats, unlike you noobs who travel all the way to eat diluted Katong laksa or the nonsense CMC πŸ™„
Smitten Angel
Smitten Angel

This is a new addition to the menu, so tasty and a perfect starter for sharing. Sadly it only comes with four pieces of bread (I think 6 would be just nice as the squid ink is quite salty and flavorful so you can't just pile it onto one pc) and they actually wanted to charge us additional $4 when we asked if we could have more bread. Pls don't be so cheap! It's bread!

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Who doesn't love laksa pasta? The laksa sauce used at this new halal bistro at Bedok Point tastes strongly of hay bee (dried shrimp) and garlic, which many locals may find tasty. In fact you can find tiny minced bits of hay bee in the sauce, especially towards the end. Could do with more laksa leaves though! You get a choice of spaghetti or penne. Comes with 4x shrimp, a bit rubbery (frozen kind) but a reasonable size. Definitely ordering this again ❀️
πŸ’‘The lifts in this mall are an absolute disaster. Use the escalator for best results.

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😍 Ice cream 5/5 I adore the locally-inspired ice cream flavors at this six month old ice cream shop, especially the pulut hitam and hawthorn (ε±±ζ₯‚). Service was great too.
πŸ˜‘ Waffles 2/5 too soggy and tasteless for me, albeit well priced.
πŸ™„ Location 3/5 is also a bit meh,at the basement of a deader-than-dead mall Katong shopping centre (near the food court end). They should move up to street level to give nearby Birds of Paradise some legit competition!
πŸ’‘: To give you an idea of waffles that I like : fatcat for crispy ones, strangers reunion for fluffy ones or creamier for dense sweet ones.


I often come to East Village for dinner (at Lao Jiang soup or claypot rice) so I'm happy to see that the famous Haig Road putu piring has started a branch here! Although it is more expensive than the mothership at Haig Road food centre (which is priced at $2.50 for 5), this branch packs the putu piring in a nice box and they also have non-traditional flavors such as durian (4/$4.20, weird), coconut (4/$3.50, not bad, but reminds me too much of kueh tutu), and chocolate (4/$3.70, surprisingly good). However I still prefer the original flavor of gula melaka. And I feel like they are a bit more generous with the filling at this branch compared to the original shop. This east village branch is open daily 11am-10pm.

This hokkien mee run by an elderly couple is my go-to because I like the 50%/50% bee hoon/mee ratio vs other hokkien mee stalls which are 80% mee. The stock is also way more fragrant than any of those "top 10" hokkien mee such as geylang lor29, Kim's or Kim keat. I guess it's never included in such lists because most food bloggers don't stay in the East (my observation) and bedok corner to them is probably further than JB. Also, you have to practically beg the perennially grumpy auntie to give you even a miniscule amount of chilli paste πŸ™„
πŸš— : plentiful ERP parking (unsheltered )
πŸ’‘Stall usually closes by 2015-2030h, cos they prob can't be bothered
πŸ’‘πŸ’‘From the looks of his impressive vericose veins, I guess the uncle will soon have to retire from this very labour intensive job of frying your hokkien mee, so come and get it while you can. [again, my PERSONAL observation]

Pork in an Indonesian restaurant? Yes please. Solo diners should definitely order this signature dish, which features a tasting of the different types of pork that Kota88 offers. The glaze for the sate and char siew is sweeter than our local roast meat (I like the sweet taste but not everyone may feel the same), but the deliciously charred taste/smell is something you seldom find in sg. Roast pork I find average, the crunchy pig ears are an awesome addition! Ngoh hiang, siew mai and half an egg complete this bowl. If you come in a group, they also have a full menu of sharing style dishes, similar to any Chinese restaurant. I see quite a few Indonesian (speaking) customers here - always a good sign.
πŸ’‘ : you can change the white rice to chicken rice without extra charge. Served with a rather tasteless dipping sauce so be sure to ask for the spicy sambal instead if you are a chilli lover like me.
πŸš— : limited ERP parking available at springvale building where this restaurant is (parallel parking skills required), or neighboring block where KFC is. Otherwise, there is a bigger URA carpark (unsheltered) next to Shell petrol station (3 min walk).


Pretty good value with entertainer app. For best results, I recommend the larger cuts which are chunkier (steaks need to be at least 1 inch thick, the 200g is cut very thin and they tend to overcook it), + ask for RARE to get medium rare. I really like the fries which somehow manage to stay crisp all the way. Meat cuts are inconsistent, sometimes sinewy, sometimes okay, but for the price I think this is expected. If you want 100% consistency go to a proper steakhouse like Wolfgang. This is fine for a neighborhood grill. πŸ’‘The wagyu is more consistent texturally, but also a rather thin cut.

One of my regular haunts, located in the rather quiet East Village mall. I alternate between the clear seafood soup with Malaysian style tossed noodles, and this spicy seafood soup with rice. All the seafood soups here are chock full of fresh ingredients such as sliced fish, prawns, mock abalone, fish balls, fish sticks, enoki mushrooms, pig skin. This soup is actually not that spicy, but still super tasty because of the copious amounts of garlic and shallot oil. I usually put rice on my spoon and dip it in the spicy soup and eat it as a "rice soup". Perfect πŸ’― for a rainy day.
πŸš— : 1) basement of East Village mall or 2) unsheltered ERP parking outside the mall (but usually full).

Never tried these before since they are usually $4.50 each but April's one for one offer makes it temporarily affordable! Could be more chilled but the explosion of lime juice in the mouth was lovely and refreshing on a hot humid day.
πŸš— : Hdb parking available behind block 416.

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This dish though.. En pointe πŸ‘Œ even your veggie hating toddlers will polish off their plates.


I finally tried the hokkien mee here... And I have no idea why burpplers are obsessed about this. It's not bad, but nothing to shout about (tastes similar to the not-famous at all hokkien mee in Chinese Swimming Club coffeehouse, although superior to the "famous"-but-rubbish hokkien mee such as Kim's and geylang). The chilli here is good, but the noodles are weird (they use lor mee noodles πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„). The best carb dish here is actually an off-menu item, ask for rice to be added to the Claypot ε’Έι±ΌδΊ”θŠ±θ‚‰ and tadaaaa. MagicπŸ˜‹.
[OFF-TOPIC: All Easties should know that bedok corner hokkien mee is the best (but yes, be prepared to be abused by the grumpy auntie who is sb stingy with the chilli).]

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So they finally opened a branch in my hood! Not sure how to describe this concept - like a hotpot place but pre cooked? Quite generous with the θŠ±ζ€’ in my 川味 hotpot but the taste of the soup doesn't soak into the ingredients somehow. Small portion is enough for 2 adults. The salted egg corn is kickass though. For real sichuan food I would recommend the nearby ba shu opposite Bedok point.

*a very picky Omnomnomnivore* #realfoodreviews #notafoodblogger #eastiesarefoodies #norabbitfood

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