Best Wonton Mees In SG!

Best Wonton Mees In SG!

A list of wonton mees stalls around Singapore, each of them having their own unique chili, soup and their freshly made won tons :)
Poh Peng Ric
Poh Peng Ric

Haven’t been eating this classic dish in old airport road hawker. Much memories and it’s chili and dumpling combo has a unique kick that I can’t find elsewhere.

Certainly worth its pricier price tag. Thick chunks of beef even though the noodles really looked radioactively green.

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Always tried to visit this stall at Macpherson road, at finally on a Saturday it was open! Brought my brother along and he mentioned that the soup they provided had a strong peppery taste and it tasted like Bak Kit Teh somehow! Chili and the wontons were really good and sure to eat it again if I drop by!

My colleague has always said that this bowl of noodles was 80% of Kok kee's standard while having double the portions! I had two bowls of this; one spicy mee pok and one dark sauce mee kia, personally very much prefer their spicy version and their mee pok as their mee pok coated with their sweet chili was simply delicious! However the mee kia was a let down as the noodles were too sticky and I found the dark sauce too salty to my liking. Generally worth it for the $3 portion with 2 fried wonton and 2 normal ones. Wontons and char siews were average and only their chili was a little bit special!


The legendary Kok Kee wonton mee, still as pricey, not fulfilling, always leaving one unsatisfied after eating, yet making one come back to it over and over again. The unique combination of its QQ noodles, unami-like sauce and its fragrant chili will make anyone finish this bowl of noodles in no time! $5.50 for two average wontons and unimpressive char siew.


Springy noodles and decent chili, char siew and wonton are pretty tasty too! Located near the aljunied mrt it's quite convenient to go too!


Have been eating this plate noodles since 8 years ago. Still taste as good! Whole shrimps in their dumplings just makes it even more awesome!

Tugged in a corner of a coffee shop right opposite Tiong Bahru plaza, is this small wonton tee shop that sells really good noodles. The noodles are the kind that it can still taste well without chili and the chili just complements the dish instead of being part of it. The char siew was sweet and nice to munch to. The highlight was it's wonton which provided a myriad of taste for me and you can feel that a lot of effort was put into every each of them. The soup was also special to me as it had a homely taste to it!

I used to always have this in Joo Chiat. But now it's right outside my school, a 15 minutes walk from my hall. I'm so gonna get fat...

Located beside the mrt station in SIMEI, having a weird signboard name saying snack shop, sells this wonderful plate of wonton mee which I frequent after giving tuition. The noodles aren't fanciful but it's wontons and dumplings are special in their own way. For their wontons there is this slight taste of mushrooms while whole shrimps can be found in their dumplings. As mentioned, this traditional style does not come with chili and only comes with black sauce and light soya sauce with a little bit of oil. A light hearted meal for me as I usually go for spicy ones!


A hearty breakfast at Clementi hawker after an orientation camp in school is a great way to start my birthday proper. Queued for around 10 minutes for this, $4.40 was what I paid for 2 extra dumplings with the wanton noodles. Chili was spicy and decent but not very amazing. Noodles were good but what will leave me wanting more would be their dumplings which whole shrimps can be found and was worth every buck. I followed the crowd in the hawker and I'm glad I did it :) it closes very early roughly after lunchtime so be there before lunch time!


This might be my 200th plate that I have ate from this stall and during my national service of two years I have ate here at least 30 times, it's noodles and chili go so well together that I couldn't resist ordering a bigger portion every time. But recently I realized that to have the most balanced taste, the small portion of $3 does the trick! The wontons aren't fanciful, but it's dumplings are slightly different with them using black fungus as one of the key ingredients which makes them unique from others! As it is located near the Ubi industrial area, it's not recommended to go during lunchtime, but it opens till 6pm and there isn't much crowd after lunchtime. The stall has been around for 20 odd years and it managed to retain and maintain the taste from before with my father feeding it to me since young till a grown adult now. :)

Bak chor mee lover, fusion food enthusiast and a student filled with wanderlust! @thepoppingone

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