Worth-it Winner

Worth-it Winner

It may hurt your wallet, but definitely heal your soul and tummy
Tiffany Lim
Tiffany Lim


Meet the snow aging wagyu sirloin A4 beef that really and literally has the softness and tenderness in the beef that I have never tried before. The beef is only seasoned with salt and pepper, and it is perfect.

This beef deserves a post on its own, as the restaurant manager took this wooden board for us to snap a photo with 😂😂😂

🤤 5/5
💸 $89++ just for this Wagyu Sirloin A4
📍 @nokasg

We're always out hunting for some good cheese!
My girl and I usually head to Cafe Gavroche for their cheese platter and it has never disappointed us!! Hoping that my girl can come back real soon 💕

The Planche Mixte (SGD$36) is a delectable selection of cold cuts and French cheeses. I love to mix and match all the different types and try them with the bread they provide 🤤

We have tried their warm goat cheese and fresh raw oysters too, pretty much up to our standards as well!

Satisfaction :🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤
Price: usually $30 per pax

Chose this place for my first year anniversary, and it is not disappointing at all!. We had a blast “reviewing” the whole year where we are stuck in Singapore and luckily their rooftop dining is a first come first serve basis, and we managed to get a seat! 🥳🥳🥳

Potatohead is one of our Bali itineraries and the SG potato head rooftop bar with the amazing sunset makes us reminisce about our time in Bali. To blast off this celebration, we had some Prosecco and Folk Sangria which are of a sweeter base, and per glass is roughly $16 - $18, which is reasonable.

While J is in love with their Fun Boy Three Burger where soft middle beef patty with cheese oozing out, topped with garlic and miso butter. As for mine, it is Baby Huey (cause I’m the baby), but in all seriousness, they have pickles in their burger (heart shaped eyes). This is like a classic double cheeseburger but 1000000 times better, as their buns are soft with butter and a mixture of savoury pickles with creamy sauce. LOVE IT.

Lastly, it was a Tuesday and they have a Mad About Fries promo where there are 4 different fries - Naughty Fries, truffles cheese fries/ Miso Dirty Fries and Smokey Fries. I have to say out of these four types of fries, truffles cheese fries is my favorite, followed by naughty fries where there are spicy minced beef sauce with cheese (they helped us put the spicy sauce aside so we can dip it).

Satisfaction: 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤
Price: $134.18 (way to much for 2 pax, but definitely amazing time spent)
Location: Potato Heads SG

Truffle fries!!!! I'm so madly in love with truffle fries of a few places and PS. cafe's is one of them!! They're soooo good and i always love mayo with olive oil mix 💛

Can you pasta cheese please?

Chicken Rossa Penne is suitable for people who likes strong flavours, and it has a mixture of chicken, bacon and mushroom with the rich texture of the tomato based sauce.

I love showering (literally) my pasta with cheese ❤️ Chicken Rossa Penne : SGD $26

The feeling of having home cooked food, while dine out, it's the best. It's my first time trying peranakans food and i must say this restaurant has made me feel that peranakans food is the best.

The beef randang is so on point, with the thick yet mild spicy sauce with the tender beef cubes. Also, gotten a chance to try the chicken with keluak that tasted pretty decent the meat inside. Lastly, do try out their Asam Fish that has a mild sour taste that helps in the appetite 🤤

Avg: $20 per pax.


The steak is to die for. Enuff said.
The steak is as nice as it's price, $20+ per 100gm, with the chef explaining how they prepare the steak. Mine was with bone marrow that actually tasted quite nutty but the steak is so on point 💯.

The chewness of the steak is not too tough nor too soft, and it's a mid-rare doneness which the chef will recommend to you. Despite the steak has chewness, it also melts in your mouth with a soft chew 🤤

If you are slightly on budget, try their pull pork burger which is so filling and only $20+.

Definitely recommend the steak 😍

Finding somewhere to chill over the weekend? Tippling Club might be the option for the night drink with friends who you haven't met in years or months.

The overall ambience is on point 💯 with the overall bottle hanging aesthetic and the warm light that encourages people to chat away.

The price of the cocktail might be a little expensive as it costs $24 per glass. So I highly encourage you to try the cocktail that is based on the smell, which they will provide and do the explanatory.

Cocktail per glass: $24.


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