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Featuring Miharu, Ramen Bari-Uma (Tanglin), Tsukada Nojo (Plaza Singapura), Uma Uma (Forum the Shopping Mall), Chabuton ([email protected]), Marutama Ra-men (Liang Court), Sanpoutei Ramen (Shaw House), Ippudo (Mohamed Sultan), Buta Ramen, Nantsuttei Ramen (Orchard Central)
Emily Z
Emily Z

 Choose from 6 types of ramen including their Signature, Back Garlic, Spicy Tonkotsu and Truffle Ramen. You also get to pick the texture of your ramen and add-ons.
Thanks to @burpple for the invitation and @kanshokuramen For hosting us!
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Located at The Cannery, Ramen Keisuke Lobster King (the 10th outlet in the Ramen Keisuke chain) is open till 5am daily — perfect for refuelling after a night of dancing at Clark Quay. The menu is compact and fuss-free: choose from four different styles of ramen, all of which come with a French lobster base broth that has been simmered for six hours. Chilli fiends will love the Spicy Miso Lobster Broth Ramen ($15.90), topped with tender pork belly, chicken char siew, black pepper prawn wantons and bamboo shoots. The tongue-numbing, flavourful broth is a blend of Sichuan sancho peppers, chilli oil and three types of miso, and is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Pro-tip: Douse the flames with the free flow of bean sprouts and boiled eggs.
Avg price: $18 per person

Pretty small space with 20 seating capacity, can't wait to slurp the broth clean! O-o-oishii!

#DontSayIBojio 300 bowls of ramen are going FREE TODAY! Choose between Miso or Shoyu base for your ramen! We preferred the Shoyu one which was more flavourful even though it could be a little salty. But the al dente noodles made up for it.

Location: Park Hotel Alexandra, 323 Alexandra Road, Lvl 1-16, S159972
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon-Sun)

The pork bone broth here is quite light in flavour compared to other ramen shops like Santouka and Keisuke, which is why I still prefer the latter two for their ultra-creamy quality although I can see why some would find Suzuki's easier on the palate.

I love how everything is customisable, from the texture of the noodles, the intensity of flavour of the broth, the toppings, and even the type of cha shu – I liked the pork loin better than the belly. And don't forget those free-flow hard-boiled eggs (heaven with lots and lots of Kewpie!) and complimentary sides like beansprouts and Japanese potato salad.

Once in a while, I like venturing out of my comfort zone and order dishes that typically, I would avoid like the plague. It was the case here.
Honestly, this dish of ramen with minced pork is for ardent lovers of sesame paste and I am far from one myself. But because of the bright spark provided by the plentiful chopped white onions and chilli oil, I found it became much more palatable. Tasty even.

These are three of the six types of ramen available here. The Sakutaya I ordered is like an ultra-rich pork bone broth that's thick in a chunky, not creamy, way – I found it terribly jelat less than halfway through the bowl, especially because it's teamed with thick ramen noodles. The cha shu, though, was suitably tender and the ajitama, sheer perfection with a gooey yolk and firm, well-marinated white.
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The original version with generous succulent chashu. The soup's rich in flavour and the ramen sends you slurping off happily.

Emily Z

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