Must Try

Must Try

Featuring Third & Sixth, Windowsill Pies (Upper Thomson), Ssikkek BBQ (United Square), Myeong-dong 명동, Cafe Pal, National Museum of Singapore, Tosokchon, Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Deli (China Square), Insadong Seoul, cafe gondry
Min Yeon
Min Yeon

Truly Thai food. Affordable pricing. Their milk tea is the bomb.. Which is nt inside the pic. Those who can really take spicy food... MUST try their seafood tom yum... It's really spicy but addictive... Mama Mee salad... Basically is the raw Maggie Mee that we used to eat younger days... With lots of msg... And as a snack.. Tis is the cooked version. Beef noddles that's come with all parts of the cow.. (Tendon, meat, meatball, ....) are tender to the bites...


I finally got my hands with this flavour... Banana caramel custard cream! Me.. Nt a banana fan...but this series... Always win me over to have a bite.. !

It's worth the queue... Totally... Ginseng wine is served together ... One sip u feel like u have eaten the whole ginseng urself... Chicken is very tender,.. Recommended to share 1 pot for 2,..

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I oso dun know why is call the astro boy ... But that shop is full of astro boy stuff... It look like only the both ends is stuck with the ice cream... But it's NOT... Whole stick is full of it,.. Nice,,, maybe I will enjoy it more in summer,.. Whahah

Warms up... When the face is frozen from the wind

It's quite spicy... But the pork in the soup is really very pork.. And it's 8000₩ for each,. Min order for 2..

As the temperature outside is only 8 degree.. Having a dark chocolate... Really warm up...

Erm... The BBQ is nt at the museum... But is like 5 min drive dw the road... It's so nice that we went there for 2 times within 5days... We order a medium and a large for 6 of us... And believe it... Those who dun take pork belly... Aka fatty meats... Downs the most of it... Whahahah

Aft changing the hot plate 2 times... Cooking non stop for 2 hours... We r trying hard to fit in these bacon...

Min Yeon

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