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Featuring Wimbly Lu (Jalan Riang), Concetto by Saveur, The Marmalade Pantry (ION Orchard), PAUL (Ngee Ann City), Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate (East Coast), Truffs, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar (I12 Katong), Flor Patisserie (Takashimaya)
Jibs Eats
Jibs Eats

Coincidentally, my first visit to Truffs happened on my birthday. The day turned out so well for me and this chocolate cake was one of the many contributing factors. Visually, as a slice and a whole, it is Stunning. The high gloss on its ganache was so appealing it made the cake feel like it would be 'The Most Perfect Chocolate Cake', if you ever titled food like that. The cake is also way taller than your average cake from coffee joints, making it appear almost Regal. And yes, every word describing this cake deserves to start with uppercase. It is so tall that the waitress who served us had to be extra careful setting it on our table, haha. Now the cake, in all honesty, looks better than it tastes. No wait, before you think it isn't good, it really isn't what I meant. I mean, being completely in love with the way it looks means something has to be compromised, right? One must better the other if not nothing will really stand out. That's my theory on this one. So, back to the chocolate cake - it is good, really good. The cake appears to be super filling because the slice is huge but its sponge is actually very airy. Therefore, it is very light in taste and texture and its lightness complements the thick, bitter-sweet layer of truffle goodness which lies in between the outer ganache and sponge, and horizontally between two equal heights of sponge. I'm describing it in detail here because I believe that the cake was also designed the same way - with much thought and precision. Sigh, eating this cake was simply sheer pleasure, and I wish to be back again if I'm ever in the area..

There's something about this pie that sets it apart from the many others I've had. The tart apple slices, almost savoury flaky-on-the-outside crust and done-without-sick-sweetness makes it my dessert of choice here (always) and perhaps, almost certainly, this is my favouritest apple pie~


Flor Patisserie's Napoleon is divine. I would love to describe every part of it in detail but I choose not to, at least not for now. Give it a try if you're thinking of ordering something over the counter from Flor, because this will leave you making mental notes about everything that is good in this exquisite confection - and everything about it is good.


Back at Paul's (after a loooong time) and ordered a citron tart again. Still yummy :)

Last dish of our visit! This was good. There was a distinctive pistachio flavour in this dish and had a good bite in its crunchy crumble + salt bits (love it) combo while the panna cotta was a little dense but still smooth. So yeah, I'd think about this dish from time to time if I really wanted something nutty. Heheh but wait I have to say that I'm not really a pistachio person so that's prob why I thought this dish was good my partner however, thought the pistachio flavour wasn't as strong as she'd have liked it to be.

A PINT. Never thought I'd order a pint of chocolate ice cream at a place which charges GST. ha. But this was mmmmmfffgood. I mean, the name of this dessert is as straightforward as it tastes. I really hate that they have raised their prices but I love this chocolate ice cream. Maybe it's a good thing. Since too much of a good thing can be bad.

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Some fresh Korean strawberries, blueberries and Swiss dark chocolate found in the fridge.

I usually don't love peanut butter all that much but damn, the 'Euphoria Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Sundae' was beyond awesome.

Gooey enough, hot enough, hard-crusted enough, 'nuff said. There's something detrimental to the experience of eating molten chocolate lava cakes out of holders (ramekins) like this though - it lacks the visual pleasure of seeing your chocolate lava oozing out of its crust when you pry it open :(

I post occasionally; when I feel I have something to say about the food I eat.

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