Sweet-Tooths and Small Bites

Sweet-Tooths and Small Bites

All things sweet or small for the after-meal satisfaction.
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua

It seems that the folks behind 99 Old Trees and Stinky’s by 99 Old Trees are pretty much on a roll — with the launch of their new space at Teo Hong Road, they have also re-released much of my favourite offerings that they previously serve at Owen Road Authentic Penang Chendul; they have also launched new creations such as the Stinky Roll, and now the Stinky Bomb — essentially a Mao Shan Wang Choux that I just simply could not resist but to make my way there for one.

Whilst choux puffs are known to be relatively pricey at several locations, the Stinky Bomb are probably the lowest priced choux around — they costs $1.80 each, though there is a minimum order of two pieces per order. I have had these pretty fresh out-of-the-oven; arrived the cafe at 11:45am and was told that they would only be available after a 10 minute wait as they had just a freshly baked a new batch for the day. Sinking our teeth into one, there is no denying on how crisp and light the exterior was; inside well-filled with Mao Shan Wang mousse that is fibrous and pungent — absolutely apt for durian lovers being pretty much a flavour bomb on its own. For those looking for a beverage to curb the inherent “heatiness” of the King of Fruits, pair the choux up with their selection of Chinese Tea which also helps to cleanse the palate.

With 99 Old Trees and Stinky’s by 99 Old Trees being all out innovative with their durian desserts, we really liked how they have placed a lot of thought into showcasing their expertise into the various applications through the items they have to offer. Looking forward to what they are coming up next here!

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Being one of the new additions to the Rangoon Road neighbourhood, Noon Cafe is an establishment situated at 152 Rangoon Road that primarily serves up ice-cream and waffles — they also do seem to carry a menu dedicated to light bites and what seems to be mains reflected in the “dailys” section; the latter of which being unavailable during the time of our visit. The cafe is being decked out in a rather minimalistic theme featuring black and white as the primary colours used here — some plants are added to provide some visual contrast to further spruce up the interior.

The Banana Waffle is the item that caught our attention considering we were in for dessert — the other interesting dessert offered on the menu here is the Waffle Dippers; essentially cut-up slices of waffles served with a vanilla milkshake dip on the side. Featuring elements such as caramelised banana, walnut and syrup as described in the menu, the Banana Waffle is pretty much what one would expect from its description — no surprises here. The selection of the vanilla ice-cream that accompanies the waffle seems to be a default option after all; whilst not being listed in the description, we also noted that the staff here also didn’t ask for the patron’s choice of ice-cream whilst ordering the item. The buttermilk waffles were actually pretty well-executed here; they are plush in the interior, yet crisp on the outside — noted that the buttermilk waffles were also not particularly sweet, which was a plus point considering much of the sweetness should come from the scoop of ice-cream and the bananas. The caramalised banana is more of a brûlée-d banana here; felt that some may find the banana still a little bit short from being ripe, though might be intended considering the brûlée process here — the crystalised sugar breaks just like how it would be in a form of a Creme Brûlée; crisp without being overly hard. The accompanying walnuts gave a nutty crunch; a great contrast against the sweet elements here, including that of the vanilla ice-cream which was speckled with vanilla beans and was smooth and creamy — also drizzled with syrup atop.

Overall, Noon Cafe does feel like a place that attempts to bring their patrons a comfortable and conducive environment for catch ups or to even get productive — it would have been better if they could serve up items that are less run-off-the-mill to inject more character and soul to their brand; perhaps more adventurous flavours of ice-cream, some special concoctions of drinks and more inventive dishes with more effort could help on that. A decent option to consider for a quiet spot to hit around the Farrer Park neighbourhood, though it would be interesting to see how it they can stand out from the stiff competition here.


Had always been wanting to visit Mylo’s at Gardens by the Bay, but it had always seemed a tad inaccessible for me for how I had assumed that its location to be around the Supertree Grove area — turns out, the Active Garden which it is situated at is pretty easy to walk in from Marina Bay Sands; felt a little silly about my assumption now that I know where it is. Taking over the former premises of Fennel Cafe, I liked how the environment of the cafe blended pretty well with its surroundings; all that coupled with the spaciousness of its indoor and outdoor dining area that I would think well caters for the crowds on weekends here. For those whom have yet to make their visit here, Mylo’s do serve up some savoury hot food in the form of toasted paninis and bagels alongside their gelato; all of which are being stored in Pozzettis (i.e. round metallic containers with a lid used to store Italian gelato) and slathered into the cup or cones upon order — other items that one could pair with their gelato also include brownies, as well as in the form of a Gelato Sandwich where it comes in between a grilled brioche bun, similar to what Apiary had previously served up. There are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served up here — the latter includes specialty coffee brewed using beans roasted by local roaster PPP Coffee, as well as tea and “in-house drinks” as well.

There were actually more than a few flavours that caught my attention when we made our visit here, but I guess the intuition of going for the Brown Butter Curry Leaves gelato was because of how it seemed to have included the use of curry leaves — something that isn’t a typical find in a dessert. Whilst one would not be able to find entire leaves within the gelato itself, I really enjoyed the hint of savouriness amidst the creamy and smooth gelato; something that somewhat reminded us of zichar dishes that incorporates the use of salted egg and cereal due to the addition of curry leaves. The savouriness wasn’t intimidating — pretty balanced, giving a hint of sweet-savouriness that was intriguing without being drowned out by the brown butter gelato base.

Despite being located in somewhat of a tourist-y area, Mylo’s have pretty finch gone out of their ways to impress here — was also fascinated when the lady behind the counter had told me that the curry leaves used for the gelato flavour that I have opted actually came from the herb garden there; quite a thoughtful touch. Eyed on some other flavours that I would really want to give a go next time — think Burrata & Pink Peppercorn, Jasmine Oolong Passion Prosecco, and Clementine & Grapefruit. Now knowing that they are being situated so close to Gardens by The Bay, I am guessing a trip back here is probably in the books already …

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Had been mourning the loss of Owen Road Authentic Penang Chendul which is run by the same folks behind 99 Old Trees — the former being a stall previously situated within BGAIN46 Eating House that serves up the desserts that were previously available in 99 Old Trees when they were still at Owen Road. 99 Old Trees have since made their move to bigger premises at 1 Teo Hong Road (formerly of Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant); just across the road from Exit H in the North-East Line wing of Outram Park MRT Station — the shop comes with an indoor dining area with two tables for four pax each, and a bar table that accommodates for another four pax. Apart from serving up their famed Stinky Bowl, Stinky Chendul and Stinky Pint, their latest creation will be the Stinky Roll — essentially their Mao Shan Wang Swiss Roll, whilst also offering a variety of Chinese Tea to go along with their durian offerings.

I vaguely remember the Chendul being one of the items that left me wanting for more (apart from the Stinky Bowl, which was also known as the D24 Durian Mousse previously before the their operations for durian-based desserts had shifted to Owen Road Authentic Penang Chendul). Now being served as an offering under the Stinky Durian Dessert branding, the Chendul seems to be spruced up with a more presentable plating — patrons still have the option to go for the Chendul as-is, or opt for a scoop of durian pulp at $2 extra; the latter being what we have opted for. As much as 99 Old Trees is an established name for durians, there is still quite a fair bit of effort placed into the Stinky Chendul here — house-made pandan jelly, quality Gula Melaka and all. I absolutely loved how this went; the richness of the coconut milk, the deep, earthy sweetness of the Gula Melaka, the red beans which were also earthy without being overly sweet and the evident hint of pandan aroma in the pandan jelly — this is easy one tops the charts for a satisfying basic Chendul even without the durian. The durian pulp is especially fibrous; carried a pungent note of the King of Fruits without overwhelming the other elements included — pretty commendable.

Really thought it was pretty timely for that to have moved into a larger space, considering how they seem to have outgrown their former location at Pek Kio having gained popularity over the years. Also glad to see them pushing out new items such as the Stinky Roll — we reckon that to be a great item to gift durian lovers who especially love durian Swiss Rolls on any given occasion; the pairing of durian with Chinese Tea also being a rather smart yet fitting pairing considering how durians are known to be “heaty”, and the teas served here are on the heavier side to cut through all that pungent flavour. Glad to have seen them come so far ever since their early days; the parents also seemingly enjoying their durian products ever since the no dine-in restrictions were being put in place (they do occasionally purchase packets of pulp to enjoy as-is at home). The new premises does seem like a fun environment to have some durian and hang out; here’s wishing them all the best with the opening of their new premises — will definitely be back to get those durian cravings resolved!

GelatiAmo is the latest addition to the one-north neighbourhood; a new gelato parlour that is located within Connexis which is just above one-north MRT Station, the cafe, which seems to be owned by an Italian in the kitchen focuses on serving up Italian gelato that are stored in Pozetti — basically a stainless steel round containers that are covered with lids. Here, they serve their gelato in cups, cones, waffles and even donuts; patrons can even opt between a square donut or a round, bombolone-styled version that comes without filling — they are also available as-is without the gelato, alongside other bakes such as the croissant as well. Beverage options revolves around various espresso-style coffee, which includes pretty standard items such as the Espresso, Long Black, Latte, Flat White and Cappuccino.

Opting for the Square Donut for the novelty of it, we went for the Pistachio Gelato to go along as the scoop of gelato of our choice for the donut. The donut comes shaped in a square — almost akin to that of a pillow, though still comes with a round hole in the middle as with the usual donuts that are shaped in a circle; the scoop of gelato is cleverly placed in the said hole. Felt that the donut was a little a less fluffy than what we would have expected it to be — somewhat more towards the bready side; probably more intended to give a crisp texture on the exterior akin to that of a fried mantou given how we seem to detect that light crispness of fried donut dough going around the edges somewhat. The main star here is undoubtedly the gelato here though; the Pistachio Gelato is undoubtedly one of the better ones we have had around — it comes especially aromatic with profound notes of the nut going around, which comes with that saltish note of the nut alongside the nuttiness that is typical of the nut itself. The gelato was also dense and sticky; a characteristic of gelato that distinguishes it from ice-cream and is undoubtedly smooth as well.

Given how we have visited GelatiAmo on their very first day of operations, they were only offering four flavours of gelato, though they seem to have the capacity to offer more based on the number of Pozzeti they have. Whilst the Pistachio Gelato was on point, the flavours here available on the day of our visit felt that they were a bit on the “safe” side; not sure if this was intended to preserve some form of authenticity to what they have to offer. Whilst we are not quite in the position to comment on the round donuts, the square donuts do feel that it requires further tweaking to achieve the intended texture that they seem to be striving for. Nonetheless, GelatiAmo makes for a convenient spot within one-north for some quality Italian gelato; somewhere that is worth checking out if around the area!

It’s been quite a while since we visited cafes such as these that are situated within the commercial shop spades of HDB estates; Dilly Deli is located at Blk 53B Strathmore Avenue; the block is a new addition (alongside Blk 53) to the Forfar Heights cluster of flats which is walking distance away from Queenstown MRT Station and Dawson Place. Decked in a rather modern, slightly industrial but minimalist style, the cafe serves up hearty buns (more like burgers), sourdough toasts, croissant sandwiches — all alongside sweet treats such as their lineup of cronuts and tarts, whilst also offering specialty coffee and bottled beverages (sourced from a locally-established brand, Imperfect Drinks).

Felt that the focus here seems to be primarily on the Cronuts — they do offer quite a good variety of flavours such as Coffee & Biscoff, Key Lime Pie and even a Milo Dinosaur version, though it was the Apple Pecan that seemingly caught our attention. Liked how the Apple Pecan is somewhat almost like one would expect from an apple pie including the pecans — the cronut comes with a layer of caramelised apples both on top and also in between the pastry. What appealed to me was the lightly-fried but crisp layered pastry; was surprised how it wasn’t particularly greasy, while the flakiness was well-matched with the soft chunks of caramalised apples that carried a slight tang without being overly sweet. The pecans added that slight crunch and a nutty touch for a contrast. Quite a good pairing with the Bottled Cold Brew (White) which they have sourced from Imperfect Drinks; the Singapura Cold Brew White exudes Nanyang Kopi vibes sans the sugary notes of condensed milk — so familiar and nostalgic.

The folks of Queenstown are a fairly lucky bunch, considering how the new HDB developments seem to always have a space dedicated for F&B establishments like these — Qi Philosophy Cafe at [email protected] and Sky Cafe at [email protected] being the other cafes being situated in the HDB developments in the area (also not forgetting the Patissier Woo branch also at [email protected]). That being said, Dilly Deli’s spacious environment is probably the main draw here, alongside its decent food offerings — definitely a great hangout for the residents for some productive time spent in here.


Checked out the new Aphrodite — a pretty new ice-cream establishment that and just recently opened their doors along Desker Road in the Jalan Besar neighbourhood. For those who may be unfamiliar with the exact street where Aphrodite is located at, they are located just slightly diagonally opposite the Phat Chic Forever outlet here; also just a stone’s throw away from Berseh Food Centre. Decked in a rather simple but soothing decor theme, the cafe features white walls and wooden furnishing and fittings — clean, but inviting. All the gelato flavours here are made in-house; the same can also be said about their waffles and waffle cones here. Whilst they are currently serving up tea and milkshakes as the only choices of beverage here, they are also looking into serving up specialty coffee here in time to come.

Two types of waffles are being listed on the menu here; the Original and the Charcoal — the latter was unavailable for the day so we opted for the former instead, and also went with a scoop of the Aphrodite (also their signature flavour) Gelato, as well as the Drifting Snowflake Jasmine Gelato. The waffle here comes with a drizzle of maple syrup around the side as well, where patrons can dab the waffle on for a slight sweetness. We felt that the Original Waffle here is quite decent; it not only wafts of a distinct buttermilk fragrance, but was crisp on the outside yet fluffy within — one that was rather close to being cake-y yet not overly dense. We also like how the waffle doesn’t really come too sweetened here; much of the reason being so was due to how they had intended the flavours of which are to be supplemented by the scoops of gelato and maple syrup drizzled along the side. Between the two scoops of gelato we had opted for, the Drifting Snowflake Jasmine is the safer option between the two; essentially a flavour churned from Jasmine Tea, the “Drifting Snowflake” may sound fitting for the festive season, but actually refers to the type of tea leaves used, being the Bi Tan Piao Xue — it’s pretty light and subtle, but the floral and tea aroma remains rather distinct and noticeable without overwhelming the tastebuds. In comparison, the Aphrodite is a more daring approach — a combination of blue cheese and chocolate which is especially intriguing; the chocolate base provided much of the bittersweet notes, but ends off on a rather interesting hint of blue cheese that wasn’t particularly heavy that provided a flavoural contrast that wasn’t particularly intimidating, and actually works for us. Also appreciated how the gelatos here were smooth; all that whilst not being particularly milky, and carried its intended flavours throughout especially well.

It is very early days for Aphrodite considering that they had only opened their doors since Christmas Eve, but they are undoubtedly off a very good start. Interesting yet solid gelato flavours is pretty much in their blood here — think Brown Butter Spice, Thyme and Goat Cheese; all of which are flavours we are especially keen on trying to next time we are here. There has been much thought placed in their creations here, and it pretty much tells by its own — an earnest and down-to-earth operation where the folks behind the counter are serious on providing their very best for the patrons who comes through their doors. Wishing the folks behind Aphrodite all the best; can’t wait to be back soon to try the other inventive flavours which they have to offer!


Visited the new DAWN at 78 South Bridge Road — probably one of the few cafes that really carries that hole-in-the-wall, hidden nook kinda vibe which other cafes overseas seem to have. Carrying a somewhat Japanese vibe, the interior is simply designed with wooden furnishing and fittings around white walls and concrete pillars; a rather zen space with yellowish lighting for a really relaxing vibe — possibly inspired by that of a Kissaten (i.e. Japanese-style tearoom). The cafe’s dining area primarily consists of five counter seats, as well as a table that seats four pax; benches can also be set up behind the seats by the counter for extra capacity. Whilst they do intend to serve hot food such as the toasties in time to come, items currently available on DAWN’s menu includes a range of bakes, granola, as well as specialty coffee and tea.

Being the most interesting sounding bake available on display, the Nectarine Square is one of the items that really pairs with their Slow Pour Coffee pretty well (they do carry three different types of beans to choose from). Warmed up upon order, I really love how the Nectarine Square is quite a simple bake at heart, but one that features a rather uncommon produce — a pretty satisfying, well-executed cake that whiffs of a buttery scent with slightly crisp, browned edges ; all that whilst coming with chunks of caramelised nectarine that gives a lightly sweet touch with a soft bite. This completes the Slow Pour Coffee that we have had on the side; something that comes with a slightly fruity flavour profile with a light earthy undertone and a clean finish — pretty satisfying.

With all sorts of things about travelling as volatile as it is given the situation of the pandemic, DAWN does seem to remind some of the hidden cafes alongside alleys in other cities — one of those discreet locations for coffee where one would only know if they have found out about them. We enjoyed how they have kept things rather minimal here — simple bakes that aren’t too big on aesthetics, but well-made with coffee that is executed with finesse. That being said, we weren’t too into the benches which they are using; a tad small and just weren’t the most comfortable — though space constraints here are probably a consideration for the choice of furniture used. Still; pretty sure DAWN will be much of that sort of place that coffee lovers will find themselves acquainted with — a place that is definitely worth making the visit for, just to soak in some of the vibes over some good, slow pour coffee just like in an actual Kissaten.


I guess the sentiments about Lady M have changed quite a fair bit ever since their early days in Singapore at Marina Square, but I still hold the opinion of their Mille Crepes being one of the better and more accessible ones with multiple outlets around that readily satisfies my cravings for a Mille Crepe.

Launched in November of this year, the Truffle Mille Crepe is their latest addition to their series of the flavoured Mille Crepes, which includes flavours like the Green Tea Mille Crepes, Champagne Mille Crepes and Rose Mille Crepes; just to name a few. The Truffle Mille Crepe is described to be made of handmade chocolate crèpes, dark chocolate-truffle cream, chocolate ganache, truffled leuillantine, and cacao nibs. It is also said that the Truffle Mille Crepe features chocolate from the Caribbean Islands. Whilst most would have expected the cake to be more of a chocolate truffle creation, the Truffle Mille Crepe was pretty much a surprise for what it is — a cake that had seemingly incorporated the use of truffle for a slight savoury twist. Amidst the dark chocolate-truffle cream spread across the multiple layers of handmade chocolate crepes is the truffled leuillantine; think of them as small, truffle-infused crumbles that comes with a distinct truffle aroma that attempts to create a sweet-savoury note together with the chocolate elements — pretty adventurous and tickles the tastebuds in a rather intriguing way that catches one by surprise on the very first bite. Otherwise, the Mille Crepe isn’t overly sweet, and comes tightly packed between the layers so it doesn’t quite shift around the layers and disintegrates layer-by-layer as one slices through the cake; something I quite adore about Lady M’s Mille Crepes in general.

At $12 a slice, the Truffle Mille Crepe is probably one of the more pricier options in Lady M’s menu (the priciest in my memory would be the Champagne Mille Crepe at $25, available at Lady M Champagne Bar at ION Orchard); probably more like an item to have just once if you must, considering how one could have gotten a more artisanal offering at almost the same price at The Bar at Waku Ghin from their Patisserie Platine menu. That being said, they are probably one of the very few options for something fancy if one is around Westgate, though we did wish that their operations here were a little more streamlined here considering how the staff felt rather disorganised; something that marred the dining experience here for a few who had dined there on the same day which we made our visit for the Truffle Mille Crepe.

Previously being Ohara Farm Hokkaido Soft Ice-Cream at Esplanade, the ice-cream kiosk that is situated across No Signboard Seafood at Esplanade — Theatres on the Bay had since been re-branded as Levaro Gelato; the folks had underwent training at Le Varo in Japan, an Italian restaurant located in Sapporo that serves up gelato and pasta. Being a takeaway kiosk, Levaro Gelato here serves their gelato in either cup or cone options, offering quite a good variety of flavours including Cantaloupe Melon, Royal Milk Tea and Sungold Kiwi Sorbet amongst others.

Opting for our scoops of Sungold Kiwi Sorbet and Pistachio & Cream Cheese to be served as a double scoop order in a cup, we were actually pretty surprised by how the Sungold Kiwi Sorbet went; whilst the zippy notes of the Kiwi started off rather mild, the flavours slowly spreads around the taste buds and provides quite a kick — a flavour that would work well for those who love their sour deserts. Despite being so, we enjoyed how this flavour came with a clean finish. Pistachio & Cream Cheese was another flavour which got us very intrigued considering the rather adventurous flavour combination — liked how the nutty notes of the pistachio went so well with the slight saltish notes of the cream cheese; both of them being well-balanced without being particularly heavy on the palate.

Have always passed off the kiosks around this stretch as a tourist trap but I was actually really impressed with the gelato that Levaro Gelato serves — unique flavours that actually work; more than just simply a sweet treat for a respite from the sweltering heat whilst walking down the bay. Would definitely keep them in mind if I were to walk down the area again looking for something cool to enjoy under the sun.

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Had seen some posts around featuring TWG Tea’s latest creation for their “Dessert of the Week”, being a Christmas special which got me fairly intrigued — especially given how many have remarked this being rather surprisingly good. Wasn’t really planning to head down to a TWG Tea outlet to have it, but since we found ourselves at Marina Bay Sands and that the queue wasn’t too long — might as well right?

The Dessert of the Week is also the same exact dish that is being listed as the dessert in their ongoing Festive Set Menu; there isn’t a name to the dish, but the dessert’s description is quite a mouthful — “Meringue topped on a joconde sponge filled with Christmas Lights Tea strawberry sorbet
and Silver Moon Tea ice cream, layered with strawberry confit and mascarpone Chantilly
cream, served with fresh berries and a strawberry sauce”. The item is served akin to how a semifreddo would; the Christmas Lights Tea strawberry sorbet and Silver Moon Tea ice cream being the frozen cream sandwiched between the meringue. The plating is undeniably festive; shades of red and white with edible silver leaves for a luxurious touch — pretty winter-y. Cutting through the meringue, I liked how the various elements from the meringue to the joconde sponge, mascarpone Chantilly cream and Silver Moon Tea ice-cream provided a rather clean note of vanilla that just seems so decadent on its own — just a sheer pleasure to have by itself. The Christmas Lights Tea strawberry sorbet within helps to add a zing to cut through those notes, all that while the strawberry confit further enhances the sorbet and provides a balance between the lighter notes and the tangy, berry flavours.

All in all, a beautiful attempt on a plated dessert from TWG Tea that is a departure from their “patisserie from our trolley”, considering I am not too much of a fan of their cakes especially — a dessert that sets the mood right for the festive season that is just round the corner!

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AM Bakery at The Midtown may be no more, but a new bakery named Bread Butter had since moved into its former premises within the mall; the bakery may seem small as a hole-in-the-wall concept, but they do offer quite a wide variety of items — that includes a selection of croissants, bread loaves, tarts, cookies, scones and more which are all baked in-house. As one may have expected if they had previously been to AM Bakery, Butter Bread is a strictly by takeaway only operation — there are no dine-in areas within their shop, though one could easily find benches to munch on their goodies within the shopping arcade area of The Midtown.

There were some Ham & Cheese Croissants and Original Croissants left when we made our visit to Bread Butter on a weekend afternoon alongside the loaves and some tarts/bakes — thought the Original Croissant looks quite good so we ended up having that. Picking up the croissant, one could really feel how the croissant seem pretty sturdy; while crisp, it is noticed that the flaky bits didn’t crumble into a mess. Taking a bite into the croissant, the croissant has a crisp, flaky and light exterior, but we especially liked the interior here that is airy, light and buttery with a beautiful lamination within — quite a well-made croissant in its own right, and a surprise find in the heartlands of Hougang.

Had give a try on the Lemon Tart from Butter Bread and I must say that we were left really impressed with the bakes that they serve up here — all of them being pretty well-made for somewhere within the heartlands, and a spot that one could even say is a hidden find around the area; one that residents in the area would most certainly be glad to have in their neighbourhood!


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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