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Sweet-Tooths and Small Bites

Sweet-Tooths and Small Bites

All things sweet or small for the after-meal satisfaction.
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua
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Coffee-infused whip, chocolate sponge cake, Dulce de Leche, Kopi Bubble, “You Tiao”. Non Entree Desserts always come to mind when it comes to stylised desserts with a local twist. Much like the coffeeshop favourite Kopi O and Dough Fritter combination, this is probably the more Caucasian-style variant with a bit more finesse (when it comes to pastry skills) and a twist. This is heaven for coffee enthusiasts; the combination of coffee elements atop coffee elements gives it that distinct flavour with so many textures going on. That fluffy, coffee-soaked sponge, that soft, jiggly coffee jelly that gives a bite, a smooth pudding layer and the light, airy bubbles that gives that foam-esque texture — so many things going texturally that it’s an experience to tongue. The “You Tiao” turns out to be a cinnamon-sugar dusted Churro; would recommend having a bite of it first to taste it on its own before dunking into all that coffee for which gives it that extra oomph. Would say it’s worth trying out at least once.

Can’t resist Acai soft-serve when I hear of one — this one from Coocaça’s Liat Tower branch is pretty good too; deep berry-like flavours with a smooth and rich consistency that is not overly sweet. The accompanying Yogurt soft-serve also provides a bit of richness, while granola is added for some crunch. Available in three sizes; this was the Medium — a good portion size that satisfies a single person.


From Sir Stamford Waffles — a pun on Sir Stamford Raffles’ name who doesn’t need any introduction. Expect similar waffles to what Hatter Street Bakehouse and Cafe (which they are affiliated to) offers — thought the waffles carried good texture; crisp and plush within, though lacking of buttermilk aroma. The Earl Grey ice-cream is one of the better ice-cream flavours available — carried the aroma of Earl Grey Tea well but a tad firm and dense. A decent hangout in the neighbourhood though!


Saw this on their Instagram — knew that I had to give it a go because of my love with Choux puffs. This one felt as though it was in the fridge for a while; a little dried out with the fillings being a wee bit icy. Otherwise, the XO Durian mousse is smooth and creamy, pungent and fibrous. The durian made from meringue gives it a bit of sweetness; encased a smaller Durian Puff within. Could imagine how this would be better if it’s fresher.


From The Dark Gallery’s new outpost at Ngee Ann City, situated alongside Aloha Poke and Heavenly Wang — the new space boasts a larger and more comfortable seating area as compared to their very first branch at Millennia Walk, though the menu still remains largely similar with more space for retail items.

I am not a very big fan of their offerings, but they do have a number of things that I wouldn’t mind going for again such as the 80% Dark Chocolate ice-cream. Adding to that list would be the Dark Chocolate Mint ice-cream; sure, the peppermint does leave a slight aftertaste, but I did like that cooling sensation against that rich and luscious dark chocolate ice-cream that felt extremely decadent and absolutely luxurious to have.


People who know me well know that I am a big sucker for good Kueh Salat — knew I had to make my visit down to Keong Saik Bakery for this new cake.

Taking inspiration from Kueh Salat, the Mama’s Kueh Salat comes in the form of a cake here but replicates the original Kueh Salat beautifully with the layer of butterfly pea flower-coloured glutinous rice. Apart from carrying familiar Pandan flavours and that slight Kaya-like sweetness, the cake carries a slight saltish-ness for the mousse-like layer over the top; a little bit Cheesecake-esque which is meant to carry the slight savouriness of the glutinous rice in the traditional Kueh Salat. Would say this is pretty much an interesting iteration of the Kueh Salat with a unique twist.

Costing a whopping $9, it’s priced competitively against Godiva and Venchi despite it being just a pop-up stall at the current fair held in Takashimaya Food Hall; that being said, the Kinako soft-serve is really my cup of tea; all smooth and creamy (being just of the right density) without any grittiness or grainy bits while carrying an evident nuttiness and being flavour. Very well done; definitely worth splurging for considering it is only available for a limited time.


From Apiary’s new line of ice-cream cakes; this one consists of coconut ice-cream, mango sorbet, passionfruit sorbet, almond dacquoise and Italian meringue.

Think of this as your passionfruit/lemon meringue tart in ice-cream form; a very well-balanced dessert that is both tart and sweet, whilst also being pretty refreshing especially with the coconut ice-cream. The almond dacquoise gives a slight nutty flavour; replicating the flavours of the usual tart base of the regular tarts. Recommended to have it slicing it down the middle, and having all the elements at a single go with each forkful.

Brawn & Brains had just recently introduced a new line of bakes and pastries — yes, those fantastic Almond & Vanilla Buns and croissants are still available amongst the other options, but they had also reintroduced a couple of tarts and some new cakes to the cafe as well.

The tarts come a little smaller than those served elsewhere at almost the same price, but it does certainly give folks a choice for something smaller to munch on. Really liked how rich and thick the chocolate is, while hidden within is that equally thick caramel sauce that provides another dimension of sweetness which gave the tart a bit of a flavour contrast alongside the nuts that come over the top.


Thought I would drop by AM Bakery to check out their rendition of the Dirty Bread since I actually quite liked their Pain Au Chocolat previously.

The Dirty Bread isn’t too dirty; it’s dusted in chocolate powder and chocolate ganache, but it’s possible to actually have it pretty neatly without staining any other area apart from your hands (either that or I have adopted a technique on eating them). Admittedly, the Dirty Bread here is a little bit more on the bready side despite using a French pastry base; still a little flaky and buttery, while the inside comes with a generous amount of chocolate filling that was not overly sweet though rich while topped off with butter cocoa powder and more chocolate ganache over the top. Also one of the more affordable Dirty Bread around at $2.50 — worth trying if in the area.


Missed this flavour the previous time when Apiary carried it, so made it a point to go for it when they brought back the flavour again this year. Made from actual truffles, don’t expect this flavour to be anything remotely similar to truffle oil — in fact, it tastes nowhere close. With flavours leaning closer towards a intensely cheesy and earthy note, the scoop of ice-cream comes with an underlying sweetness to balance it out as a dessert. One could certainly feel the textures of the truffle, considering the bits of truffle still visible as though they were nuts and vanilla beans. It’s not a flavour that would sit well for everyone, but truffle lovers (and I mean, truffle lovers who love actual truffle) should definitely take the plunge (no sampling allowed for this flavour) by getting a scoop at $9.


One of the Daily Kue Specials at Ollella Takashimaya — something new that Ollella has been attempting by serving up Kueh Kueh prepared fresh daily at their takeaway kiosk.

Going for $2 a pop, the Kueh Dadar is pretty delicious; thin Pandan crepes that is smooth and soft while wrapped with coconut shavings drenched in Gula Melaka — balanced in terms of sweetness and provides just enough bite to the Kue. Did I even mention that a light squeeze might set the Gula Melaka leaking from the Pandan crepes? Certainly something I don’t mind having again.


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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