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Sweet-Tooths and Small Bites

Sweet-Tooths and Small Bites

All things sweet or small for the after-meal satisfaction.
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua
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Seems like soft-serve is probably a up-and-coming trend these days considering the few brands of soft-serve that had came to Singapore or the late.

Wasn't truly impressed with what was being served here; yes, the Emma Milk Soft (aka the milk soft-serve that is the base here) was all smooth, creamy and dense, but the flavour of the soft-serve felt a little pedestrian whilst also melting a little quickly. Otherwise, the brown sugar helps to add a mellow yet rich sweetness, whilst the pearls were pretty chewy. The sprinkling of matcha powder (or any other powder depending on which flavour was chosen) felt a little gimmicky; the sprinkles probably adding on some colour to its presentation but otherwise having no effect in terms of flavour. Probably an item created more for the 'gram; the gravity defying capabilities being more of a selling point than the soft-serve itself.

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From Little Damage, a new ice-cream parlour specialising in soft-serve situated at Wheelock Place that hails from Los Angeles, California.

Pretty much made for the 'gram, the Unicorn Tears is a soft-serve with a cookies and cream base that is coloured blue to give it that hipster aesthetic. Whilst being based off cookies and cream, the soft-serve felt more vanilla-like before the addition of the cookie crumbles (one of the few optional toppings available here), though adding the cookie crumbles made much of the intended flavours return, as well as bringing a bit of crunch that provided a contrast in terms of texture to the smooth and creamy ice-cream which thankfully did not melt away all too quickly. A pretty decent dessert choice at a rather convenient location within Orchard Road.


One of the spots that got me quite excited of its opening in Singapore; went for the Short Caffè Latte which was robust with a nutty flavour profile, well-balanced, smooth and creamy, while the Almond Croissant comes all flaky and buttery whilst being slightly sweet — the almond flakes over the top providing a crunch, while the almond frangipane in between the layers providing a nutty sweetness. Would say that it's pretty insane to join in the queue if it snakes, considering the coffee takes a while to come (pretty fair considering how it takes time to brew a cuppa), but I wouldn't mind shelling out a little more for this occasionally if the queue is manageable while I am in the area.


Coconut Ice-Cream, Original Waffle, Purple Sweet Potato Fresh Cream, Mango, Dragonfruit, Mint Leaves.

From the new Asian Rad Afters by the Asian Rad Tea Company, a brand which hails from Osaka, Japan which had recently opened their first shop in Singapore, replacing now-defunct Goatee Bar along Bali Lane. An item that is exclusive to the outlet in Singapore, the Peranakan Road comes with a lot of local elements; the coconut ice-cream and kaya that is spread on the bubble waffle being light, sweet, and refreshing, while the purple sweet potato adds a light, earthy sweetness to the egg waffle with the fruity loops gives it a sweet crunch. The fruits help to add a refreshing, juicy bite to it, while the bubble waffle was pretty well-executed; aromatic with its buttermilk fragrance, whilst being light and cakey — very delicious. No doubt an item that may strike off as "just a pretty face" for the 'gram especially on first sight, but certainly proves itself to be a pretty quality and balanced dessert after all which we certainly do not mind having again!

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From Tamago-EN; a new dining establishment by the folks behind En Sakaba and Aburi-EN which takes over the former premises of the now-defunct Pablo Cheese Tarts at NEX, serving up various renditions of Japanese egg-based dishes.

Offering a small variety of souffle pancakes as a dessert option, the Caramel Peach Souffle Pancake is one of the better variants of soufflé pancakes that we have had around. The soufflé pancakes are pretty light and airy; jiggly and fluffy with a cloud-like texture without being too dense — carried an eggy flavour without any funky bitterness from being burnt nor from having too much baking soda. While a jug of maple syrup comes alongside the soufflé pancakes, we found the item to come with a pretty comfortable level of sweetness by default, and already pretty sweet enough as-is. Coming with Whipped cream on the side, the whipped cream provides a neutral flavour that binds the soufflé pancakes to the chunks of peach, cancelling out part of the tartness that the peaches carry. Quite a good rendition of the Japanese soufflé pancakes here; a place that would probably see the queue lines form up pretty soon considering the type of fare that they serve.


From Tea Tree Kakigori, a new concept from the folks behind Tea Tree Cafe which is located beside Tea Tree Cafe and replaces Kara by Sogurt at Kallang Wave Mall.

Serving up mainly shaved ice desserts, the menu is pretty limited considering how there are only two flavours to choose from, with a Thai Mango Sticky Rice being the non shaved ice option available. More of a variant of shaved ice than being a Kakigori or Bingsu, the milk shaved ice felt rather bland, though a pitcher of strawberry syrup is made available on the side for those who wish to increase the level of sweetness. The strawberries provided a hint of tartness that cuts through the sweetness of the strawberry syrup, while beneath the ice are chunks of Japanese light cheesecake and crumbles that replicates that cheesecake element, providing the dessert with a various textures that is a nice contrast to the otherwise fluffy shaved ice. A rather decent treat too cool off on a hot day, though definitely not a Kakigori that is aimed to provide the most authentic Kakigori experience.

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Thought this was going to be expensive considering the location but $5.00++ did not hurt the wallet so bad considering how I ordered this pretty much without looking at the price tag. Thought the choux pastry was a well-executed one considering how the pastry was light and crisp on the exterior. Much of the pastry is filled with a smooth and luscious chocolate mousse within, whilst topped off with and aromatic vanilla mousse over the top; a sponge cake soaked in coffee is hidden somewhere in the middle — a surprise element that brings the "tiramisu" into this dessert whilst dusted with chocolate powder over the top. Though the pastry was pretty much on point, the cream puff felt a little remote from being an item that replicates the classic Italian dessert, especially considering how the chocolate seemed to be the most dominant flavour here. A pity how this also seemingly lacked an alcoholic punch; perhaps a move to keep it kids-friendly to the young guests that may visit the hotel lounge.


From Got Luck Cafe, which had recently taken over the former premises of Dong Po Colonial Cafe serving up local delights alongside cakes and Kueh, as well as kaya butter toasts.

Was given a complimentary portion of the Pandan Chiffon Cake for a try and must say that this was a pretty decent slice to begin with; light and fluffy, the Pandan Chiffon Cake still springs back to its original shape with every forkful. The cake was also sufficiently moist without being rough or clumpy. A simple delight that would work best with Kopi on the side.


Had to make my way to McDonald's for this — after all its pretty rare for the fast food giant to come up with something as hipster as this without being all too cheesy at the same time.

The soft-serve comes pretty smooth and creamy; does not melt too quickly and a little more dense than the usual vanilla soft-serve — carried a light hint of earth unless amongst the sweetness that replicates sweet potato somewhat. Overall, not a bad take on a sweet potato dessert, especially considering its a fast food chain's attempt on doing something different without being too over-the-top.


After its very short stint at Bedok North, Sir Stamford Waffles had recently made its return to the local cafe scene with its relocation to Ang Mo Kio at Blk 727 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 — a stone's throw away from AMK Hub and Ang Mo Kio MRT Station.

Being one of the signature items on the menu, the Whoaffles are pretty similar to what Hatter Street Bakehouse and Cafe has to offer (which Sir Stamford Waffles is affiliated with); that crisp waffle that is light and carries a bite without being all airy within wafts of a buttermilk fragrance, while the Espresso Butterscotch Sauce carried a complex flavour profile with an earthy, roasty note against the sweetness of butterscotch which went well with the waffle. Between the two ice-cream flavours, the Tofu Sesame Ice-Cream is the less conventional of the two; more heavy on tofu, with a lingering hint of the roasty flavours of sesame for its finish, while the pistachio carries a nutty flavour — both ice-cream being smooth and creamy. Sir Stamford Waffles also now serve a Signature Crayfish Laksa at S$8.90; a pretty decent deal considering how well-executed it was.


From Two Bakers' latest outpost at Teck Chye Terrace, which takes over the former premises of the now-defunct Scissors Paper Stove.

Gave their new local-inspired bakes a try; shaped to look like a Pau, the Bao Zi comes with elements such as Chrysanthemum White Chocolate Mousse, Yuzu, Lemon, and Matcha Sponge. Whilst the lemon and yuzu elements were able to provide a hint of zestiness against the sweetness of the white chocolate mousse, the matcha sponge felt rather overwhelmed by all the other dominant flavours around it. The white chocolate mousse, though mostly sweet, also comes with a rather mellow hint of Chrysanthemum that helps to provide some contrast against the sweetness; an item that would pair well with a cup of hot tea by the side.


Gula Melaka Gelato, Homemade Pandan Sauce, Dessicated Coconut.

From Olla Coffee, which had recently found its new home being a hole-in-the-wall cafe in the Sunset Way neighbourhood having operated as a mobile coffee cart previously. Serving up light bites and specialty coffee, the Ondeh Ondeh Waffles is one of their signature waffle offerings; the waffle came all crisp on the exterior, while plush within with an alluring buttermilk aroma, whilst topped off with a Gula Melaka Gelato that is not overly sweet and a fragrant Pandan sauce drenched over it. For those who likes their desserts to be on the sweeter side, a serving of Gula Melaka is served on the side; patrons can pour to their own discretion — the rich sauce providing sweetness to the waffles. Simple as it sounds, but one of the better waffles we have had in a while.


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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