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Sweet-Tooths and Small Bites

Sweet-Tooths and Small Bites

All things sweet or small for the after-meal satisfaction.
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua
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Gula Melaka Gelato, Homemade Pandan Sauce, Dessicated Coconut.

From Olla Coffee, which had recently found its new home being a hole-in-the-wall cafe in the Sunset Way neighbourhood having operated as a mobile coffee cart previously. Serving up light bites and specialty coffee, the Ondeh Ondeh Waffles is one of their signature waffle offerings; the waffle came all crisp on the exterior, while plush within with an alluring buttermilk aroma, whilst topped off with a Gula Melaka Gelato that is not overly sweet and a fragrant Pandan sauce drenched over it. For those who likes their desserts to be on the sweeter side, a serving of Gula Melaka is served on the side; patrons can pour to their own discretion — the rich sauce providing sweetness to the waffles. Simple as it sounds, but one of the better waffles we have had in a while.


Visited the new the kins'; a new cafe that had opened at a new mixed development named BIJOU near Pasir Panjang MRT Station.

Hopping on to the bandwagon of the Basque Burnt Cheesecake, the Kin's Burnt Cheesecake was a variant that I completely enjoyed — from that creamy centre to the slightly firmer yet still smooth N.Y. Cheesecake layer above it, all the way to the slightly charred exterior on the top that carried slight brulee notes, the Kin's Burnt Cheesecake is undeniably delicious, carrying a multitude of textures and flavours along that makes it so different from the usual cheesecake without being all too cheesy. From the way we wolved down this one, it is safe to say I would very much certainly make my way down just for this again; a variant that would indeed suffice for those who have yet to try this version of a cheesecake!


Checked out KURA yesterday, a new patisserie that is situated within the grounds of In Bad Co. at The Herencia, a mixed-use property that houses international schools, offices, and a trampoline park amongst other tenants.

Went for the Black Forest; essentially KURA's rendition of it in entremet form. Digging into the cake, the first thing that would strike is the richness of the bittersweet chocolate Mousse exterior; velvety smooth and incredibly luxurious, it encases an alcohol-infused cherry within — lightly boozy whilst bring soft and juicy. A layer of cream sits above the cake to neutralise the flavours of the chocolate, while the entire cake sits above a tart base; pretty much cookie-like with its crunch and crumbles down fairly neatly.

Looking forward to the space's full launch soon, where In Bad Co. would be serving up dinner, and KURA would be dishing out plated desserts; a brand that is run by earnest folks whom have had backgrounds in hotel F&B that strives to serve up dainty entremets at pocket-friendly prices.


From Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 金玉满堂甜品 which had recently just opened its doors at The Flow (beside Roxy Square) along East Coast Road, which serves up local Chinese, HK, and Taiwan-style desserts.

Going for this item, it is served warm comes with a theatrical aspect where the ginger syrup and the milk pudding comes seperate; the wait staff would pour the milk pudding into the bowl at the table. After a wait of approximately four minutes, the concoction sets, achieving a texture similar to that of a beancurd; smooth and silken whilst not being too creamy or milky, while the refreshing zing of the ginger cuts through all of them for a contrast of flavour. A pretty good spot to spend the lazy weekend afternoon away considering it's vibes; a change from the usual hipster cafe in this area.


Okinawa Black Sugar Mousse, Mango Apricot, Ginger Jam, White Chocolate Almond Crunch. Non Entrée Desserts had recently launched their new series of Zen entremet cakes, featuring Koi fishes in various colours and flavours.

Thought the Ochiba Koi was the more daring one of the lot with its flavour judging from the various elements used. While the Okinawa Black Sugar Mousse did bring a slightly earthy note to the white chocolate Mousse, we felt that the white chocolate mousse was on the sweeter side and could have carried a more intense note of the black sugar to bring those flavours even further. Otherwise, the ginger jam did provide a slight spiced zing that cuts through a hit of that sweetness and the tropical notes of the mango apricot, while the white chocolate almond crunch helps to add a crunchy texture to provide a textural contrast to the cake overall.


From Lalune Croissant, a new croissanterie at the basement of [email protected] that also serves bubble tea as well.

Was expecting more artisan creations but the offerings here seem a little closer to home considering the execution and style of the croissants they have to offer. Opting for the Black & White filled croissant, the croissant lacks the buttery flakiness of the ideal French croissant; instead, just airy with pretty large air pockets and a little more on the bready side. Lined with white chocolate at the bottom, the filling felt a tad sweet and generic; rather suited to the direction that they are going for. Nothing very wrong about it, but expectations should be managed that this is not going to be the true-blue French croissant for those whom have been exposed to more finer pastries elsewhere


From Ah Ma Desserts; a takeaway kiosk that is a hole-in-the-wall stall in the neighbourhood which also serves Assam Laksa.

Usually not quite drawn towards such takeaway stalls in a HDB estate, but was pretty impressed with the Chendol that they are serving up here. Really liked how they drenched the entire mound of shaved ice with coconut milk, while the Gula Melaka provides a rich sweetness without being overly so. The Pandan Jelly tasted pretty fresh with an evident aroma of Pandan, while the grass jelly helps to add texture to the Chendol. Also liked how they served the durian flesh seperately in a small container rather than plopping it straight on top of the Chendol; the durian flesh being all fibrous, fresh and pungent — certainly a hit with durian fans. Ah Ma Desserts is opening a stall soon at the coffeeshop at 120 Neil Road (the same one where MR Lorbak had recently opened at) soon; good news for those who prefer to dine-in and seated down considering how central the new location is as well!


Having five other stores in operation currently in Malaysia, Kind Kones had recently opened their very first overseas outpost in Singapore at Forum The Shopping Mall.

Serving up vegan ice-cream and desserts, the Blue Planet is one of the few creative flavours that they have to offer. Featuring a mix of coconut milk, cashew milk and almond milk, the ice-cream is coloured blue naturally from the use of butterfly pea flower, and comes with bits if matcha cake churned into it. While the ice-cream based is flavoured with vanilla, it also carries a distinct, but light hint of saltishness from the coconut milk while the matcha cake provides a hint of earthiness to provide some flavour contrast with the ice-cream itself. The texture of the ice-cream is relatively smooth, though a little gritty as compared to the usual non-vegan variation; something that is rather usual of vegan ice-cream considering the ingredients used. We also opted for the gluten-free Almond Cone, which apart from being as crisp as a usual waffle cone, it also carries a slight nuttiness as well.


Headed down to The Affogato Lounge along Keong Saik Road over the weekend, opened by the same folks behind The Affogato Bar at Cluny Court which also serves sandwiches, salad/grain bowls and quiches apart from their signature Affogato offerings.

The Trilogy features elements such as 70% Dark Chocolate Sorbet, Caramel Blanc, and Dark Cocoa, served with a double shot of espresso pulled using the Fitzroy blend roasted by Ozone Coffee Roasters from New Zealand. An Affogato that is created for chocolate lovers, the dark chocolate sorbet was rich without being particularly heavy nor creamy, while the chocolate chunks helped to create a crunchy texture. Pouring in the shot of espresso into the toppings, the coffee helps to add a dark and roasty note with an earthy and nutty flavour profile to the other elements, given how the espresso comes with a full body which was pretty intense. A pretty decadent dessert created for both the coffee addict, and the hardcore chocolate fans.


Hidden in a corner of MacPherson Mall, Chuan Ji Bakery Hainanese Delicacies is well concealed from plain sight from the main road; only known to those who bothers to walk into the quiet mall that is yet to be completely filled up with tenants. A cultural gem that aims to preserve heritage unlike most other newly-opened food establishments these days, they serve up traditional Hainanese cuisine with its limited menu that consist of rare-to-find Hainanese-Western mains (eg. Hainanese Pork Chop Rice, Beef Stew), breakfast, Kueh Kueh and other pastries (eg. their signature Hainanese Flaky Biscuit).

Really impressed with most items we got here, including the Kueh Oneh Oneh pictured here; so soft and pillowy, chewy yet does not stick to the teeth, while it contains a surprise centre of Gula Melaka that is rich, yet not overly sweet which bursts out as you reach the core of the Kueh Oneh Oneh. The desiccated coconut that tops of the Kueh Oneh Oneh is also pretty fresh as well.

Kudos to Chuan Ji Bakery Hainanese Delicacies for their efforts in preserving heritage of the Hainanese food culture; a direction that not many are taking these days.


Moving into The Poiz Centre above Potong Pasir MRT Station recently, Ms Durian serves is a new cafe that serves up durian-centric desserts (think ice-cream, puffs and cakes), though does not serve the fruit itself.

Despite being the lighter tasting cake of the two that is available on the menu here, the Durian Mousse Cake is well-balanced in flavour. Featuring durian mousse, vanilla sponge, salted macadamia nuts and Gula Melaka, the durian mousse is light and smooth, carrying a hint of the pungent fruit that is pretty evident without overwhelming, all surrounded by a vanilla sponge that is fluffy and light, providing a cake with a contrast of flavour. On the top, the Gula Melaka and lightly salted macadamia nuts replicates flavours of salted caramel, while giving the cake a crunch. Really liked how the desserts here carry a clean aesthetic, whilst being well-executed and more refined in terms of flavour compared to other places that often have cheesy-looking aesthetics which can be a little pretentious. Would certainly be back to try the Durian Craquelin another time!


From Fei Zai Cha Chaan Teng, which had been opened for a while at Thomson Imperial Court.

There wasn't much selection considering many of the items were marked unavailable on the menu, while the Dim Sum menu was also unavailable during our time of visit in the day as they were not yet ready. That being said, the Condensed Milk Bun was pretty satisfying; no doubt the bread was a bit on the denser side, but the crisp edge and fluffy interior provides for a good bite amidst that sweetness and savouriness coming from the condensed milk and generous knob of butter. Would work well when paired with Milk Tea or Milk Coffee for a tea time snack in the middle of the day.


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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