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Yummy | 好吃 | Bagus | Arputam What makes this tiny dot such a fine city is due to our food! We have been known for the simple hawker pleasures & this is my non-exhaustible list of what to eat when you're in Singapore.
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

This new collaboration between Ah Ge Li Nanxing & the original Sembawang White Beehoon presents you a medley of savoury & spicy flavours all in a dish!

The white Beehoon is no stranger as they have been around for years! But by adding in the HBH, there's an added oomph & umami to the dish.

If like us, you were undecided which to get, go for both, cause then you can have a scoop of each after each other to get the OG flavours followed by the collab, that's perfection!

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A cold rainy day calls foe some delightful pumpkin porridge!

A speciality and unique to this outlet, the pumpkin porridge has a sweet touch to it, while loaded with 3 types of eggs - century eggs, salted eggs & your chicken egg. Mix them all up together to get a well-balanced bowl, paired with a crispy you tiao for you to dip into.

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Opening their latest outlet, The Hainan Story Chapter One runs 24/7 & is serving up a huge menu!!

One of the items unique to this outlet is this claypot pork belly with white kway chup set! The pork belly is braised for hours, resulting is a melt-in-your-mouth fatty layer and soft to bite meat in a flavourful dark sauce.

The white Kway Chup is slightly different as the broth is made of chicken & pork broth, giving you a milky consistency (kinda like collagen soup) but without the jelak-ness & of a lighter palate!


If you've been to the Geylang area looking for good food, you've probably heard of San Low! Located at Lor 7 along the main Geylang stretch, you'd got perfectly fried bee hoon that soaks up the full flavour of wok hey with every bite! From the crispy edges to the soft & springy beehoon center, this dish is a definite must order!

Alongside the beehoon, have a go at their white pepper crab, which is their signature dish for the peppery kick! Or the curry fish head to pair with your beehoon!


Located at the Food Alley at Toa Payoh Central, just behind the string of BBT chains, lies Xing Hua Village, selling you your Putien classics!

One of the items is the 擦粉, fried vermicelli stewed in their lor mee broth, giving you abit of a bite from the noods with the glorious slurp worthy flavours of the broth.

As with the usual lor mee bowl, you've also got clams, prawns, chopped veggies & onions & shrooms with it.

This slurpy bowl comes at an affordable $5.90 and of a substantial portion too!

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A new store has opened up at Food Alley, replacing an old Thai one & is serving up Xing Hua food! Known as Xing Hua Village, you've got the classics such as the lor mee, fried vermicelli, and 擦粉, fried vermicelli in soup (which sorta tastes like mee sua, but with a bite).

The lor mee is flavourful without being too salty and the noods has a nice bite to it! At $5.90, it is quite a generous portion as 2 bowls can likely feed 3 pax (on a normal day). Ingredients wise, it comes with prawns, clams, chopped veggies, onions & shrooms, so definitely a valuable bowl!

Snaking long queues can be found at the front of this Hokkien Mee store as it was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand & have been featured in the Michelin Guide.

Hong Heng Fried Sotong Prawn Mee is no stranger to those who frequent Tiong Bahru Marker with it's semi-wet stir-fried noodles and prawns cooked in prawn broth & a side of sweet sambal chilli.

It is a decent plate of hokkien mee no doubt, but I felt that it was lacking some wok hei (wok's smokiness) and a thicker prawn stock/base to bring out the flavours of the seafood used. Nonetheless, still one of the must-haves to go for (if the queue is short) when you're around!

It's been awhile since I've had Kim Keat Hokkien Mee, but it hits all the right spots whenever I'm craving for hokkien mee!

The perfect wok hei, crispy noodle bits from the char, perfectly fried & fatty pork belly, overdose of lard & fresh plump prawns - this is exactly what your need in a good Hokkien mee!

Their noodles soaks up all the broth so well, every mouthful & slurp is a pleasing & comforting feeling to your belly.


A simple portion of soaked rice in sweet fish broth, cooked with fresh prawns (4 in fact!) and topped with rice crispies & fried egg whites.

This is an affordable option from the lobster paofan which can easily satisfy & warm your tummy! You would think the portion seems small, but fret not, it fills & expands in your tummy, as quickly as the rice soaks up all the soup!

The sweetness of the soup broth, paired with the juicy plump prawns, adds a nice comforting touch to the soaked rice.

Perfect for a rainy weather meal, King Of Pao Fan is the place to go for Pao Fan.

Essentially serving what the name of the store is, you've got yourself a bowl of rice, soaked in a seafood broth & topped with an assortment of seafood.

Pictured is the Lobster, clams, double fish & fresh prawns.

Ingredients aside, the base is simple - seafood broth, soaked rice, topped with rice crispies & fried egg whites.

For the lobster option, the lobster is killed upon order, blanched in hot water, then cooked together with the pao fan to give you that extra sweetness in your soup! Not that the soup is not already sweet, but having the addition of the lobster brings it to a whole new level!

Checked out the latest outlet of Ah Ma Chi Mian as the ads kept popping up on my Facebook feed. Then again, it said handmade fishballs, so....I couldn't ignore it. 😛

Recently opening it's 4th outlet at yet another Koufu spot, Ah Ma Chi Mian not only serves up traditional handmade teochew fishballs, but meatballs as well! Their signature noods consists of liver, meatballs & fishballs with a side of dried noods, while their teochew fishball noods consisted on 5 plump bouncy fishballs, a thick gao ink bilis broth (or what tastes like it) & a side of your selected noods.

I really liked the fishballs for its texture, size & QQ-ness. As for the the vinegar & chilli that pairs the noods, it was well-balanced, but could also do with abit more vinegar (personal preference).

For the BCM & liver lovers, do try out their specialty pork liver, which comes as a side on its own! It seems to be quite a popular option!

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Tucked within a coffee shop somewhere in Jurong Wesr, 526 Hotplate BBQ is a known spot to those who live in the area!!

They get pretty popular most evenings (including weekdays), so it's best to call & reserve a table, as well as your items beforehand!

Of the items we ordered, one of them was the BBQ Stingray. You could tell how fresh it was by how easily the meat fell off the skin. Not forgetting how soft, tender & sweet the meat is!

Pair it with their side of sweet sambal chilli & you'd got your perfect sambal stingray!

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