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Yummy | 好吃 | Bagus | Arputam What makes this tiny dot such a fine city is due to our food! We have been known for the simple hawker pleasures & this is my non-exhaustible list of what to eat when you're in Singapore.
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

Made my way to Hokkien Man Hokkien Mee as part of trying out all the different Hokkien Mees in the area of Toa Payoh.

Their store is tucked at the corner / entrance unit of the coffee shop with a simple signage of the chef's face as their icon!

Waiting time was short due to the lull after the lunch crowd. The noodles portions comes in 3 sizes - $5, $6 & $8, and for 2 pax, we went for the largest one.

The hokkien mee came and looked very promising (apart from the styrofoam plate and disposable utensils). Each mouthful was full of prawn stock and was really tasty! Only downside was that the chilli was too sweet and wasn't spicy enough. Also, it lacked some bits of wok hey. Apart from that, a satisfactory & simple meal.

Receiving their Michelin Bib Gourmand back in 2017, New Lucky Claypot Rice has been consistent in dishing out claypots after claypots of chicken claypot rice.

Each spoonful has that hint of char & wok hey as the rice is being cooked directly in the claypot from scratch, allowing the edges to be charred & crunchy. The chicken chunks are thick & juicy, leaving you extremely satisfied after the meal. 🤤

Pro tip: do drop them a call at least an hour before your intended dining time to pre-order your meal! This way, your waiting time will be shortened by at least 80%! I called to order at 5.30pm for dinner at 7pm; waited for about 15 mins & got my order by 7.15pm! Otherwise, there would usually be a 45 mins waiting time.

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If you’ve been to Pek Kio Market, you’d realise that there’s a couple of stores with snaking long queues and would have wondered what so good about them.

One of these stalls would be Pin Wei HK Style CCF. Perhaps one of the many few stores that I’d willing queue, even though the queuing time takes longer than my eating time.

Located in the middle aisle of the hawker centre, Pin Wei offers 4 types of CCF - original, Char Siew ($3.50), Prawn ($3.80) & Scallop ($5.50).

What I enjoy the most was how each piece was handmade upon order, and you can watch the cook do his magic by creating these thin, translucent & silky pieces of rice flour rolls.

Each plate comes with 2 ladies worth of sweet soy sauce, and a dollop of sweet chilli on the side if you’d prefer some kick.

If you’d like to make your queueing worth the wait, I suggest ordering all 4 (if you can stomach it), or bring more friends along to try more options!

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Dining in town is usually a pretty expensive option as it’s hard to find affordable options around. However, just head to the top floor of Far East Plaza & you’d definitely be spoilt for choice for both Chinese and Malay options!

A popular lunch spot for Muslim friends brought me to Cahaya Murni. I ordered the laksa, which came with an assortment of options between chicken, prawn or cockles and prices defer accordingly. I went ahead with the chicken and prawn option as I’m not a fan of cockles.

The laksa broth was slightly on the thinner end, almost tasting like lontong broth, but without the shrimp. However, stir in the sweet chilli and it gets slightly thicker which makes it quite a pleasant treat.

This hot pipping bubbling claypot of Hokkien mee is definitely no stranger to the public. Kim Keat Hokkien Mee has been around for quite some time and have even made it to the news.

What I love best about this dish is that everything is cooked on the spot, before being transferred into a heated claypot which ensures that the stock in which the Hokkien Mee was cooked in was bubbling upon arrival.

The stock was filled of rich flavours of pork and prawn, which the noodles simmered in for a good 10 minutes with ingredients such as bean sprouts, pork belly, egg, prawns & clams. After which, it is being topped with crispy sio bak (pork belly) to add more oomph to the pieces of lard available.

The best part, if you’d like the crispy parts of claypot rice, you can get the same with this claypot Hokkien mee! Just leave the noodles to bubble a little longer than usual before mixing them all together and you’d your crispy & crunchy bits of noodles in between the smooth silky ones.


A new store has popped up at the Lorong 4 Toa Payoh Hawker Centre & luckily for me, it’s a store that I’d definitely return for!

Moving over from a coffee shop along Sixth Avenue (there’s only that few), Fu Ji Kitchen currently has 2 things on the menu, which is their Hokkien mee & Penang char kway teow.

At $4, this huge portion is cooked individually with prawn stock, garlic, noodles & the usual ingredients. Simmered slowly over high heat, the Hokkien mee has a fragrant punch of wok hei. With their homemade chilli which is spicy (mind you, I love spice), mixed it all together & you’ve got yourself a hearty meal.

For those with small appetites, I suggest sharing the small portion, cause it really is quite a big portion.


When you see the word 年糕 (nian gao), you’d usually think of the sweet cake that you’d see during Lunar New Year. However, the Shanghai version is a stir fried version that is savoury.

The base of rice cake is kind of like the korean teokboekkei, chewy and round in shape, but flat, like noodles.

It is stir fried with garlic, green leafy vegetables, white cabbage and in this case, dark sweet sauce.


From the variety of items that you can get at Habitat by Honestbee, a local fare that you can get is from Bento.

I tried their mapo tofu with aubergine that comes with short grain Japanese rice!

The saltiness of the mapo sauce pairs perfectly with the rice, with bits of minced chicken and edamame which gives you the extra crunch!

A perfect dish if you’re feeling lazy to decide on what to eat and want something quick and fast.


The Signature Claypot Chicken ($6.80) comes as individual portions of claypot rice packed with burnt rice around the edges, plump and succulent chunks of chicken, chinese sausage and bits of salted fish to cut through.

Do expect to wait for about 20-25 minutes upon ordering as each pot is made upon order and served to you in a hot pipping pot.
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Perfect for this cold rainy day would be Fu Xiang Singature’s Singapore Curry Chicken Set!

Dig into the spiced-mixed chicken curry that’s not only flavourful but packed with a slight punch; perfect for those who can’t take spicy food.

Choose between toasted bread or rice to accompany your curry; or be like me, have both cause why not? 💁🏻‍♀️

Thank you Elphin & Fu Xiang Signatures for having me!


Although the prices have raised by $0.20, this bowl of 卤肉饭 still hits the right spot for something simple yet filling.

Packed with juicy chopped up bits of braised pork, every bite is packed with flavour as the remaining braised pork juices are made into a gravy and poured over the rice.

Best part, it’s only $2!! Where else can you get something at $2?

While you do have to have quite a lot of patience waiting in line to order and collect your food, I think the lady making this has a lot of patience withstanding the heat and steam in order to dish out these silky pieces of CCF!

As you watch her perfect her art, and then gobbling them down soon after, you’d question yourself on why you didn’t order more, but know that it’s one place you’d come back for more.

The tissue thin rice flour wraps the ingredients (prawn and char siew) delicately as they peek through the translucent layers before melting almost instantly as you consume them.

At $2.50 a row, it may seem slightly pricey, but at that quality, it’s second to none.
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