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SG: 麻辣 Mala Madness

SG: 麻辣 Mala Madness

when the chengdu nostalgia strikes 🐼 ⚠️ : I have lived in chengdu so my 🌶️ tolerance may be somewhat higher than the average Singaporean.
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Smitten Angel
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👍Generous with the sauce, unlike other places where you only get dressing covering maybe 5 fries.
👍Mala has slight numbing taste, but mostly tangy. Instead of oil, the creaminess comes from the mayo.
👍Fries are the skinny cut which I prefer.
👎Fries are not well fried (soggy and oily) .
Conclusion : I really like the sauce but I would choose to have it in another dish instead, maybe the prata or roti John. If only I could dapao the sauce, I would really enjoy it over macdonalds fries.

Being an 麻辣-obsessed Eastie it was of course a no brainer to try this newly opened hotpot restaurant at bedok point (NOT the same as Bedok mall where HDL is). Taste and presentation both great, and the promotional sets are a pretty good value (pictured set for $69++,feeds 2-3 pax). Decor is very mainland-style luxury (if you have ever lived in China you will know what I mean).
HOWEVER, service is lacking compared to competitors HDL, beauty in a Pot, hotpot heroes and dare I say even the shi li fang next door? Staff seem to spend a lot of time doing unimportant things like cleaning up when there is no one waiting for tables, instead of topping up soup or clearing used plates from occupied tables. They also took ages to replace the garlic from the sauce bar. So in short, hardware is good but software still lacking.
Perhaps some teething woes and since they are in my hood I'll give them another try when they are more settled.

This is now our regular hotpot haunt in the East due to it's authenticity and plentiful nearby parking. We always order the sichuan base which we find spicier than the chongqing beef pot. There's also the popular collagen soup base for non 🌶️ eaters. Recommend dishes are the beef Short Ribs (normal price $22++ for the portion pictured), beef skewers, beef stomach, dumpling platter, half shell scallops, fried bean curd rolls and fried pork (酥肉). The red grouper isn't fresh so skip that.
💡: 20% or higher eatigo will make it a better deal than beyond (sorry burrple! Gotta be realistic here).

Now that bbq box has become hipster and boring, I've been shopping around for a new bbq skewer hangout and this one has legit China feel. MSG galore, raucous crowd and $6 beers. Generous portions so don't over order.
💡: If stumped by the mysterious queuing system (there is none) , just give up and go to the end of the street for BKT instead.
🚗 : Easy (by geylang standards) parking along Lor 11- either street if you're lucky or at the ERP carpark between lor 9 and 11.

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Hands down the most legit Chinese hotpot in the CBD. In fact I don't even think the servers speak any English ? Majority PRC customers whom I assume work in the area. Love the bustling vibe and the chilli smothered 坨坨牛肉 (even my chengdu trained taste buds find this slightly challenging). Located in a Boat Quay shop house so be prepared to climb at least one flight of stairs.

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About 3 months old, this newly opened hotpot is just off the main stretch of Tanjong Katong eateries (where there are also 2-3 wannabe hotpot places).

Similar presentation, quality and service to the ever-popular Beauty in a Pot, without the queues (and all the weird bowing). Price range is also similar (about $50/pax) but it offers generous eatigo discounts if you are willing to eat at odd hours. Great for groups as there are comfy booth seats for 4-6 pax as well as larger round tables.

As you should know, any legit sichuan hotpot always has 酥肉 (pictured) and this one is superbly well fried and tender- you can eat it as is, or dip it in the soup base. The chilli covered beef skewers are another authentic thing I seldom see in Singapore wannbe-sichuan hotpot restos (only 同心如意 has them). Plus points for another great addition to the East.
🚗 : convenient and plentiful ERP (unsheltered) parking on the opposide side of the overhead bridge (in front of Canadian international school)


One of my favorite ways to have veggies ! Rather than the usual stir frying, heat (usually from a Claypot) is used to cook the cabbage, giving it a very crunchy texture and fragrant smoky aroma. I also like that this place doesn't stinge on the salt and oil - authentic sichuan taste. They recently moved to bedok (next to bedok point mall) from East Village mall. Thankfully still in the hood. 🚗 Parking available at bedok point mall or the hdb multi storey next to it.


Who says MLXG 麻辣香锅 isn't healthy? I usually take mine with mostly veggies😁 this is from my go-to stall inside the popular 936 kopitiam in Siglap (next to ntuc). Reasonably priced with fresh ingredients (same owner as the bedok interchange one). 🚗 Easy parking at the open air carpark next to siglap Shell petrol station.


Keep having ma la craving in this cold weather! Today I tried their signature noodle with minced pork and chickpeas, in a 麻辣soup base. Since this is only rated with a single chilli 🌶️ I asked for for extra 麻 and extra 辣, but to me it was still not spicy enough. BUT be aware that I am chengdu trained, so you may find it spicy. I heard this lady ask for 小辣and she was still complaining that it was super spicy. All noodle items at this sichuan style noodle house are $6-9++.

If you think you can handle spicy, this dry chicken noodle 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️is for you! One of the spiciest items on their menu, you can't even see the noodle under all the chillies. My tolerance is fairly legit ( I usually order my MLXG and 烤鱼as 大辣) and my eyes still watered. On the other hand, their sour spicy noodle soup 酸辣肥肠粉🌶️🌶️🌶️ ($7.50) was not spicy at all to me, and probably more suited to the Singaporean taste bud (no "numbing" taste from 花椒) . They even have one chilli rated noodles that are probably not even spicy but why bother eating at this place if you don't like spicy....

This is a one year old sichuan style noodle house in bedok point (Level 3) that I recently discovered. Noodle items are a reasonably priced $6-9++. Great option when you just want a bowl of simple 麻辣 noodles. Quite difficult to find a specialised noodle house in sg cos most sichuan places in sg are hotpot or tzechar style restaurants. And best thing is that it's in my 'hood 😎

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One of my regular haunts for 烤鱼. This is a typical sichuan dish where your choice of fish is first charcoal grilled then placed in a hot pot soup (flavour of your choice) . I usually go for the fatty patin fish, in their signature 麻辣 flavour. They have non spicy flavours too. Side ingredients such as veggies or noodles can be added to the hotpot for $3.80++ each. Easily feeds 3 pax, or more with the excellent cooked dishes or appetisers. The main branch is at Mosque Street in Chinatown but i find the parking situation more convenient at this Liang Seah branch.


We usually come for the 麻辣香锅 ($35++, feeds 3-4 pax) but decided to try the baby crayfish this round as a side dish. Not very fresh, flesh was a bit mushy. Stick to the hotpot or MLXG!

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*a very picky Omnomnomnivore* #realfoodreviews #notafoodblogger #eastiesarefoodies #norabbitfood

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