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Vanessa Scully
Vanessa Scully

Chicken was falling off the bone because my friend was late for dinner. Also had issues with thickening it since we had too many ingredients. Overall though it was bliss! My first attempt at cooking chicken curry and having fried mantou again was just yums!

Used a little too much onions in this one (or rather the onions were just too huge) and we didn't let the alcohol in the red wine simmer off. Otherwise it was pretty good.

Yummy and delicious prawn mee made by my very talented friend! The soup taste is so wonderfully prawny it's like soaking in bliss.

Bacon, egg, bread, maple syrup and butter all in a "cup". 'Nuff said.

Nothing can replace bacon, honestly. Bacon oil and fat used to fry onions and leftover rice, topped with corn kernels that provide a refreshing bite to the oily rice, homecooked heaven!

Homemade Soy Chicken Stew. My attempt at recreating something my mm always made at home but i never knew the recipe of. Utter bliss and comfort when eaten with a bowl of hot piping rice porridge, or a steaming bowl of rice!

A Korean omelette roll with seaweed. Absolutely delicious and demands a great amount of patience by the cook. The taste of the seaweed in it however is terribly gratifying and unlike any other. The trick is in rolling up the omelette and cutting it. Always cook on low heat, and wait till the roll is cooled off before cutting, otherwise it would crumble to bits.

One of my specialties! Chicken Katsu Curry is relatively easy and straightforward to make. Japanese curry for lazy people is done with the pre-boxed ones. Of course, i put in my own carrots, potatoes and onions. Making the Chicken Katsu too may seem complicated but is in fact relatively easy. Flour, egg bath and panko bath then into the oil. I used chicken thigh for mine because I like the texture of the meat better. The other most commonly used type of chicken is chicken fingers for its easy bite.

Bak Kut Teh or "Pork Bone Tea" (literally) is an absolute favourite of Singaporeans and Malaysians. The typical Singaporean style of BKT is clear and mostly peppery while the Malaysian style is brown and rich with the flavour of herbs and spices such as this. Commonly eaten with rice or fried dough fritters (you tiao), it is a pleasing dish always.

Homemade Goodness! Pork bones are blanched then boiled with carrots, potatoes and onions for a good hour or so to bring out the natural sweetness of the soup. I added in some mushrooms and hotdogs just to kick up the ingredients list. Simple and easy to make!

It was a lazy lunch. Just wanted to give the cooking a little rest.

My first ever Nongshim Ramyeon! The verdict? I bought another 5-pack yesterday. I always thought Nongshim Ramyeon would be scarily spicy but I have come to realise Korean spicy is sweet rather than tongue-burning.

Singaporean girl studying in Perth who loves cooking and eating.

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