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Cafe. Coffee. Food

Cafe. Coffee. Food

Featuring Drury Lane, Chock Full Of Beans, Habitat Coffee, Pizzeria Mozza, Cafe Mondo, The Larder Cafe, JQ Chef Café, Jia Yuan Bak Kut Teh, Golden Village Gold Class
Wei Si Chang
Wei Si Chang
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A family dinner at a cafe in Toa Payoh Central. The place is spacious even though it doesn't seems to be able to take in many customers. We ordered duck confits, pan seared seabass, BBQ pork ribs and mushroom truffle gratin. The duck confit is served with mashed potatoes and simple garnish. It was absolutely tasty when eat together with mash potatoes but the skin portion in my taste is too salty. The pan seared seabass to my dad is slightly fishy but the meat is soft and tender. It was served with salad and mash potatoes. The BBQ pork rib was meaty and to my sister liking. It was definitely value for money and was served with fries and coleslaw. The must try will be the mushroom truffle gratin which is super tasty and makes one can't stop eating it. If you are there, do try out the duck confit and mushroom truffle gratin!

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Not knowing what to have for lunch, I went to Habitat Coffee and ordered a Cajun Chicken Bites and Shepherd's Pie. The Cajun Chicken Bites taste good with the honey mustard sauce but the Shepherd Pie was rather normal though the potato portion was good.

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Movie date with my sis as we headed to GV Gold Class to enjoy a 2-hour movie while pampering ourselves. We ordered lunch, a duck confit and Thai boneless chicken thigh. I was surprised that the food was rather good.

It was the first time trying out at Pizzeria Mozza. I got to totally agree that the food is awesome. We ordered a Antipasti, fried potatoes and sage, and a pizza, Margarita. The fried potatoes are very addictive as once start we just couldn't stop at all. The pizza is thin and crust is crispy. Highly recommended for you to try once!


Chasing away midweek blue by treating myself with good food. Drove down to Toa Payoh to try out this new cafe called JQ Chef Cafe. This place previously was previously occupied by Les Patisseries which has moved to a bigger place in Thomson Road.
Order a cafe latte and a mushroom aligo olio. I must say that the aligo oilo taste very flavourful and nice. But the latte tastes more milky.

Pardon me for the photo. I had a met up with a group of ex-colleagues yesterday. As one of them needs halal food, we tried out Cafe Mondo. We ordered quite a number of food - chicken lucheon fries, mondo mac & cheese, cheesy meat balls, ice-cream with waffle and molten lava cake. My best favourites are the luncheon fries, mondo mac & cheese and molten lava cake. Having tried a few places' luncheon fries, I personally love the luncheon fries here as it tastes better than those I had tried. The Mondo mac & cheese is awesomely delicious too! If you can stomach some dessert, do try the molten lava cake as it is super rich in chocolate. Go with a group of friends so you can share and try out the different food.


A bak kut teh dinner with family. We ordered a xiao bai cai, pig trotter, small intestines, kidney and four bowls of bak kut teh. As I had tired before Song Fa and Old Street, I find that Jia Yuan's bak kut teh is too peppery. The more soup drank the more hot it is, not sure why but I do not have this problem with the other two bak kut teh. For Jia Yuan, I will recommend their small intestine, pig kidney and pork trotter.


Five by Five cafe is located at Thomson V Two and it is tucked away from the public eyes. It is a little cozy and bright cafe that I had accidentally stumbled upon. Not sure how long it was opened but they had quite a variety of food to choose from, brunch to mains and desserts.
I had a cafe latte and a chicken bleu. The food tasted yummy and coffee was strong for a latte. A place that is worth giving a try.

A great place for brunch food and simple desserts. The wow factor is their coffee art and they have really cute and wonderful 3D coffee art! You can request the characters you want or have the waiters or waitress decide for you. If you order a slice of cake there is also drawings on the plate served. A cafe that all will love.


Prawn Bitsque @ Soup Spoon #burpple

Woo's Signature Rice Box from Woo's Rice Box #burpple

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