Featuring Tsukijiri Gindaco (ION Orchard), Kuriya Japanese Market (Causeway Point), Pepper Lunch (Woodlands MRT), Wadori (Causeway Point), Dango @ Causeway Point, Sinfish @Woodlands
Melon Soda
Melon Soda

Actually from Ichiban Bento which is sharing the same premise as Kuriya. The Hawaiian Katsu ($7.80) comes with chicken cutlet with hawaiian-style toppings and rice. I requested to switch to multigrain rice, which the store willingly accomodate for an extra charge. The katsu was crispy and juicy and very tasty! I couldn't get enough of it! You can also top up $2.00 to get chawanmushi and miso soup to go with your meal, which is value for money!

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Actually from Ichiban Bento which is sharing the same premise as Kuriya. This Kitsune Udon ($6.50) is simple and unpretentious and comes with just two slices of Aburaage. But the noodles was thick and smooth and the soup was quite tasty. Though it's more value for money getting the udon meal with meat, I personally prefer to have it simply and take my time savouring it!

Another store at Causeway Point that sells yakitori too. Love their Chicken Karaage ($1.50) that was really tasty without being too salty! The Tsukune ($1.50) was nice too but the sauce was a tiny wee bit sweet for me. They also sell a range of onigiri such as the Garlic Chicken Onigiri ($2.00).

Gyoza ($1.60), Tsukune ($1.40), Chicken Cheese Ball ($1.60), Yakitori ($1.10) from Wadori. Food was awesome and the sauce was very tasty and went well with the meat. I especially like the gyoza and tsukune! Delicious!

Chicken Pepper Rice ($9.50) with bonus $3 meal with Choco Nuts Ice Cream! Food was served in a 'hotplate' and you have to wait for it to sizzle and cook, which was a rather fun experience! There are also sauces on the table to mix and cook with the meat. I love the honey brown sauce and totally drenched my chicken with it! I'd also recommend adding additional melted cheese to the rice! Tummy!

Got the 4 pcs Teri Tama (Egg with Teriyaki sauce) for $3.80. These were crispy on the outside and soft inside! I love the egg topping and ended up eating it on its own. A must try if you visit this stall!

Tried the Potato Croquette Yakisoba which came with two pieces of croquettes. The noodles were a little salty and oily for me, though still tasty. I love the croquettes which were crispy on the outside but piping hot and soft inside!

Just giving in to a random craving lol. Must be crazy to be just standing in some random corner of a mall and taking snapshots of my food...I'm so glad Sinfish opened a branch at Woodlands. Please don't ever move away! I love how crispy it is on the outside but sweet and soft inside! My favourite flavours from them so far are chocolate, custard, azuki, and potato ham. Best eaten hot!

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Japanese Taiyaki from Sinfish. Love the ham potato, custard and chocolate flavor!

Just a simple girl with a sweet tooth who can't get enough of cakes and desserts, and confectionery!

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