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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

The mama very kindly bought this 葱軋饼 for me as it has always been my favourite Taiwanese snack💕!

Never a fan of overtly sticky nougat but somehow this has always been my favourite Taiwanese snack for its sweet-salty combination.

Apparently only available at Paragon’s Tiger Sugar over this weekend, it is priced at $19.90 a box (12 pcs). The taste of brown sugar was pretty mild, but I liked it wasn’t overly sweet and that the biscuit itself wasn’t too oily.


I used to judge people who sit at Yakun eating this. But now I finally understand because this unassuming cracker was so darn good! 😂
Definitely expensive for something that you can do at home, but I am inherently lazy, to do it myself and also can’t say no to the thick slabs of butter, slathered with sweet Kaya, sandwiched between two crisp crackers.

Recommended to share because I had both, alone, and felt a tinge of regret shortly after maxing out my butter quota for the month 😛


Finally got my grubby hands on @offeastandfield’s bakes! 😊

The box of happiness was filled with dark chocolate chip cookie, chocolate chip cookie, earl grey sable, chocolate sable with smoked sea salt, French butter shortbread, apple rum streusel cake and a mini jar of salted caramel.

Every piece was an absolute delight - the cookies were the right amount of chewiness, generous with chocolate chips and best of all, not too sweet with a little saltiness from the dash of sea salt.

I’ve got a weakness for all things tea-related, so while the french butter and chocolate one was good, my favourite of the melt-in-the-mouth buttery sables were definitely the earl grey with its light fragrance!

And we absolutely loved the Apple Rum Streusal Cake. Texture was moist, flavours were quite intense, not cloyingly sweet - like rum and raisin in a cake form! Didn’t heat it up but I think it’d have been fantastic either way 😋 Went really well with the salted caramel sauce which was a nice contrast and also surprisingly not very sweet.

Also loved the effort that was put into every box - just look at the cute print (swipe right). Looking forward to @offeastandfield’s future bake sales!


They kindly offered to heat this up for me and the cruffin was crisp, flakey with oozy matcha in the middle. Texture was great but lacked some buttery fragrance and while there was still a very mild hint of bitterness, it is on the sweeter side for the mum and I - probably good for those with sweet tooth. Will stick to the matcha swiss roll fosure.


One may be a little hesitant to order this seeing how it’s almost the same price as their signature hanger steak - but one bite into this and you’ll realize how addictively good this was. Apart from the drizzle of truffle oil which usually can’t go too wrong, along with nacho cheese sauce and truffle mayo; the wedges were perfectly fried till golden brown, while piping hot and fluffy inside!


The plain prata was light, not overly greasy and crispy indeed but I preferred the mushroom cheese (very generous amount of mushrooms, came piping hot with melted cheese!). While their prata were pretty good, it wasn’t outstandingly so. Could have been the long wait of about half an hour or so (which I don’t really mind), and heightened expectations🤷🏻‍♀️


Not the best but decent enough. Fared pretty well taste wise but it might be too jelak, so get it to share.


Excited to see what looked like Zaku Zaku that we had in Tokyo but perhaps our expectations should have been managed - the Hokkaido cream in the kazu kazu ($3.50) was light but wasn’t crisp as we expected, and pastry was a little too thick for our liking.


Generously stuffed with fried chicken, tartare, topped with black lumpfish caviar. The fried chicken was crisp and tasty but a pity that the bun was a tad dry.


Came across this castella cake at , a small bakery in Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. Comes in original, cheese and kaya.

A little sorry I didn't even try to take a good photo because I didn't expect much. But I should have known with the whiff of eggy goodness from this freshly baked castella cake. So far Original (coming to Westgate!!) is still my favorite, but this was pretty good and we liked it much better than the first one that came to our shores (sorry). Baked on the spot with limited quantities, they were down to their last boxes at 11am in the morning. $5+ if I'm not wrong, and the portion is probably about half of what the rest are selling so it's not considerably cheaper but a friendlier portion. Comfortingly fluffy and moist with hints of savoury cheese (wish there was a little more). Ultimately it's just 鸡蛋糕, but I really like it as breakfast/ snack because it's so light! Will definitely buy again if I happen to be there.


From the coffee shop on the mini hill. Lived in Pasir Ris for my entire life and I never knew this existed till my mum bought some back (apparently she have been eating this for awhile and didn't think to feed me 😂). This is fast becoming my favourite breakfast/ anytime-snack.

Usually made on the spot because they sell like hot cakes, my favourite has to be their peanut in any form as the filling is not too sweet, very fragrant and fresh! Minjiangkueh itself isn't too thick, with crisp edges and they're usually generous with the fillings (ok, depending on who makes it). I like the thin crisp version which goes well with the juicy coconut for the textural contrast, but it should be consumed fast so it doesn't turn soggy. Other than the coconut filling, the others remain crisp for a long time.


Perfect for tea break! Flakey and I loved the semi-sweet chocolatey filling. Inconsistency may be an issue though, the others felt that it was too sweet (or maybe I have a higher tolerance..?)



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