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Mel Wong
Mel Wong
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Trying these new Austrian cheese buns! Bought 1xoriginal and 1xchocolate. These buns are filled with loads of cream cheese in between and dusted with milk powder on the outside. For the chocolate flavour, it is actually a chocolate flavoured bun that is dusted with cocoa milk powder on the outside. Also comes in Tiramisu flavour. If you are a cheese lover, you’ll definitely love the strong smelling and taste of the oozing cream cheese. However, i found the ends of the bread a little hard and dry (not sure if its because i didn’t eat it straight away) but the inner/middle portion was still soft and moist. Overall, the taste did not exactly “wow” me and i find that its not really worth $5.80.


The chocolate lava cake was oozing with warm and thick gooey chocolate; and was served with salted cornflake crumbs on top. Chose the option of having their signature truffle ice cream (+$2) instead of their vanilla bean ice cream, because i am a truffle lover 😆 However, the taste of the truffle was way too overwhelming for me despite my love for anything truffle. It’s worth a try for the novelty but i think I’ll stick with the savoury truffle food items for now 😅


Looks like a normal plain chocolate cake but looks are definitely deceiving! This rich chocolate stout cake was so soft and moist; and was totally not ‘jerlat’ even after a full meal! It had a cream cheese icing layer on top and the cake went really well with the vanilla ice cream together with the warm stout infused chocolate sauce! Definitely coming back for more 😋


Looking to satisfy your ice cream cravings? Try aRoma’s gelato - it is extremely creamy yet also had a nice “bite” (texture wise) to it. Both flavours tasted super “nutty” to my delight and was not overly sweet. They have a large variety of flavours to choose from and are generous in letting you try the different flavours before you decide which flavours you would like to get. Will be back to try their other flavours! 😋

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Always my favourite place to go when i’m craving for chinese desserts! Their Novena branch is more spacious and less crowded than their Bugis branch which can get really cramped during peak hours. These two desserts have the right amount of sweetness for me (not overly sweet). The white fungus papaya with almond paste is smooth and soothing for the throat while the water chestnut soup with egg and herbal jelly is refreshing and cooling for the body.

An interesting blend of sweet, salty and slight bitterness in one bottle! The saltiness of the drink hits you first, followed by the sweet chocolately flavour and leaves with a slightly bitter aftertaste. A drink to try if you’re feeling adventurous or if you’re someone who likes varying flavours simultaneously in your mouth 😉


Still my favourite place to get my waffle fix! Haven’t been here for a while and i’m glad to say that their waffles are still goood!! Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This one comes with awesome milo crumble (think milo cookies), vanilla bean ice cream, caramelized bananas and chocolatey milo sauce to drizzle over it 😍 #cravingsatisfied


One of Bobii Frutii’s signature ice blended drink, Mermaid’s Tears is made up of mango juice, lemon, yogurt, honey, butterfly pea extract and blue bobii (pearls). It tasted refreshing and the mango flavour was fragrant, however it was a tad too sweet for my liking, perhaps its due to the honey? The pearls were soft and chewy. Will return to try their other flavours!


finally here to try their waffles and ice cream! ordered the charcoal waffle which was crisp and fluffy on the inside, drizzled with salted caramel sauce and lavender bits. the pistachio ice cream was very creamy and the sorbet was really smooth. will be back to try their other flavours! 😋

wish the taste was as pretty as it looked, was largely disappointed by the taste unfortunately. waffle was soggy and the vanilla ice cream had a weird vanilla essence kinda taste. not ordering this again. 😩

byebye llao llao (or maybe they’ll do a similar stunt as gongcha? 😆), hello yole! found their yogurt to be creamier and milkier than llao llao’s. the strawberry flavour seemed to add to it’s sourness, but will just have to try their natural flavour next time! ☺️🍦


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