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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Bar menu is rather small, but there’s a simple selection of wine/ whisky/ draft beer (going at $9.50 for a full pint to $55 for tower/ soju). Get their Crispy Whitebait with Thai Aioli sauce($15) which goes well as a bar bite.

Thank you Burpple for the invite and D’Star Bistro for having us!

Looks unassuming but pretty cosy, this would be a nice place to chill if you’re looking for a no frills, wallet friendly option as there’s no GST/ service charge here. Was pleasantly surprised by the starters here. The mushroom soup was creamy, with bits of mushrooms, flavourful but not over seasoned. The addition of truffle was also thankfully not overwhelming but just right for a richer flavour. Comes with crisp garlic bread and the best part? It’s only $3.50!

Thank you Burpple for the invite and D’Star Bistro for having us!

While the mazesoba was nothing to shout about, the mentaiko salmon was cooked perfectly. Comes with fried chicken skin/ mushrooms/ onset egg. At $10nett including a free drink (pepsi/ root beer/ iced lemon tea), the lunch deal here is pretty worth it. G had the mazesoba with steak which was pretty decent too. Other than mazesoba (in collaboration with Kofuku Ramen), there’s other mains and burgers to choose from.


Comfortingly good and they were very generous with the fish maw! Didn’t get to try the meatballs but it was apparently very good.

Happy find on Burpple Beyond!!🙌🏼


Juicy handmade beef patty, served with truffle eggs on the side that was tasty and surprisingly not too heavy, with hamburg sauce on fluffy rice that makes it easy to finish! If it’s not enough, do a double patty upgrade for $6, or just order more small plates because they’re good.

PS. This is super value-for-money - simply flash the promotion on your #burpple app when ordering to redeem this 1-for-1 Angus Hamburg (U.P. $14, excluding patty upgrade).

Mum hates the hassle so we celebrated her birthday here because there’s good food at relatively affordable prices, impeccable service and it’s cosy! So yes yes, back again.

Salmon (supplementary $6 for 2/3 courses at $25++/$28++) - this wasn’t mine but I had a bit of the salmon which was pan-seared to a perfectly crisp skin while remaining moist and soft. On a bed of pea purée(?), with glazed fava beans, octopus legs, ricotta cheese and shallot confit. Everyone who tried it loved this.


Back after so long and glad we did! Everything we tried from the summer menu was satisfying. Still going for 2 courses @ $23++ & 3 courses @ $28++ (though certain items require additional top-up). Peach & "Cheese" Cake, elegantly presented with a light, fluffy, dreamy cream cheese espuma on fragrant almond crumble, with a surprise centre of refreshingly sweet-sour red peach ice cream and raspberry parfait. Priced at $10 (ala carte) with no top-ups required for the set!


More refined version and every bit of a comforting dish like our favourite local breakfast, this Eggs & Bread is to date, my personal favourite starter as part of their $18++/$23++ (2/3-course meal). Perfectly runny sous vide eggs on a bed of smooth mash, with savoury bits of chorizo; crisp brioche croutons and golden-brown toast with their very own version of Kaya. To get them all in a bite is a delightful combination of sweet, savoury and contrasting textures.


Definitely worth the extra $3! The pan-seared barramundi was good - perfectly browned and crisp while the fish was moist; the tomato concassé with natural jus was quite a pleasant surprise when the seemingly normal accompaniment turned out to have such intensity of flavours, all from the barramundi itself! Nothing to fault about the pasta, al dente, not overly garlicky nor spicy. I love how they manage to bring out the best of each ingredient without neglecting nor overdoing; where everything was good enough on its own but harmoniously combine to create a very enjoyable dish, guaranteed to satisfy the tastebuds at a very affordable price point.


Here's one of the mains we ordered for our $18++/23++ set lunch! Chicken Leg Confit - slow cooked, keeping the chicken meat very tender, retaining its juiciness while the skin was nicely crisped. Hidden beneath was a bed of tasty smooth mash. Wasn't a fan of the hainanese style black pepper sauce which was not bad, but I would've liked it better with something lighter that didn't overpower the flavours of the chicken leg.


Well-executed food that goes right in to my list of value-for-money with $18++/$23++ (2/3 courses respectively)!+service is good.

We really enjoyed this, a starter that sets the tone for what was to come. With charred cauliflower for added texture to an otherwise very smooth, creamy, fragrant velouté; dashes of brown butter for a subtle nutty aroma and baguette topped with hazelnut shavings!


Post-lunch crowd at this pretty new stall in NTUC FoodFare, ordered the flavour-packed chicken roulade which they did on the spot. Not sure if it's usually the case but I do hope so because this was a pretty good attempt at French food in a foodcourt-setting/prices.

Stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, perfectly browned and lightly crisped on the side while the chicken remained tender and juicy, topped with a bit more (cheese?) sauce that was not overpowering; on a bed of creamy mash that if I had to nitpick, could be slightly smoother. A set consisting of the roulade and their angel hair pasta appetizer, with salad, set me back by only $12.90. Definitely will be back to try other dishes!



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