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Paul Tan
Paul Tan

This is basically braised duck, bean curd, tao pok, boiled egg all chopped finely accompanied by loosely grained rice, coupled with aromatic dark sauce. Stories were being told the owner had offended certain dark figures....hence operating at this wee hours of the morning. Expect long queue but it's all worth it after you salvage on this simple dish. Tastiness: 3.5/5

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This simple Indian pancake, flaky & crispy thin outer crust with a soft pillowy centre. Commonly found in Penang and other states of Malaysia. However I have yet to see this in Singapore. Great for breakfast or a quick snack during tea time. Tastiness: 3.5/5

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Unlike curry noodles or laksa found in Singapore, this version is not as lemak, however it is packed with ingredients not found in Singapore version like pig's blood, cuttlefish, cockles. The chilli when diffuse with the curry based soup makes it irresistible. Definitely a must try in Penang. Verdict 3.5/5

A popular roadside food in Penang. 粿角 is like carrot cake without the carrot, fried it like frying Char Kway Teow. Frying it with black sauce, chili, bean sprouts, pickles, oysters, cockles....and wah have what is known as Char Kway Ga. I had mixed feelings as my head can't process what looks like carrot cake to taste like Char Kway Teow...overall it's food experience. Verdict: 3.5/5

Serving Duck Kway Chap for 3 generations. It opens from 6.30pm till late, closes each Thursday. Ban Mian like Kway is served at this stall, freshly with braised duck meat, blood, intestine, ear, boiled egg etc.... What a splendid mix and the stock is just yum! I can see the reason why for 3 generations, scores of patrons are still swamping here.....Verdict: 4/5

Personally, I don't think it can beat Singapore version. Stalls like 國記 easily out do them in terms of taste and sales. However if you are craving for a bowl of wanton noodles, this has to be it. Available in the white version or the dark version (which most Malaysian preferred), it is easy, quick and tasty. Especially so with deep fried pork fats! Verdict: 3/5

Situated in the "Banking" district of Penang, a small, simple stall, yet scores of hungry patrons, curious tourists looks on. Like a full production line, one will scoop the fragrant rice onto small banana leaves. Another will halve boiled eggs and place nicely on top of the rice. Final touch of scooping the tasty, spicy, sweet chilli sauce filled with anchovies over the egg and rice, allowing the sauce to sipped through the tiny gaps in between the rice. Additional choice of fried fish or chicken is also available at extra cost. I was told this stall sells thousands of packet of this simple simple meal. Watching the packing process is intriguing, however savoring would definitely be a much wiser choice!!!!! Verdict: 4/5

A MUST pit stop if you drive to Penang, situated before Butterworth, this old skool coffeeshop style restaurant serves up insanely irresistible blue swimmers porridge!!! Yum yum!!! Verdict: 4/5

Prawn Mee is as common a local delicacies as Char Kway Teow in Penang. This unique yet simple shop sells nothing but authentic Penang prawn noodles. Served in Claypot, thick prawn broth, with ingredients like eggs, pork belly, intestines, big prawns etc are optional while you decide your own style. I had the Claypot version which leaves me sipping the soup to the very last drop! Simply superb. The owner make known that his recipe was disclosed to a Singaporean and a store situated at Jurong Point is selling his version. Unfortunately it wasn't as yummy. Well, I have yet to witness the Singapore stall hence my verdict stands for only this original Penang stall. Verdict: 3.5/5

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鰻魚魚圓 - 8am till 4pm. Usually finished before 4pm. Closed on Monday

Best in Penang Butterworth. Definitely worth the drive up from Penang. Must try the duck eggs too. Open 8pm till 3am.

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