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I Have A Sweet Tooth!

I Have A Sweet Tooth!

All the desserts / snacks that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim
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Crème Brûlée Soft Serve from @icenoiehokkaido - rich milk soft serve underneath a layer of creamy custard topped with torched brown sugar crystals; a delightful treat that tastes as good as it looks and best of all, you get a 1-for-1 deal with @burpple beyond!

This is quite simply the best cheng tng i’ve tried so far in Singapore and possibly the most expensive at $3. No complaints about the price for me though; as each bowl of delicious cheng tng is so refreshing and filled with generous amount of ingredients.


This is the ultimate dessert for sweet tooth lovers, i mean just look at it... the base is a cinnamon toast crunch shake served in a caramel coated glass and the rim is vanilla frosted with cinnamon toast crunch pressed onto it. Then two churros and an entire choco taco ice cream sandwich are added, topping off the shake’s base. The shake is finally completed with loads of whipped cream and caramel sauce and also more cinnamon toast crunch. Definitely not for the faint hearted.


Finally tried the signature dessert beverage from Fruce, and all i can say is the Avocado Coconut drink is so creamy, smooth and refreshing. I like that you can customise your sweetness level too, and i’ll definitely be back to try other drinks on their menu.


Featured here is the S’moreo & Grasshopper Pie ice creams atop Rainbow Sprinkles Cone from @emackandbolios.sg, an ice cream treat that will surely delight your sweet tooth.

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We were having dinner around Bishan area and decided to check out this ice cream joint for dessert.

The elderflower mojito was zesty, tangy and very refreshing with a hint of saltiness while the dark chocolate was good too and not overly sweet. I’ll definitely be back to try the other gelato flavours.

Used Burpple Beyond for this and got a 1-for-1 deal.


The soft serves here are made with 100% Hokkaido raw milk and you can definitely tell the difference when you taste it.

Got the matcha soft serve and i liked it; the matcha flavour was rich and not too sweet while the freshness of the milk enhanced the overall taste.

They are on Burpple Beyond, so you can get one more soft serve for free.


Have a bowl of chendol from Nyonya Chendol at Bukit Timah Hawker Centre for an after meal dessert or to simply cool down from the heat.

The combination of thick gula melaka, pandan jelly, sweetened red beans and coconut milk atop smooth shaved ice will surely satisfy.


A play on the Chinese pronunciation of durian (Liu), mango (Mang) and ice (Bing), this gangster Ice dessert is a crowd favourite at Jin Jin Dessert located at ABC Brickworks Hawker Centre.

The combination of Mao Shan Wang durian purée and sweet mango cubes sitting atop shaved ice drowned in evaporated milk is simply irresistible!


I’ve been a huge fan of Sunday Folk’s yummylicious signature soft serve on waffles ever since their inception, and there’s even more motivation to visit them now that they’re available on Burpple Beyond.

Pictured are the Roasted Pistachio (foreground) & Earl Grey Lavender (background) soft serve flavours on waffles that we had on our recent visit.


Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we got to enjoy two lava sets at the price of one.

Of the two sets (matcha & chocolate), we preferred the matcha one cos we’re both matcha lovers to begin with. It was a joy watching the molten lava flowing out from the cookie as soon as the ice cream was placed on top of it.

The molten lava tasted good; not too sweet and it had the right consistency while the cookie was thin but crispy. The earl grey ice cream was a good companion to the lava cookie too.

Overall, an aesthetically pleasing and yummy dessert.

For fans of the underrated No Name Cheng Tng at Bedok South, they have moved to a new location just further down from their old stall at the coffeeshop to set up their own standalone shop.

They now have more items on their menu, and more importantly the signature cheng tng is still as yummy as ever!

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Constantly on the hunt for good eats! Instagram: @jonnyboyeats

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