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Featuring Shinkansen (Ocean Financial Centre), Tim Ho Wan (Westgate), Dim Dim The Hong Kong Pantry, Yi Xin Vegetarian, Tower 3 Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Naumi Hotel, Weekend Night Market, Phuket Town, Phuket, Thailand, Angelina, Ninkasi Croix-Rousse, Chez Louise
Kar Yan Yeong
Kar Yan Yeong
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There’s free wifi and fairly decent thick toasts 🤩 that could put anyone in a good mood #saturdate ⁣

📍Tom N Toms Singapore⁣
Icon Village, Tanjong Pagar


Tried the whole range of local inspired “ice cream sandwiches” 🌈 They are actually cheesecakes!!⁣

- Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Sandwich⁣
- Raspberry Swirl Wafer Cheesecake⁣
- Blueberry Swirl Wafer Cheesecake⁣
and the Shiok-ah-ccino (Vanilla Choc Chip frappe /w Waffle Crisp)⁣

I suspect they add quite abit of gelatin to the cheesecakes to keep them in their square shape? Cheesecakes had a jelly-like marshmallowy consistency⁣

The “bread” are chiffon cakes and the wafers made from a cookie from Starbucks’s usual cheesecake bases ⁣

Pretty to look at! Fun to share heh. But ok la the taste 😅⁣

📍Starbucks Singapore

🤪🤪 Went to Jcube for mine!

Verdict: Kopi O ☕️ is quite fragrant and tastes like kopiko candy to me! Still quite sweet but not overly so. Frankly quite liked it 🤩 Kaya was only so so. Very vague pandan-like flavour though I think this flavour got sold out islandwide first 🥳

@yakunkayatoastsg says they are restocking on their fb page so keep your eyes peeled!

(Available and cheaper as 1-for-1 on Burpple but only if you don’t feel like the salad at all which is approx $15 per top up) #burpplebeyond #burpplesg

😌 Chose Ovaltine choco malt, banana choco, thai milk green tea + pistachio (70cents for a premium flavour). Earl grey hazelnut choc was cool cos they give you a magnum like choco ice cream bar to stir into the teaaaa 😍🍫 #burpple

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Their pastas were damn legit guys esp the BABY CRAYFISH SPAGHETTI 💯(swipe right) ➡️!! Mine’s the Spicy Seafood Squid Ink Pasta (not as shiok but still rly quite good and spicyyyy) #burpple

With unique items like deep fried century egg w hae bi hiam 😍, chilli crab spring rolls, baked diced abalone & chicken pie. There are still a million and one things I wanna try but my tummy was fullll after the lobster noodles promo set (comes w veggies/not in pic) at $78 (U.P. $90+) for 4 pax. Pretty good deal considering the generous portion of noodles and fresh lobster 🦞😋😋 .
📍Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant
Carlton Hotel Level 2

Made with patties from The Impossible Foods 🇺🇸

This was so fun to eat because the patty looks like meat, tastes like meat BUT IS MADE FROM PLANTS 🌱.

In photo: Omakase X Impossible Truffle Burger Super Set ($24.90) including their Impossible Chilli Cheese Fries ($6.90) 😍 + a premium drink. This burger was no different from an actual beef burger, if not better!! Smoky and juicy patties with fluffy buns and a pillowy soft truffle cheese sauce.

Impossible Truffle Burger: 5⭐️/5
Impossible Chilli Cheese Fries: 3.5⭐️/5

📍Omakase Burger @ Picnic
Wisma Atria #03-15


1️⃣ Mix
2️⃣ Add a tbsp if vinegar (it rly helps to cut through the richness of the sauce)
4️⃣ Add the oimeishi (rice) and mix with remaining sauce 🤤
Tokyo Maze-Soba ($10.80++): 3⭐️/5
Spicy Maze-Soba ($11.80++): 3.5⭐️/5
Gyoza ($4.80++): 2.5⭐️/5
Karaage ($4.80++): 4⭐️/5
Swipe right for some #eggporn and noodle mixin’ #asmr 🤤
📍Menya Kokoro
Suntec City Mall
Eat At Seven #03-313


No matter the differences between HDL and Beauty in The Pot,... I WILL CHOOSE BITP 美滋锅 IN A HEARTBEAT JUST COS OF THE FRIED BEANCURD ROLL 🤣🤣🤣 Dip for 3 seconds and you’re good to go!! It’s an between of soft and crispy when you do a quick dip and the tomato broth clings onto the beancurd in all the right ways 😍😍😍 Free cakee and balloons 🎈on your birthday too :> 📍Beauty in The Pot 美滋锅 at VivoCity #03-08A

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