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Best Dim Sum In Singapore

Best Dim Sum In Singapore

Need a quick and easy guide to the best Dim Sum places in Singapore? Here's the ultimate list, there's something for everyone!
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With pretty reasonable prices of $3 to $6 per basket, east ocean has beautiful ambience, great service and quality of food.

An extremely popular, chilled out dinner and supper spot, swee choon is great for meeting old friends for a noisy, casual meal. The food is good, with a large variety to order from, but this means you have to queue.

At an average of $5 per basket and a bill of about $25 per person, many argue that royal china is one of Singapore's best dimsum restaurants.

So it has been said that taste paradise has the best char siew sou and later egg custard buns in Singapore. The LSB really flow, and the char siew sou light, flaky and buttery.

Small, cramped, long queue, faster order, faster pay, faster eat. That about sums up victor's, an extremely down-to-watch eatery that promises you a real hk vibe

Many might not know, but this imperial treasure branch is both affordable and excellent. Try the salted egg custard buns and the roasted meats.

This 24 hour, always packed hk style eatery has an extensive menu with some really creative items.

The top picks, popular finds and newly opened places in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, curated by Burpple editors!

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