Best Places For Group Gatherings

Best Places For Group Gatherings

Looking for a place to eat with your family? Or perhaps a class reunion or an after church gathering? This is a list of places you should try. Photo by Burppler Yan Tian Tang
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Burpple Guides

This unpretentious hidden gem tucked away at Far East Square has been around for years, serving good, affordable bentos to groups of hungry diners. Their long list of bentos ensures that your group has an ample array to choose from, such as the Negi Toro Don ($17), Chirashi Set ($25), or the Udon & Sushi Set ($22). If you can't decide, the Ladies Set ($28) has a little of everything โ€” sashimi, California roll, soba, and tempura! This space is comfortable to sit at for hours while you catch up with your friends over a bottle of sake. Just beware that the entrance is rather nondescript, making it easy to miss.

Alt. Pizza is perfect for when you and your colleagues are too lazy to think of a place that would please everyone. Who doesn't like a good thin-crust pizza? The fussy eaters in the group can DIY their own 11โ€ pie, while everyone else should just dig into the Signatures. The foolproof Hangover ($17) with pepperoni, fennel sausage and roasted onions is a sure-win for meat lovers, while the Truffle Shuffle ($17) is perfect for you truffle lovers. There's even a fantastic option for the vegetarians in The Lean & Green ($15) โ€” surprisingly moreish with its roasted garlic pesto base topped with feta and roasted squash. Order some lip-smacking Alt. Wings ($13; get the blue cheese sauce!) to share, and a couple of craft beers to kick back. Now that you're in a larger group, you can share those Pizza Doughnuts (YUP!) with Nutella dipping sauce with much less guilt ;) Best part is? This meal will hit the spot without burning pie-sized holes in your pockets.

This hipster outlet beloved for its mookata makes you feel like you're in Thailand with its interior decked out in retro furnishings, Thai pop music blasting, noisy chatter of good friends, and authentic food โ€” quite hip and charming, really. Here, the soup base is light yet uncompromising on flavour, even before all the juicy goodness from the meats gets into the soup. If you order the pricier sets, you get a pack of Mama instant noodles along with vegetables, mushrooms and fried beancurd skin! Don't miss the Deep Fried Kang Kong to snack on, it's really addictive. The atmosphere here is laidback and casual, perfect for catching up with good friends or for a team meal. The space allows for 8 pax to dine comfortably together while sharing two pots.

This is one of those spots you should keep in your back pocket as the go-to place for any team celebrations โ€” for a number of reasons. First, it's conveniently located at MacKenzie road, just a short walk away from Little India MRT station. Second, the food is both good AND affordable, especially their beautifully-cooked Black Pepper Sirloin Steak at just $18.90. Options aside from beef are also available, such as lamb and fish, done equally well. Thirdly, it's Halal-certified, making it a good option for anyone! Fourth, the service is just lovely, and there's no GST. There you go, four good reasons why this place is a crowd pleaser!

Situated at Robertson Quay, Lucha Loco's laidback sister outlet, promises you and your friends great Mexican food, and even better Margaritas. This spot is perpetually packed, so if you're going in a big group, be sure to make reservations. Order a jug of frozen Margarita ($59) to get things going, before going for the Elotes ($8), Mexican grilled corn on the cob slathered with chipotle mayo and dusted with cotija. You won't be able to stop munching on the Totopos with salsa and guacamole ($12). Throw all caution to the wind and order a variety of tacos ($5 - 6 for a single serving), and quesdillas ($14 - 16) to share. Don't miss the Huarache ($12), a grilled masa base that's akin to a thicker corn tortilla, topped with flavourful, juicy grilled chicken, mushrooms and queso fresco. Note that Super Loco requires groups of 12 or more for their set menu that comprises both individual and sharing plates!

KEK is one of those rare zi char places with friendly and prompt service, and it's perfect for big groups of friends or for a family gathering. Expect simple, homely dishes that are big on flavour, such as the Moonlight Hor Fun ($5/8/12/16) โ€” lush wok hei hor fun with Chinese sausage, prawns, beansprouts and lard, finished with a raw egg that completely transforms the dish when you mix it in. The Fried Salted Egg Crab is another crowd favourite, think fresh crab tossed in a "thick, buttery salted egg sauce with a hint of spiciness", as Tastemaker Marc T. describes. The Coffee Ribs ($8) are a hit as well, tender on the inside, and glazed with a sweet, sticky coffee sauce. There are both outdoor and indoor seating, make sure you call ahead for reservations!

Hidden behind a very unsuspecting entrance, 28 Hongkong Street is an award-winning speakeasy that pulls off the "super hipster exclusive bar" image spectacularly. Classic cocktails and spirits are served here, along with some light bites. To get things going, and pretty much ensuring that everyone has a darn good time, order the Plan B ($230, serves 20) โ€” a citrusy-sweet tequila-based punchbowl topped off with Cava sparkling wine โ€” an absolute delight to share amongst friends. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, so go for some Mac โ€˜nโ€™ Cheese Balls ($12), essentially mac and cheese with truffle oil, shaped into balls, coated with Panko, then deep fried. Make sure you give them a call before heading down, as reservations get snapped up very quickly!

Artichoke is where you want to go if the group feels like trying something new. Expect punchy flavours and getting your hands dirty. Start off with a few mezzes like Babaganoush ($8), and Beetroot Tzatziki ($8), and be sure to order warm, fresh-from-the-oven pita bread to go along. Not to be missed is the Feta "Burrata" ($22) โ€” a creamy, irresistable dish perfect for sharing. Must-orders include the Hot Skillet Prawns ($36) โ€” massive prawns bathing in a creamy, piquant green harissa sauce, and finished with fried onions โ€” and the Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder ($36), rich and exceedingly succulent, it's sure to please carnivores. Your meal doesn't have to end here, round it off with their tongue-in-cheek Neh Neh Pop creamsicles ($7-8)! Be sure to make reservations.


It's hard to find a spot perfect for drinking and snacking in a large group. Here at Cook & Brew, a hugeee space at the 33rd floor of The Westin, you can enjoy fantastic snacks at a reasonable price, view of Marina Bay included. Don't be intimidated by the address, the space is welcoming and decked out in colourful vintage sofas and chairs. While there are decent mains served at lunch and dinner, it is the bar snacks that need to be highlighted. First up is the Whipped Buffalo Milk Ricotta ($12) with truffle honey and grilled bread, a seriously luxurious snack with the unmistakable hit of truffle. It's recommended to be paired with the lovely Peroni, but this dish is so good it'll go with just about any drink you order. The Poutine "Eh" ($16), crispy French fries loaded with pulled pork and gravy arrives generous, held together by melted cheese curd perfection. The beverage list is looooong, perhaps share a bottle of something, or try different bottled craft beers!


The snaking queue at this famous dakgalbi restaurant from Korea is testament to its popularity. For the uninitiated, Galbi is basically meat marinated in a ganjang-based sauce that is grilled at the table. The star here is none other than Yoogane's Chicken Galbi ($14.90 per serving) โ€” moreish, spicy marinated chicken cooked with rice cakes and vegetables. Add on some ramen or sweet potato noodles for carbs, if chicken alone doesn't fill you up. For something more extravagant, the Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice ($14.90), loaded with gooey mozzarella cheese fried and bulgogi chicken is sure to satisfy! Come with good friends, you'll be spending some time in that queue ;)

Okay, so this is a place that's not an option if you're with friends who are on a budget. While the price point is definitely not friendly, the uber tasty burgers, sides, killer cocktails, spiked milkshakes, and lovely ambience here will more than make up for it. Do everyone a favour, and order a side (or two) of Naughty Fries ($9), hand-cut chips nestled beneath a spicy bearnaise sauce, beef chilli and parmesan. For burgers, The Baby Huey ($20) is a crowd-pleaser with a 150g beef patty slathered in 'TOM' sauce and miso mayo. Also good is the Honky Tonk ($19), a crisp, juicy buttermilk fried chicken burger with coleslaw, lettuce, pickles and their Big Poppa โ€˜hot sauceโ€™. Special mention goes to their cozy, intimate rooftop bar, THE place you'll want to kick back with friends over cocktails on a Friday evening. Note that they don't take reservations for The Rooftop, so head down early if you're in a big group.

Bet you've had one of those nights where you and a group of friends ended up wandering aimlessly after a late dinner, hoping to find a place to continue your catchup? Thankfully, Nunsongyee at Bugis Junction is not only in a convenient location, but also open 24/7. Unfortunately, this does mean long waiting times. If you're up for waiting, and enjoying the company, go ahead and order the Black Sesame Bingsu ($18.90), a crowd-pleaser that's not too sweet. Alternatively, the unique Snow White ($18.90) boasts shredded cheese, macadamia nuts, and white chocolate! Have one bingsu to every two people, and perhaps a Honey Butter Toast ($12.90) to share between the group.

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