Tarts and Pies In Singapore

Tarts and Pies In Singapore

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Alainlicious Eats
Alainlicious Eats

Mom brought home some savoury pies from Pie Face, since there was 20% off for senior citizens at all outlets. Should have asked her to buy more, anyway thanks mom!


Just before the weekend kicks in, we rejuvenated ourselves with some delectable tarts from my current favorite spot. Featuring the French Cherry Tart, another new and seasonal item from Chef Cheryl's pastry kitchen. Desserts anyone?


Portuguese Egg Tart with a dash of cinnamon powder from Dinata at 313 @ Somerset. Had high expectations of this new Portuguese bakery, but it seems that they didn't meet the mark.

Eggs tarts and other bakes were served at room temperature to certain extent it was cold. Could it be the reason that they were put inside the aluminum foil cup, so it can be reheated in the oven?

Whatever the reasons are, most people would enjoy eggs tarts served warm. Hope to see improvements next time, as I see that they have good potentials.


Having eaten a couple of tarts before, this is the first time that I've actually conquered 8/10 tarts within a week. Was stoked to find out that Cheryl just revealed a tart sweet pineapple in a strawberry form.

Featuring the forefront Pineberry tart, an exotic fruit that’s extremely juicy, sweet and has a highly aromatic flavour more akin to a pineapple, but bears the white strawberry appearance.

Also tried their fresh Lemon Tart, Passion Fruit Meringue, Strassberries, Pistachio, Cacao Barry, Caramel Hazelnut and Indian Alphonso Mango. Last two not-so-exciting flavours yet to try would be the Coffee and Mixed Berries tart.


Back for the delectable desserts at Tarte By Cheryl Koh. I prefer the Caramel Hazelnut tart over the Pistachio tart because of the ultra crunchy texture, but my favorites are still their Dark Chocolate and seasonal Mango fruit.

Just heard that they are planning to open on Sundays from May 10 onwards, that is such a wonderful piece of news. Need to conquer all the rest.


Tarte by Cheryl Koh, a new and highly anticipated takeaway retail pastry concept by award-winning Les Amis Group features limited quantities of artisanal tarts baked from scratch every morning with only the best sourced ingredients.

I'm sinking my teeth into the Cacao Barry tart with Origine Rare Venezula 72% dark chocolate, so dense and perfectly indulging for the chocoholics. Was a little bummed to hear that their Carolines were not ready, but I'll come back for more.


The Big Face cost $4.90 and the Minis start from $3 each. We love the buttery flaky crust of the pies and signature pie flavours such as chicken & mushroom, chicken & peppercorn and chunky steak are our top picks. There is also a range of dessert pies for the sweet tooth.


If you like cheesecake, you probably will like this ricotta cheese tart slice. It is similar in style to an American cheesecake, but is much lighter.

A few bites of cheesecake normally leaves you feeling overstuffed, as it's one of the heaviest desserts out there. But the ricotta cheese tart here is incredibly light and silky, it would be the obvious choice after a rich meal.


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