Appealing Asian

Appealing Asian

I like these culinary creations with origins from different parts of Asia.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

Popped into the newly-open @lemakboys the other night and ordered their “Premium Nasi Lemak” ($18.50) for dinner. I know most people say the Basic version of the former is good enough but I’m not “most people” because clearly, I’m greedier 😂. Anyway, and I shared everything.
The essential components were done really well. While the rice was very fragrant and flavourful without being heavy or oily, the sweetish sambal proved a shiok match. Scoring 10 out of 10 for freshness and crunch were the other essentials of the peanuts and ikan bilis. The fancier items of fried chicken (it was well-marinated and crispy), omelette and otah (both had an appealing thickness), and the prawns with savoury chilli sambal, met our expectations too.

Besides their Lemper, I bought a few of this too. Packed with a quail’s egg, cherry tomato and sliced cucumber, the round mounds of sticky yellow rice were fragrant from turmeric. They were topped with a very mildly spicy rendang that’d been cooked till very soft, almost down to a paste. The sweetish sambal was a tasty complement that introduced more spiciness as well as savoury chewiness from the few dried anchovies in there.

So glad I finally got around to ordering from @ratulemper. This place had been on my wishlist for a while after I saw @kenwashio share about their food on his IG Stories.
They are most famous for their Lemper, a type of traditional Indonesian savoury snack made of glutinous rice filled with a savoury filling and wrapped in banana leaf.
Ratu Lemper sells theirs in boxes of 10 (priced between $17 and $22) and for the filling, they have Chicken (they offer three degrees of spiciness for this), Beef Rendang, Mutton Satay, Spicy Tuna and Spicy Vegetarian.
I bought a box of the Extra Spicy Chicken Lemper and loved it! While the rice was soft, the finely-shredded chicken sandwiched within, really had a good kick of heat.

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The incredible flavours of Chef Damian D’Silva’s food can now be savoured in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to @lobeholdgroup’s @ameliayjt, my family and I had the privilege to try it this afternoon. One of the two available Heritage Meals ($138, serves 2 to 4 pax) was delivered to us and these are what it comprised of:

1. Ayam Lemak Chilli Padi - The wonderfully aromatic, rich dish packed a kick of spiciness. Chef Damian champions traditional cooking methods in his kitchen, so this chicken was most likely simmered for hours on end to achieve that state of tasty tenderness.

2. Ikan Selar with Chilli Garam - A life-long favourite of mine, the fried fish was slit and stuffed with a chilli paste. Simple but divine.

3. Sambal #BuahKeluak - I have always thought the Indonesian black nut’s naturally earthy flesh tastes perfectly fine naked. Trust Chef Damian to elevate it by blending the nut with spices, and by doing so, flung a door open to a different flavour dimension, one that deserves an enormous welcome mat.

4. Okra with Dried Prawn Sambal - I wouldn’t mind multiple helpings of this aromatic, bright and crisp vegetable item.

5. Aberjaw - A traditional Eurasian dish, the soulfully-satisfying stew was the outcome of pork ribs cooked with special spices and fermented bean paste.

6. Sunday’s Fried Chicken - Ignore the name. Those marinated mid-joint wings are worth munching on any day of the week.

7. Kueh Kosui and Kueh Bingka ($12 each) - From the Heritage Picks section of the menu, these are the to-die-for desserts that every KIN meal needs to end with.

The Takeaway Menu also lists Set Meals for the individual priced at $18 or $22 that would make lunch or a weeknight dinner so much more interesting.

To order, WhatsApp or Call:
at least 45 mins in advance.


Having attended a couple of Chef-owner @rishinaleendra’s fundraiser pop-ups in the past where he served his heritage cuisine, I was thrilled when news of him opening a Sri Lankan restaurant broke.
Although now is not the best of times to launch an F&B establishment, Chef Rishi has rolled out with a pick-up and delivery menu from its temporary premises at His Sri Lankan concept is “live”, aided by the support of the team there too (Cloudstreet happens to be closed during this “Circuit Breaker” period). I for one, thank the heavens for this decision because the food is so immensely enjoyable, it needs to get out there ASAP.
At first bite, I was speechless at the audaciousness of the flavours. A few more and I realised the magic lives in the nuances of the unique blend of spices. Each dish, even the hottest of them, was also well modulated so there was no burning tongue to extinguish.
Here’s a rundown of the meal the team prepared for me:

1. Dallo Baduma ($22) - My favourite of the lot, this featured battered and fried calamari tossed in a savoury and spicy chilli butter.
2. Beetroot Curry ($16) - Never have I had beetroot prepared in a spicy way but here was a stellar rendition redolent in toasted cumin and fresh green chilli.
3. Kaju Curry ($16) - Cashew nuts were cooked till rather soft in the sweetish curry. When chewed, they became wonderfully creamy. So good.
4. Chicken Kottu ($20) - A hearty creation I enjoyed, it featured chicken prata chopped up, and mixed with chicken and vegetables.
5. Dhal Curry ($8) - Made with red lentils and black mustard, this dhal stood out for its body and robust flavour. No insipidness here that’s for sure.
6. Black Pork Curry ($22) - Mildly spicy, the boneless pieces of meat were braised in a thick and fragrant gravy of blackened Sri Lankan spices.
7. Pol Sambol ($8) - Sri Lankan food is meant to be enjoyed with assorted sambols and piquant pickles. To me, the dryish, seasoned grated fresh coconut that is the Pol Sambol was all kinds of wonderful. A little went a long way with this dynamite.
8. Seeni Sambol ($8) - A Sri Lankan style of caramelised onion relish, it was perfect for when the urge to sweeten a spoonful of food arose.
9. Wambatu Moji ($8) - Though nowhere as sharp as achar, the pickled eggplant brought on subtle brightness.
10. Beef Rolls ($12 for 2 pcs) - The large bolsters were crumbed pan rolls stuffed with spiced beef so there was a crunch-and-cushion thing going on.
11. Crab Cutlets ($12 for 4 pcs) - A slightly spicy, moist filling of Blue Swimmer crab was the star in the round Sri Lankan-style croquettes.
12. Malu Pan ($12 for 2 pcs) - Loved these soft milk buns stuffed with spiced fish brandade. I could snack on them anytime.
13. Yellow Jasmine Rice - No better carb than this to pair with all the above dishes.
14. Chocolate Biscuit Pudding ($12) - The only dessert in the menu (for now I assume), it has Marie biscuits layered with Valrhona chocolate parfait and topped with candied orange.

If you are keen to try any the above and more, please go to:


@shnjtlng, owner of @thefeatherblade was a busy man today as he rushed around Singapore to make deliveries from their new Takeaway / Delivery menu.
I was one of the blessed recipients and oh my, was that young bossman generous to a fault.
The feast he gave was made up of everything on #thefeatherblade’s concise menu, a few were multiples even. Having tried them all, these would be the items I recommend:

1. The crazy #valueformoney Gyudon ($14) with an add-on of Foie Gras ($11) - I found the 100gms FeatherBlade cut of beef to be tasty from the sukiyaki marinate. It was arranged with an #onsenegg, crispy garlic chips, furikake and pickles on a base of Japanese rice that’d been seasoned with kombu and dashi for extra flavour.

2. The Signature FeatherBlade Steak - Priced at $25 for 200gms, it was a steal. Not sure how the team managed to get this less common cut of beef so tender but I say good on them. A smooth garlic mash and a mild peppercorn sauce were the accompaniments.

3. Sides ($7 each) - All four got my thumbs-up. The Crispy Potatoes, they came smashed, deepfried and squiggled in sriracha mayo, were annoyingly addictive. A little healthier was the sautéed mix of Shimeiji, Shiitake and Button Mushrooms but this was cancelled once I dug into the Creamed Spinach cooked in Parmigiano-Reggiano and cream with a pinch of nutmeg. As for the Caesar Salad, it was the crispy nacho chip egg with its runny yolk that was the clincher.

If you have many people in the same household, do explore the Bundle Meals tailored for 4 to 5, or 6 to 7 pax.

For the menu and more info, visit:

Orders can be placed via Whatsapp:
8921 9097.

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I am not usually a fan of “Kueh Salat” but this beauty has got to be the best I‘ve had.
The most striking thing about it is the kaya. Unlike the bright to deep green shade found in many others, this one by Executive Chef-owner Malcolm Lee of One MICHELIN Starred Candlenut Peranakan restaurant is a pale green, and is ultra silky soft and smooth. As mild as the kaya custard looks, it wields surprisingly enormous fragrance, richness and flavour as it’s made from freshly-squeezed coconut milk and pandan juice. Married perfectly with it is steamed “pulut” or glutinous rice that hits the right notes in ratio, moisture and texture. Together, they are formidable enough to have well-meaning diet plans and iron-clad resolutions melt away like butter on a hot pan. My mum will be the first to vouch for that 😂.

If you are keen to try this Kueh Salat (and I recommend you do), please visit Candlenut‘s website to place your order.


The Blue Ginger on Tanjong Pagar was one of the first Peranakan restaurants my family would frequent for special occasions. So learning that they have opened another outlet after being a solo establishment for more than two decades was a pleasant surprise. The new place which is on the ground level of Great World City, has a more casual vibe. And having taken into account the profile of customers more likely to visit, the menu is tweaked slightly. Thus one-dish meals such as Nonya Mee and Laksa are included. However, it is the dishes to be savoured with plain rice that remain the main draw for me.
From the items we were served at the tasting, my top picks would be these:

1. Kerabu Kachang Botol ($11.50++) - This chilled #Asiansalad of winged beans and prawns tossed in a spicy, tangy dressing with “hae bee hiam”, fried shallots and toasted grated coconut is a shiok way to whet the appetite.

2. Sotong Keluak ($22++) - What a brilliant mash-up of Sotong Hitam and Buah Keluak. The appetising, non-spicy black sauce which the rings of squid were cooked in, was tangy with assam (tamarind) and richly earthy from the Indonesian black nut. Beautiful! Loved this.

3. Terong Goreng Cili ($13++) - Since my earliest visits to the Blue Ginger at Tanjong Pagar, this has been my number one favourite because the chilli paste has a uber tasty burn. That fact remains unchanged.

4. Pork Ribs Assam ($16++) - If you relish meat on the bone as well as the addictive nature of assam sauce, this is not to be missed.

It tastes every bit as good too!
The early birds among our group who were at @theampangkitchen for lunch were fortunate enough to catch Uncle Raymond and one of his helpers in action as they prepared Fried Hokkien Mee for a catering order. Yes, apart offering a private dining experience in the comfort of their spacious home, you can also cater from The Ampang Kitchen. And this dish which costs $60 and can feed about 10 pax, is only one of the many items listed in their extensive menu. Uncle Raymond was kind enough to give us a plate to share and all of us couldn’t stop raving about it. I was especially taken by the gravy which was so silky and decadent from the luxuriously saturated stock and fragrant from the amount of garlic and fried pork lard used.
What I think many of us will appreciate about ordering from David and Uncle Raymond (you can choose to self-collect or have the food delivered for a fee), is that they can prepare only one dish if that’s what you want. The serving size and price of each item is fixed though. However if you are attending a potluck party, or just having people over for a meal, it is the ideal solution as you just select what you like.
They also pay attention to ensuring the dish tastes as good as possible when you serve it. For eg. when it comes to their bestselling Penang Rojak, its various components of housemade sauce, cut vegetables and fruit, century egg, “youtiao” etc. are packed separately. So when you toss them altogether right before serving, that Penang Rojak is going to taste simply divine.

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There are double desserts in the Tasting Menu. One‘s a Durian Chendol, which I am sure will please those who are fans of the “king of fruit”, while the other is warm, freshly made Apom which comes with two kinds of Pengat - a banana and a durian. Soft and cushiony, the butterfly pea flower-tinged Apom has a lovely tang from fermented rice flour. Oddly enough, I enjoyed it most with the durian pengat although I am not fond of durians per se.
Another thing about the Tasting Menu that I appreciate is its inclusion of tea or coffee. Who doesn’t like to end their meal with a cuppa, right? 😄


Intense and sweet from the rich stock made with pork and crustaceans, Indigo Blue Kitchen’s version of the soup here might be the best Bakwan Kepiting I have ever had outside of a home private kitchen. The meatball is excellent. Order the soup a la carte if you want to have more of it.

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The Prawns Chilli Garam is a dish I have not seen in many Peranakan restaurants or private kitchens. So I was wondering how Indigo Blue’s would taste. Wow - I fell hard for it in an instant. What had me besotted wasn’t the prawns although they were fresh and all, but the dryish mix of chilli, salt and shredded lime leaves they were flash-fried in. THAT was the kicker! I was spooning every bit of it to mix with my jasmine rice to enjoy. Shiok!


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