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Rachel Xie
Rachel Xie

My monster of a burger, where a juicy beef patty jostles for space with spam, bacon and a fried egg between grilled brioche buns.


Was kept waiting for my order long after my friends had been served theirs, so anticipation (and impatience) was running high – a near sure road to condemnation. Thankfully, I found the minced beef patty sufficiently juicy, although one of my companions couldn't concur about hers.


Black Friday may be over, but there's still until the end of the month to check out the Black Friday Specials at @paddyhills.sg!

For those of you who love surprises, the unctuous homemade beef patty in this charcoal bun burger sure packs one marvelous treat. Beneath drippings of BBQ sauce, a sunny-side-up and strips of house-cured bacon, the thick hunk of minced beef houses a generous stuffing of gooey chorizo mozzarella which, if you cut into while it's still piping hot, oozes out in a very sexy, appealing way.

And with criss-cut fries on the side, I don't know how anyone can say no to this!


With burgers (AND triple fries) so affordably priced from just $12 to $16 each, this is one burger party that practically anybody can, and should, crash.

Totally something I'd dig for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Or supper. Actually, I'd dig this any time of day. There's a thick slice of spam stacked with a fried egg and smoked bacon between cushiony potato buns, and next to all that – a pile of criss-cut fries, shoestring fries and curly fries fried so golden they practically project their own halo gleaming over themselves.


Nicely sized for a mid-day snack, this set of slider triplets are nearly identical with toothsome shreds of braised pulled pork, lettuce and subtly gingered mayonnaise decked between voluptuous sesame buns – whose stiffness was an unfortunate glitch in the otherwise perfectly assembled burgers.


Tried this awhile ago with the boyfriend and I must say the 100% Angus beef patty took me quite by surprise – in a good way.

It's markedly more expensive than your regular quarter pounder, but the flavour of the beef is much more distinct and robust. I love the customisation choices, which include three types of buns, veggies, four types of cheese, eight sauces, and optional premium toppings like grilled mushrooms and guacamole.

Also, seaweed shakers. Win.


Checking the burgers at the Kerbside Gourmet food truck, which is parked outside Ocean Financial Centre until tomorrow. The beef patties are a special Omakase blend – anything Omakase is likely to be brilliant, and these did just the trick in bringing me to a happy place.

Fries were also highly satisfying – the garlic Parmesan ones came tossed with soft, mushy, deliciously pungent cloves of roast garlic, while the truffle ones were more than sufficiently doused in perfumey truffle oil.

Every purchase comes with a complimentary bottle of San Pellegrino or Acqua Panna water as well. Steal!


Didn't make out much cereal in the breading, but it was perfectly crispy and golden-brown, and complemented the crunch of whole shrimp embedded in the otherwise mushy filling. I loved the shrimp paste sauce, which had a slight kick of heat that made the whole burger very addictive. And those sweet potato fries were unexpectedly good. I'll definitely have this at least one more time before its run is over.


I reckon this is one of the most satisfying dinners you could ever look forward to, because that's one helluva great beef patty sitting right there – it's made up of 80% chuck and 20% brisket; Chef Jachin Tan's golden ratio, and bound purely by the infusion of Parmesan. Toss on some earthy porcini mushrooms, piquant red onion confit, a slab of indulgent foie gras butter, and you have the makings of a jawdropper. But if that's not enough to win you over, how about some homemade bacon jam? Slather that over the top half of the kaiser bioche bun to complete the burger, and enjoy its smoky salty-sweet flavour as you chomp down on this bad boy. Oh, and although Skyve's truffle fries are served in a "garbage can", they really are quite the indispensable sidekick.

And if you're not yet convinced to be lured to Skyve for dinner, how about some live entertainment? On Thursdays, be enthralled by a hired magician who will perform right by your tableside. Watch him verrrrryyyyyy closely – he's a sneaky one!


Handmade beef patty, cheese and bacon, with a side of paprika fries. Hands down my favourite dish here!


Pluck's $13++ lunch sets are so impossibly value-for-money, especially when you have options like this beef burger that's made entirely from scratch, from the brioche buns to the double patties to the barbecue sauce. The only thing they don't make is probably the cheese that's gloriously oozy and gooey and melted all over the juicy minced beef.

Foodie lifestyle writer turned foodie PR girl. Notice the constant. I eat to live to eat.

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