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Hawker Fare

Hawker Fare

Featuring Newton Food Centre, Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice, Curry Times (Velocity), Dunman Food Centre, Syam Corners Muslim Food, Kopitiam (248 Simei), 201 Tampines St 21, Eminent Plaza, National Environment Agency
Jibs Eats
Jibs Eats
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You know your partner has a craving for meat when she orders this much for the both of you. There were fish, prawn, pork and more pork. My favourite is still the one made of pork but this just wasn't the best I've had.

Where in town can you find super delish yong tau foo sold at 7 pieces AND staple of choice (rice/noodle/beehoon) at ONLY 3 bucks?? I've been here for lunch everyday for the past week. Come before the lunch crowd, or come after (sigh, but I'm always here during 😭) Don't say you haven't been warned.

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Eat this to momentarily forget about your sore throat woes and acknowledge that life is indeed good when the likes of crunchy chestnut, crispy beancurd skin and fragrant, spiced meat all come together to make this world a better place. Oh yeah~


Since it was my first visit, I wanted to try it 'cause it sounded different. As it turns out, the otah isn't exactly made of salmon. Right there in the middle - that pale ring of meat - nests the salmon. It was a little disappointing, as I was hoping to taste the salmon in the whole piece. As someone who really likes her otah piping hot and really smokey in flavour, this dish delivered the former but not the latter :(

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One of the most satisfying nasi padang I've had in a looooooooooooooong time!!!

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Seriously I couldn't tell you which stall this 7000000-calorie styrofoam plate of char kueh came from except that it can be found in Newton Circus food centre because my mom ordered this but this plate really impressed me at a place (much hyped about) like this. Cheap and good, keeping it real for food 👍

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This was one pretty darn delicious popiah albeit the loosely-packed appearance of the wrap. We weren't expecting much from the look of this, really, but boy, did it blow our minds off when we ate it. Nomnomnommm

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DID YOU KNOW? Mary's Tau Kwa Pau moved here?? I was super excited to find out about it but was slightly disappointed when I discovered for myself that the tau kwa pau served here is no longer as fragrant and delicious as it used to be! :(

My mom says this one has a skin made out of rice flour and not the usual translucent tapioca flour. She seemed to hint at this being her preferred choice of flour as rice flour is apparently the more expensive of the two... Personally, I prefer skin made out of tapioca flour because of it's springy texture, plus the glassy appearance of the skin somewhat appeals to me. Also, unfortunately for this new-found discovery, the downside to this rice flour soon kueh was the hint of rice flour taste which I couldn't quite get used to!

Sometimes, although swanky new cafes and diners provide the perfect ambience for a cozy meal in a wonderfully air-conditioned environment and emphasises on quality ingredients and produce yadayada.... I'd still eat my take-home dark carrot cake for brunch any Saturday morning, minus the calories...!!!!

Not quite so long ago Kopitiam at Simei Central renovated and in came this stall selling the best yong tau foo I've ever had. But this pic isn't really about the stall, although it is worthy of a mention. It's about me remembering how my dad got my order mixed up one day (as he always does.. And the order was pretty simple: 2 x cai xin, 2 x da bai cai, 2 x dumpling)... He returned with a suspicious-looking ALL-GREEN bowl of "yong tau foo soup". Turns out he picked out the bai cai-s but remembered I liked my green, leafy veggies and so put them back and took whatever he thought I'd like to have instead. I mean all I could do was laugh. And laugh together we did over his candidness and over his own mistakes. I love my dad so much.

I post occasionally; when I feel I have something to say about the food I eat.

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