This was a very good and strong mocha.

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Here’s a recent addition to Atlas’s menu! A generous portion of beef balls and mushrooms is served in a light-tasting cream sauce flavoured with onions and carrots. I expected the dish to taste like Swedish meatballs, but this was lighter and sweeter.

An omelette in a skillet, with blobs of chewy buffalo mozzarella and feta topped with grilled zucchini and kale purée. The red sauce was similar to sriracha. I like the fluffy lightness of the omelette and the salty pungent flavour the cheese added to it. This was really tasty heaped onto the crusty sourdough on the side. The veggies were a nice healthy touch though they didn't add much in terms of flavour.


2 fat crab cakes and a chunk of brioche topped with roasted asparagus and a poached egg drizzled with hollandaise. This dish also came with a side of salad. The crab cakes were fleshy and creamy, which paired well with their crunchy deep fried exterior. I also liked the roasted asparagus, which had developed a nutty flavour from roasting. A hearty, filling brunch.


A hearty platter of flavours that will always work. A generous serving of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and rocket leaves, supported by a chunk of toast slathered with cream cheese. This used to be served with a croissant, but the substitute of toast and tangy cream cheese works fine for me as well. Decent and affordable brunch. :)

I was not impressed with this. The pancakes were pretty dense, while the cream cheese frosting barely had the tanginess of cream cheese. The whole dish could do with a little more sugar as well.


Eggs Benedict - the quintessential brunch dish! What stands out about Pacamara's version is the amazing truffled hollandaise sauce. It is super velvety, and exudes a gentle but potent truffle aroma. No acidic notes either! I also like the addition of wilted spinach, which freshness cut through the richness of the other components. Definitely one of my favourite egg Benedicts!

A generous spread of typical breakfast items at only $15 nett. Scrambled eggs were very creamy and buttery, but a little heavy for me. The sausage was huge and tender. I didn't really like the bacon here cause I like my bacon crisper but this was the chewy sort and was sweet (like a fattier version of bak kwa), so to each his own!


2 eggs, any style, sausages and toast served with butter and jam. I chose the omelette, which isn't the usual "flat round disc of egg". This one was made up of many fluffy layers rolled up together! I have no idea what's different about the butter and jam here, but they are exceptionally yummy too. :)


Ajie from Revolution Coffee gifted us with some granola from Eastern Granola ( I picked a really interesting one - the 5Cs Granola which had coconut, cashews, chocolate, curry powder and chili flakes. Oooh curry and chocolate. Finally had it this morning for breakfast, with unsweetened yoghurt. The granola was crisp and lightly sweetened, pretty much like a regular granola, but the curry and chili gave it a nice subtle kick of spice. The touch of spice was just right - any stronger, it would have been overpowering and weird. And I thought it went really well with the sour yoghurt! A nice change from my usual sweet granola :)


My school's in the area so this is a great place for a simple breakfast. Simply Bread serves a good variety of breads and sandwiches. The Sticky Bun is a popular favourite among my school mates. I prefer something plainer for breakfast so I go for the hearty Brown Bun, which is toasted and served with butter and jam. The breakfast set of ham steaks (very thick slices of ham) did not impress me because the scrambled eggs were a little too watery for my liking, and the honey that coated the ham tasted a bit raw in the sense that it could do with more caramelization. Nonetheless, the portions were generous. Service is friendly and unpretentious. I have to admit that I've had better breakfasts elsewhere but this place captivates me with its old school charm and bustling, homely ambience. I'll be back to try the sandwiches!

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The portions are hearty, and the food tastes satisfactory though it is not the best. The ambience is worth coming here for though, really relaxing and quite cool under all the foliage :)

Insta: @kekicakee for mama chow and my homebaking adventures 🍪

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