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The Better French

The Better French

Perhaps a list of places around our sunny island serving up pretty memorable French cuisine.
Jibs Eats
Jibs Eats
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I've given many cooked salmon mains a try when dining out and as with beef, there just aren't many places that are able to nail it. The chef at db though, he got it all right this day - a moist fillet and crispy, salty salmon skin, fingerling potatoes and warm cherry tomatoes, basil pistou and lemon-chicken jus - thank goodness for online menus - everything. EVERYTHING was done right in this one. Kinda makes me afraid to return for more now I'm worried I won't get to enjoy the same experience as I had hehe!


So much to love about this salad! The thick slice of olive-loaded bread, very fresh greens and a light, creamy dressing all went very well with the tuna (not reeking of brine 👍). The addition of anchovy or herring (honestly couldn't tell) was the best part of the salad for me because its saltiness made everything taste so. much. more.


Not the smoothest panna cotta I've had but what it lacked in texture it made up for in the flavours served in this trio of sorbet, vanilla panna cotta and mixed berries/purée. I'm a sucker for vanilla and berries so I shan't go any further there. The lemon sorbet, however, was so gooood. I don't like lemon flavoured food in particular but this sorbet didn't contain that "Mama Lemon"-synthetic lemon syrup after-taste and was sprightly, to say the least, in its icy-sour mix. The only other time I remember having a similar experience with lemon sorbet was the one served at Taratata Bistro, another French bistro down at Keong Saik St :)

A good red-wine sauce and smokey pork belly saved this dish from becoming almost subpar compared to the rest of the dishes we had. I mean, the chicken wasn't done badly. It was a little too clean in taste for my liking, so the sauce made a good cover up. The sauce was great because it doesn't taste like a sauce where you can't tell there's red wine in it. No I'm not saying it's extremely strong in wine flavour either but the point is, it's not a FLAT sauce. Like the kind you know is pre-made with tons of preservatives and frozen for keeps and as you taste it you only taste one kind of flavour. As I savoured every mouthful, I sensed I was eating more than just a chicken-in-sauce. At least this was what I remember of the dish, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's thinking of giving it a try.


A great medium-rare beef patty in this one. Well-seasoned (yes!!! Finally found THE seasoned burger!!), and yes, although it is always advised to order a patty well done, I guess we'll always love the medium-rare order, bacteria or not :x The patty's stuffed with foie gras which wasn't totally necessary BUT got 'good food won't complain', heheheh...

I enjoyed every part of the set lunch/es we had, including this appetiser of Pork Terrine and pickled greens. This starter came with it's own bread but it was better on its own! (The complimentary bread served before the meal though, was a different story😍😍)

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Loved this steak tartare. Simply because the beef was diced, not minced, to a good size which allowed for small bites while retaining that chunk-of-beef feel in the mouth. The marinade, together with the red onion slices created a great-tasting mix of flavours. A soft-boiled egg was served atop the steak and gave the steak an even goo-ier, slimier texture which oooh~tingled my senses:)


I post occasionally; when I feel I have something to say about the food I eat.

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