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Burgers Worth Burppling

Burgers Worth Burppling

Where the simple formula of a patty between buns takes the form of impressively "nomelicious" things.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua
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Chef-owner Malcolm Lee of One MCHELIN Starred Peranakan restaurant “Candlenut” is the guest chef for the month of July at PBD. And he has given us the fantastic opportunity to sink our teeth into his notoriously exclusive Buah Keluak Cheeseburger (only his team mates at Candlenut have had the privilege so far, is what I heard). $1 of the proceeds from each of the sold (price: $28) will go to Chef Malcolm’s chosen charity: Good News Community Services. Which is a win-win in my humble opinion because this fried egg-topped cheeseburger is a uniquely Singapore creation that is darn delicious!
You must like or at least appreciate buah keluak though because the black nut takes centrestage with its inky flesh mixed into the beef patty and rendered into a sauce to give the meat a lovely glaze on both sides. The addition of spicy sambal ikan bilis and a smear of chicken curry gravy to the ensemble makes the taste profile even more interesting and complex. What I thought was a particularly smart touch was Chef Malcolm’s inclusion of chopped up chicken cartilage in the patty. Its crunch totally broke up what could have easily become a snooze fest of mushiness.


Slap a fried egg on the Basic Burger and it becomes instantly even more irresistible. Not that it needs it but the tender beef patty topped with melted cheese is given a lick of extra lusciousness by the runny yolk. Do be careful when taking that first bite because the first bite of the egg can be a bit unpredictable.


After the #worlds50best awards last Tuesday, I went along with @chefvickycheng, Chef @richie_lin and Chef Jimmy (@jimmy_jlstudio) to @burgerlabo to feast. Was I surprised to see my foodie friend @szeliang888 there when I arrived? Of course not 😂 And neither was I when @jillyeats @bibikgourmand and her hubby, @kyokonakayamatv, @susanjunghkfood, @lennardy, @chanksters, @paul_liew and the other in-the-know hungry folks all walked in a short while later to indulge. Bossman @kenloon knew exactly how to please our by-then growling bellies with his available-for-that-one-night-only creation of the W50 burger and more.
Many cows had died for the majestic double decker you see above. I swear I had to unhinge my jaw as I went in for the kill because it was a mammoth of magnificent meats melded together with melted cheese, grilled onions and the housemade special sauce between soft, warm buttered buns.
You can geek out on the specifics of the beef below, which comes courtesy of Ken Loon himself.
Top patty: 120g pure Toriyama Umami Wagyu A4 chuck roll.
Bottom patty: 170g blend of Toriyama Umami Wagyu A4 tenderloin, Aomori Rice Gyu ribeye (Holstein Friesian), grass-fed Black Angus neck and Sendai Wagyu A5 brisket.

As you can tell, he went all out with this one. I just consider myself massively lucky to have enjoyed it.


This latest creation is definitely more than your basic burger, what with a thick and juicy patty made from the shoulder cut of Australian Wagyu, a heavy-on-the-spices meat sauce that’s based on a traditional Greek recipe, cheddar and Grana Padano cheeses as well as pickled onions somehow packed between housemade, wood-fired sourdough potato flour buns. And if you think that’s a mouthful, wait till you try taking a bite!


“Au Cheval” is a restaurant styled like an upmarket diner that originated in Chicago and reportedly serves one of the best cheeseburgers in America (“Bon Appetit” declared theirs the best in America in 2012). So reading that they were opening in New York a couple of months before I was due to travel there, was music to my ears.
We visited on our third day in New York and were very pleased with our meal there. We ordered their famous Single Cheeseburger (weirdly enough, it has two thin patties despite its name) and topped with a fried egg (total: $19.95), plus a side of fries with garlic aioli ($8.95) with it.
Yes, the burger was really good and I enjoyed every bite of it but the skies didn’t open and the angels didn’t kick in with a hallelujah chorus like I thought it would. The Fried Bologna Sandwich however, is an entirely different story, and I will be sharing about that in a separate post.

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My eyebrows shot up when I bit down - this cheeseburger at @fiveguys was a tremendous surprise in tastiness. However, I think I’m entitled to some credit for that 😁 After all, it’s built on my decision to go with double patties of beef and toppings of cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, fresh jalapeños (this adds a bloom of fragrance and heat) as well as hot sauce (which I’d asked to be served on the side so I could dip my fries in). Oh, by the way, Five Guys’ fries are excellent! Crispy out and a little soft within, the skin is left on them so there is no doubt you’re chomping on an actual potato. And in case you need to know what kind of potato it is or where it came from, they have a sign on the wall with the info handwritten in marker.
I just learned there is a @fiveguyscanada located a few kilometres away from our AirBnB. Guess it’s obvious where I’ll be heading over to very soon.


If you are like me and have been mesmerised by the beef marmalade with pickles on toast at Burnt Ends, you need to get your hands on this NEW cheeseburger at Meatsmith Telok Ayer. Because it is essentially a really, really good burger with the bonus of that exact same beef marmalade gracing it with its majestic hallelujah-worthiness.
Every bite of this beauty delivers an extraordinary mash-up of a deep caramelised sweetness, the savoury velvet of tender minced beef, saltiness from melted American cheddar, creaminess from the sauce and an acidic crunch courtesy of pickles. All of which are anchored by a seductive smokiness and buffered, only slightly, by the super soft housemade buns.
You have only from now till the 17th of April to taste this. So I suggest you don’t wait.

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The evening sun casted a golden glow, warming this exquisitely simple “McEgg” burger the same way the burger does Ken’s (owner-of-BurgerLabo) heart and belly.
According to him, this off-the-menu item is inspired by his past business trips to Kuala Lumpur, and is his “comfort food”. You’ll need to ask him to share the details when you make a trip over there yourself.
Thanks again Ken, for letting me savour half of this eggcellent gem.


It was love at first bite for me.
I was simultaneously smittened and impressed by the precisely balanced flavour profile of @burgerlabo's limited edition creation that boasts a 150gms Wagyu A5 patty made from the meat of a single cow from the Sendai prefecture in Japan. The proportion of beef to the lightly-grilled buttered buns was spot-on. Ditto the double slices of American cheese and the two kind of onions loaded on there. The resulting taste was an astonishingly delicious blend of meltingly-soft Wagyu, salty gooey cheese, sweet caramelised onions, crunchy and tart pickled onions, tangy-with-pickles housemade sauce and fluffy bun.
I washed it down with a Madagascan Vanilla Milkshake ($6++ for a small glass) because in my opinion, a milkshake is the best drink to pair with a cheeseburger.


Having read about @impossible_foods plant-based invention in several online articles, I couldn’t wait to check out for myself how real a deal it is. Last night I had my chance thanks to an invitation to the launch of the #ImpossibleBurger at Three Buns.
In a blind taste test involving two plates of mini naked patties, one of beef, the other of Impossible, I could tell the difference immediately. It’s subtle for sure but because I have gorged on a gazillion beef burgers in my lifetime (ok, I exaggerate), it was a no-brainer. HOWEVER, once those Impossible patties were made into proper burgers, that is, popped between buns with melted cheese and other toppings, it became close to impossible to tell that they didn’t originate from an animal. I mean, just look at the “medium-rare doneness” of the patties in my photo 😳.
Anyway, we all got to try the two creations by Head Chef Adam Peeney and his team - the “Impossible Chedda” ($23++, a classic creation with double ketchup, cheese, onion purée and pickles) and the “Impossible Dream” ($27++, a burger dressed with XO mayo, cheese, heritage tomato, ketchup and plenty of onion marmalade). I would pick the former as my preferred because its savoury taste profile appealed more to me.
Would I order an #ImpossibleBurger if it becomes a ubiquitous item on menus everywhere? Yeah, why not. But it will ultimately come down to how tasty it is as a whole. Otherwise, I’m moooving back to cow.


The name says it all.
You know “Da Cheese Master” means business from the moment you unwrap it because that hot melted double serving of cheese gets stretched out like crazy, clinging onto the grease paper like a lovesick ex who refuses to leave.
On the whole, this is a smooshy sort of burger with the 150gms Angus beef patty ground pretty fine so the meat has a soft and smooth texture. It’s packed between toasted demi brioche buns, and slathered with double ketchup, miso mustard and browned onions. Expect loads of flavour in this one.

Head Chef Faruq showed me what a tall task it is to build this humongous burger. It starts with a bun that rises to life earlier in the day in a wood-fired oven. Halved and toasted, the bottom is slathered in mayo and covered with lettuce and tomatoes. Laid over that is a large piece of chicken breast (free range, no less) which has undergone a few steps of cooking resulting in really tender, moist meat. Then comes three pieces of fried streaky bacon. Fried only upon order just like the chicken, these are arranged neatly on top before being blanketed with slices of cheddar cheese and torched till melting gooeyness. The final step before the other half of the bun caps things off is to pile a truckload of guacamole on.
Huge and loaded, this is a burger bound to satisfy those with big appetites. Be warned though that it can get a little messy when you dig in.


Can't cook to save my life but boy, can I eat! 😄 (I pay for all my meals unless otherwise stated)

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