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Desserts 🍰

Desserts 🍰

Featuring working title - Burger Bar, Dean & DeLuca (Orchard Central), Salted Caramel, Hoshino Coffee (Plaza Singapura), oblong, Pâtisserie Glacé (Icon Village), Bonheur Patisserie (PasarBella @The Grandstand), Eighteen Chefs (The Cathay), Angus Steak House, Ge!ato (Westgate)
Zerlyn Wee
Zerlyn Wee

Both flavors were unique in their own ways, smooth and creamy. Waffles itself does not taste better than average but were passable and the ice creams made up for it. They have quite some unique flavors to look out for.

Over-the-top milkshake which tastes as good as it looks. Sat atop are things like brownie, whipped cream, wafer stick, digestive biscuits and pretzels. Overall it is worth a try however the only waiter present that day was really impatient and rude and it ruined the service experience. Read for full review: http://glassnowflakes.blogspot.sg/2015/10/benjamin-brown-bar-bistro.html?m=1

Caramel cheesecake ( right ) at $8 a slice, portion of the cakes are much larger than other cafes. Somehow the caramel is quite mild and its not as sweet or heavy flavored as what I've expected . The cheese itself is not too overpowering too thus one can finish it easily. Pair it w a cuppa comforting hot chocolate at $6 and your day is made.

Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake ( left ) $9.80 a slice. The combination of both the fruits makes it sweet yet tangy at the same time, which tingles your tastebuds! Pretty interesting and refreshing plus the fact that the fruits topped are fresh.

Critrusy, has enough oomph to it due to the lime, it is very appetizing and fresh. With a sip of earl grey tea after a bite, the fragrance from both fused and engulfed my mouth, making it a pleasant combination and in refreshing my tastebuds.


Rich, creamy and smooth rendition of an earl grey tarte. Crust was thick enough which I like, consumed w the gooey filling just makes it a perfect afternoon. The piece of chocolate atop did not clash w the flavor of the tarte and is a good addition so it wouldn't be plain. Ambience is nice and relaxing, a good place to have high tea there while people watching or w some company.


Refreshing taste for a change especially when you're under the sweltering weather. Bits of lychee are present although because its frm the can, making the overall taste a little artificial. Topped w cereal crunch makes it a good blend of texture and balance in taste.


Serves affordably priced ice cream rolls. Choice of 1 base, 1 or 2 mixers and sauce. Had Vanilla for my base, Kinder Brueno and Nutella for mixers and caramel for the sauce. It was a sweet delight especially when we are always facing such sweltering weather. Well mixed and decent in taste/quality I wouldn't mind going back for more. Vanilla base with banana as mixer is highly recommended!


Always appreciate having a little something in between shopping and one of it are crepes like this, which if chosen the right combination is really delightful. Have it while its still warm to enjoy the soft paper-like texture.


Not too bad tasting for the price. The layer of sponge cake and the cream tasted a little dry, it is not overly sweet or heavy flavored though and the strawberries were huge and fresh.


Gooey Nutella appears in the center of the tart, tart tastes good as a whole and isn't overly salty, don't be intimidated by the sprinkle of salt as seen. Only downside was the crust was a little too thick and dry though. Worth a try but not a must have.


Chanced upon their fresh bakes at a flea, got Victorian sponge cake & Rose cake with raspberry cream cheese. I will say skip the Victorian sponge cake and go for the latter which is flavorful, unique and worth the money. I'm anticipating to try other unique flavors they might offer at such fleas.


An all-time favorite in Miam Miam, beautifully done and really fluffy. The french toast itself has a tad of sweetness, combined with maple syrup and whipped cream completes it. Portion is quite huge, do share if you plan to have it after your meal.


My love for fooddddd 🕊

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