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Jal Meokkesseumnida

Jal Meokkesseumnida

I must have been influenced by Korean dramas and my Korea-loving friends. I am deeply in love with Korean food.
Hungry Ghost
Hungry Ghost

Besides 4 types of corndogs, Gangnam Corndog also has fried chicken and dumplings, twist potato, tteokbokki, candy floss and lightbulb juice.

Hana K Food is a Korean restaurant that I recently discovered in Velocity @ Novena Square. I am absolutely in love with Hana K Food’s Kimchi Soup, Chicken Ginseng Ramyeon and Spicy Octopus Stew.

NY Night Market is a popular Korean fusion restaurant from Seoul that specialises in international street food that you can find in New York city.


To tell the truth, Omoomo’s food is not that fantastic, average at best. But the fact that it is halal-certified means that Muslims finally have a place where they can try some of the Korean foods that they have seen in Korean dramas and variety shows.

Oh My Cafe at the basement of Westgate looks like a fairytale-themed cafe, but it is actually a Korean restaurant! It serves traditional Korean fare such as Korean Temple Food and fusion dishes such as Jamon Parma Ham Salad. It also has a range of Korea Strawberry in Strawberry drinks series made with fresh Korean strawberries that is healthy and offers many health benefits.

Nipong Naepong offer 9 types of Korean fusion ppong and 4 types of fusion pizzas. There is the classic Cha Ppong and the creamy Keu Ppong-Cream, the Coco Pizza-Coconut makes for an excellent dessert pizza with freshly-made whipped cream.


Masizzim is a Korean casual restaurant with two outlets at Westgate and [email protected] that specializes in stews. You can choose to have chicken/beef/pork/seafood stew, soy or spicy, udon or glass noodles and other additional toppings. There are other Korean dishes such as pancakes and Honey Mustard Cheese Egg Roll. Please read my review at

Burger Monster is a new restaurant at level 1 of Jurong East MRT station that serves Korean-style burgers, fried chicken and fried fish. The burgers are much bigger than McDonald and the signature Monster Burger is a 10-inch humongous burger meant to be shared by 2-4 people. The fried chicken are of the drier kind (think 4Fingers) and the fried fish are an interesting addition. Please read my review at

Wonderful Bap Sang is a new Korean restaurant that serves delicious “home-cooked” Korean dishes. Located at the entrance of the restaurant, Lee Mart Kitchen is a Korean mart that stocks Korean foods shipped directly from Korea. Please read my review at

Jinjja Chicken is a Korean fast food chain with 3 outlets in Singapore. Go for Jinjja Wings and Drumsticks and skip the Jjamppong and Jjajang Myeon. Please read my review at

OPPA BBQ is a wallet-friendly Korean barbecue restaurant in JCube. There is a good selection of meats and the cooked foods are delicious. Please read my review at

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Yoogane serves up classic Korean stews such as the Army Stew, with the addition of their chicken galbi which has been marinated in their special spice blend. If you want something a little more premium, go for the Seafood Army Stew where fresh prawns and mussels are added. Please read my review at

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haunting restaurants everywhere ...

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