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Many always seemed to forgo this outlet, because of the "healthy" outlook, the rice always seemed to give. But I personally like it a lot. The red bean glutinous rice is very light, but extremely gorgeous in terms of texture, and flavour. Steamed right through, the wooden crate of goodness still maintain its soft, chewy texture throughout, in each and every grain. The portion is great for one pax, and honestly it's quite filling for a decent meal with a side of pickles and soup. When you are there, try their seasonal rice which is usually heavier flavour (great for anyone who need a bang in taste). And right now on their menu, is their Wagyu steamed rice, which is phenomena. Had to grab a few mouthful of the steamed glutinous rice from my Mother just cause I couldn't resist. And those mere mouthful were gorgeous. Obvious piece of beef in between the grains, savoury with enough salt but yet light and not oily. Wonderful on its own that you wouldn't need any side pairing.

Grilled to perfection, soft-tofu-like flesh that just falls right off the skin. Drizzled in sweet teriyaki, this wonderful side dish compliment any of those yummy savoury meat sticks, in both taste and texture. Best eaten when it's really hot.


Chef Bernard love to please, and he is a great Friend who loves to get to know your preference and life story. Always a joy to be with him, as he is always gamed for a good night of drinks and food. This aburi sushi, is one of his many signatures. Sashimi slices are nicely cut, thick and consistent. With the flamed torch top and the drizzled sauce. Everything goes down in harmony with such flair and grace like watching sleeping beauty and her prince doing their pas de duex.


I cannot get enough of this crackling porkbelly exterior and that insanely yummy minced garlic seasoning/sauce. The end result would probably be this golden baby, flavoured just right with the right fatty layer and meat proportion. The best part, would probably be the great pricing and the fact that Japanese comes to this restaurant for a good dinner.


Valid til 30th June 2016, this GSS set is indeed value for money. With two dipping sauce of niku serio and sesame, and a small side of sushi, you sure know that you are in for a filling night. As you all know, their soba is pretty much top notch, smooth, clean and extremely healthy. Shimbashi is the place to go for a good "cheat" meal.


It's been awhile since I last went over to Sumiya, and boy their menu have went through a major makeover. The menu is so compact, that many items that I loved are gone (such as the Japanese tomatoes). Yakitori was a disappointment, with only a few items to boot (I mean honestly what is a Yakitori place if there is only 10 items on the menu). It seemed like they are only interested in aiming for the lunch crowd, because their lunch deals are very affordable, and value for money. Take this Kaisen Bara Don set, it comes with 2 small sides (pickles and jellyfish), standard chawamushi, miso soup, a small salad, and a dessert on the side (mochi). The sashimi cubes are nice and chunky, fresh enough to be eaten, and certainly value-for-money. I was pleasantly surprised by the mochi dessert, the mochi is thin and soft, with smooth black sesame filling. The natural sweetness of the black sesame was brought forth.


Still my favourite, since the opening of their 1st Itacho. Baked stuff crab, stuffed generously with crabmeat, mushroom and rice, this piping hot plate is a good "mini bowl" that have good savoury Unami taste. Simple but highly underrated, this little crabby plate, still maintain the moist, even though it's is baked.

That wobbly onsen egg.. That perfectly flamed beef.. That insanely well-marinated rice.. That awesomely priced donburi.. Yes, I went back for this, and thankfully the rice was in a better shape, the truffled infused soy sauce, is heavier and in general this bowl was so much better than the previous visit! Seriously, the correct person making your bowl, play a huge part! Debak 😋


Honestly the best dish I had at Koh Grill and Sushi Bar. Cheap, delicious and flavourful. The nice thick century egg sauce goes oh-so-well with the cold tofu. It is topped with the tobiko roe and spring onions, to give that extra crunch to the otherwise soft dish. Pretty much, yes I am sold.


Thick slices on top of a bento of rice, fresh and straight to the point. Portion is huge, that's it is possible to share. Worth every penny, but definitely there are better ones out there.


The shiok have left the building. Honestly, I felt a tad disappointed in this plate of supposedly fantastic maki. Somehow, it felt like it is pre-made , left in the cold waiting for someone to pick it up. In which, sadly it was me. Urgh


Thick and fresh slices on top of small rolled of rice. Each handmade sushi, is a delight to pop everything. You know how some would made the sushi rice thick, this place is extremely generous with their fishes slices.


Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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