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Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Too rich for my palate, missing the smokiness from the grilled aubergines. Expectations were set high with the word burnt

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Redeeming factor was the beautiful avocado purée to save the slightly dry crab cakes.

Dry pork slices. Tough and lack of seasoning and flavor. The wheat berries were dry and did not compliment the pork at all. Not impressed at all.

Pity that the char was nailed to perfection but the cauliflower steak was so steak and lacking a good mash or sauce and some textures like pomegranate or roasted nuts to just bring the whole dish together. Ah Well. Perhaps this place is better for the drinks and the kind of bar food you have no expectations for like fries

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I can think of many places where I can get a cheaper burger for greater satisfaction. Patty was slightly overdone, didn’t help that the sauce was not great. Very ordinary, sadly nothing like the real deal like those from pasar malam

High price point, underwhelming flavors. Octopus sliced so thinly you don’t even get to enjoy its texture. Missing an element of tartness. Looks pretty but really leaves a lot to be desired

It was between this or the pan roasted cauliflower, which definitely has a higher potential. This dish is definitely forgettable. Order only if you really need a vegetable dish.

Again, lacking in flavor for the sauce and overall cohesiveness of the dish. Saving grace is the generous amount of duck and I love pappardelle! Sigh, hate to feel like a pasta snob, but I can hardly find good pastas in non Italian joints. 😓

Not something I’ll recommend for sure. Quite a regular forgettable pasta dish. On a better note, they are generous with the ingredients and the combination of prawn and chorizo definitely works. However, I find the overall dish to be in dire lack of flavor and the sauce keeps “slipping off” like it is a separate element and not melded with the pasta. Order only if you have an intense pasta craving you have to satisfy.

Squid, mackerel, prawns marinated in a rich, aromatic spice mix with coconut milk, wrapped and steamed in banana leaf. Although there are many ingredients in the otah, I find that the consistency is off as it does not hold up well, not to mention lacking in flavor


One of the interesting small plates that caught my eye. It was a great filler for the night, I was craving for okonomiyaki and this was perfect. I must say this dish really pales in comparison to the sashimi Ceviche abt the tofu seafood. It left me disappointed.

The Mung bean taste was rather absent. Granted, I had no benchmark for comparison. The pancake had a soft chewy texture, but it did not come with that nice crisp flavor you’ll expect with your kimchi pancake. And the kimchi taste is very subdued given that it was blended in not the batter.

I do enjoy crab and kimchi, definitely more separately. I find myself grappling to understand and accept this combination

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Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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