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Chinese Feasts

Chinese Feasts

Featuring KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), Peony Jade Restaurant (Keppel Club), Red Star Restaurant, Shang Palace (Shangri-La Hotel Singapore), Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant (Paragon), Lei Garden, Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat (Serangoon), Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House (ION Orchard), East Ocean Teochew Restaurant (Ngee Ann City), Summer Pavilion (The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore)
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

My dad who is Teochew and very particular about his fish, was bowled over by the immaculate execution of this course.
The grouper, steamed with golden mushroom, peppercorns and Thai chilli, had the most ideal texture and softness. Love the spike of heat that I didn’t see coming too.


If there is one dish you need to order at the Summer Pavilion Chinese Restaurant, it’s this.
The “Marinated Smoked London Duck” by Executive Chef Cheung is literally cloaked in the whirly wispiness of smoke from torched jasmine tea leaves when it arrives. Make sure you standby your nose before your server lifts the lid to treat yourself to the most intoxicating aroma.
The ridiculously crispy skin is supposedly the best thing about the duck but I am more drawn to its deeply fragrant and moist meat. Even my mum who proclaims not to be a fan of duck, was full of praises as she tucked into it.


When my foodie friends Angeline and Milly asked me where I would like to have my birthday dinner this year, “Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine” was the first place that popped into my head. I figured it would be nice for us to have a Chinese meal together for a change.
The food at this 1-MICHELIN Star restaurant was as expected, very good. We started with the pig’s trotter jelly, a classic Teochew delicacy which is done superbly here, followed by can’t-go-wrong roasted pork belly. Individual servings of a thick, silky collagen-rich soup arrived next, followed by these dishes to share: deepfried whitebait, sautéed beef cubes with garlic chips and a very tasty oyster pancake. We then slurped on a serving each of braised vegetable and mushroom in superior broth. To round off, Milly ordered two kinds of carbs. One was a long-time favourite of mine - the “wok hei-full” hor fun with diced kailan and preserved radish, while the other was a lusciously decadent “mee pok” with fresh lobster.
I chose warm almond cream for my dessert and it was pleasing for sure, but on my next visit, I’m going to get the orh nee (yam) with almond cream because they form a really well-balanced combo.
It has to be said though that the best thing about the evening was the company.

After seeing @kengengkee post about their Steamed Crab on Instagram, my parents and I decided to give it a try when we were there for dinner last Sunday. Well, we loved how its natural sweetness shone through in this style of cooking. There was nothing too rich or overpowering because the crustacean was topped simply with egg white and finished with a splash of Chinese wine. For freshness of crab, there is hardly a better litmus test either, and KEK Seafood Alexandra passed with flying colours.

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In this “dim sum” restaurant that time forgot, the Paper Wrapped Chicken is the one item I highly recommend ordering. It is very well marinated and has a juicy, tender bite. Bonus: they unwrap the chicken for you so it spares your fingers getting greasy.
Most of the food here gets to customers via trolleys pushed by a team of amazing aunty-waitresses. If the one in charge of this particular trolley is too far away, you can either walk over to order from her or inform any of the other aunty-waitresses and the message will be passed on and sooner or later, she will roll her trolley of goodies over.


We celebrated my dad’s birthday at “Jade At The Fullerton“ recently and as it was on a Saturday afternoon, we chose the “Jade’s Dim Sum Treasures” menu which certainly merits great praise.
At $48++ per person, I think it is very good value as you get to select a total of 15 items from their extensive list of 52 items, which is divided into: “Steamed Dumpling”, “Golden Dim Sum”, “Appetiser”, “Soup”, “Main Course”, “Rice, Noodles, Porridge” and “Dessert”.
All of us enjoyed everything that we picked but if I was pressed to narrow it down to my top 5 must-haves, these would be them:

1. Wagyu Beef Puffs - Probably the most praised of all the food that day, it has a fantastically light pastry with a generous filling of tender braised beef.

2. Taro with Truffles - Who knew wispy-crispy yam and truffle would make such tasty bedfellows?!

3. Seafood Rolls - Big, shatteringly crispy, the beancurd skin held fresh, sweet seafood within.

4. Braised Bird’s Nest - This delicious thick soup came in large individual portions.

5. Wasabi Prawns - The spicy mayo and piping hot crunchy-fried prawn was very fresh tasting.

On top of the 15 items, we also rather greedily ordered two extra dishes from the main a la carte menu too: the Simmered Egg Noodles with Lobster in X.O. Chilli Sauce and the Deepfried Stuffed Crab Shell. They were our hands-down favourites from our previous meal at Jade so we couldn’t resist having them again.


Back in the day, the Coffee Lounge at the Goodwood Park Hotel was one of the most popular post-clubbing supper spots. Crowds would flock there from whichever party venue they were at because there was nothing like comforting a belly sloshing in alcohol with some steaming hot porridge and a spread of dishes.
I am very happy to announce that even after all this time, the quality of said porridge, which is actually known as the “Taiwan Porridge A La Carte Buffet”, is as superb as ever.
Once seated, you will be given a menu with over 30 dishes to pick from. All but three of them (they are the pricier seafood of pomfret and prawns) are unlimited in servings, so you have the freedom to repeat those you love.
The dishes I enjoyed a lot would be the fried pomfret (every part including fins and tail are edible as it’s fried till extremely crispness), “chye por” omelette (a little oily but who cares), crunchy baby squid coated in sweet oyster sauce, sambal kangkong, beansprouts with salted fish, “mui choy” with pork, chilled beancurd with Japanese soya sauce and pork floss, and the pork belly braised in dark soya sauce.
Honestly, there were many more dishes I was dying to try but since there were only two of us (I went with a foodie friend), and we didn’t want to waste food, we did our best to not let our eyes-bigger-than-stomach tendencies get the better.
What we both agreed was the unassuming porridge was the vital component in this meal. Without its perfectly cooked consistency anchoring the flavour assortment before us, I think the two of us wouldn’t have been sighing so blissfully as we tucked in.
Not that either of us had belly space left to do it justice but there‘s a dessert spread included too. Comprising of local and Western styles that range from peranakan “kueh kueh” to Cantonese “tong shui”, from warm bread and butter pudding to ice-cream, there is plenty of options for a sweet ending.


From Monday to Thursday: $39++ per adult, $19.50++ per child.

From Friday to Sunday, and on the eve of and on Public Holidays: $42++ per adult, $21++ per child‪.‬


I wouldn’t mind returning for more of this.
The “mee po” is gently springy and delectably fragrant from pork lard oil. It tastes so good with the shredded pieces of sweet crab meat too.
If you are like me and relish spicy food, request for some sliced chilli padi to give it a bit of heat.


The magic of “Ah Sam Abalone Mee Sua Braised With Sri Lankan Crab Meat In Superior Chicken Stock” lies in the stock - a concentrated concoction of chicken, chicken feet, pork ribs and duck that’s been boiled in a huge pot for 6 hours till everything breaks down. However, it is the last 30 minutes which is most crucial to getting it to ooh-some silky creaminess. To achieve that, the heat is turned all the way up. Served with a whole abalone and very soft strands of “mee sua” in a fresh young coconut that’s been steamed for a few minutes, this is the sort of sublime dish that will automatically have conversations hitting the pause button.
You can find this, along with seven other significant dishes, in the “I Am Sam” menu put together by Celebrity Chef Sam Leong for Forest森. This move is in conjunction with him receiving the 2019 World Gourmet Summit’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

For reservations, do call 6577 7788/ 6688, or email [email protected]

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Sautéed in fragrant Kampot pepper sauce, the large, juicy cubes of Kagoshima Wagyu beef proved more buttery soft than any of us expected. Providing a pleasant contrast were pieces of crispy garlic chips. My dad who is very critical of the tenderness in his beef, gave this top marks.
This dish is available in two sizes: $36++ per person or $88++ for the sharing plate as seen above. We opted for the latter as there were four of us and it proved ample.
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I would return for many dishes at the beautiful “Jade at The Fullerton Hotel” Chinese restaurant but this tops the list.
The “Live” Boston Lobster is large and very fresh and is comes with exceedingly fine, springy egg noodles from Hong Kong. Having been simmered in an umami sauce made from the stock of fried lobster shells and pork lard oil, the strands are deeply flavourful. Those two components on the plate would have been enough pleasure but taking things up to another level is the inclusion of a housemade X.O. chilli sauce that lets you introduce more of the savoury and the spicy to the mix.
A fantastically delicious dish and at $39++, totally worth it.


On my third visit here with my parents and TH, we discovered a dish that we unanimously thought very good.
Light and tasty in a delicate way, the slippery-smooth egg white with scallop and crabmeat on blanched broccoli was really a pleasure to eat. Even though we got the small portion, there was more than enough for the four of us.
Do consider giving this healthier item a try if you are dining there and prefer to avoid deep-fried food.


Can't cook to save my life but boy, can I eat! 😄 (I pay for all my meals unless otherwise stated)

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