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Rae Ng
Rae Ng

No wonder it made it to the top five best waffles list in sg. The texture of the waffles was crispy on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside. The buttermilk was heavily infused with cinnamon which goes hand in hand with the rum bananas. Good for those with sweet tooth, go easy on the syrup as it can get really sweet. Will revisit! No GST and service charge for this cafe.

Sinfully chocolate waffles with cookies and cream ice cream (flavors are optional) $9.90 ala carte, $12.50 combo with any drinks priced at $4.90. We ordered the combo as it was really worth it! The lavender tea latte was milky and the lavender scent was a little overwhelming but soon after it diluted a little it was quite refreshing. Waffles came with chocolate crunch and drizzled with chocolate sauce, it was crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside. While the texture is good, the taste was mediocre(not buttery at all) it's a great place to fix your waffles craving without burning a hole in your pocket. Overall affordable and decent. Will revisit if I'm around the vicinity. On a side note it's a really small cafe so seats are limited.

Red Velvet waffles/ ice-cream drizzled with cream cheese and berries, a tad disappointed because it was overcooked. There's a tinge of charred smell to it. I was there on a PH and it was really crowded. Sorry but don't think I'll be back again.

$12 waffle that came with a huge serving of toppings! The waffles was fluffy and soft with a faint buttery smell. Definitely one of the best in Singapore! Service was sweet too.

I fell in love with their waffles the first time I visited them. Decided to go a little more adventurous and ordered the waffles with gula Melaka sauce and kaya ice cream. Didn't quite like it as it gets a little "gelat" over time. The salted caramel still win hands down. Waffle is however crispy and fluffy. Priced at $8.90 the portion was a little small. Paired with iced latte and vanilla caramel tea. Nothing special on the drinks.

Look at the title (I'm a super fussy eater so I don't usually rave about anything), I personally think this rendition is even better than stranger's reunion waffles. Banana, strawberry, peanut butter, hazelnut choclate, maple syrup, Chantilly cream and blueberry ice cream with thick slices of Belgian waffles ($14). I can't really describe this and you have to try it yourself! Yummy~

Waffles with salted caramel, strawberry and a scoop of vanilla ice cream ($8.90) I think this taste the best out of all the other flavors they have. Slightly overpriced and cafe is really small. Nevertheless I love the texture of the waffles, it is slightly on the crispier side.

With strangers reunion, waffle slayer, symmetry topping the list of best waffles in Singapore, I believe this is one perfect place to have your ice cream and waffles fix without burning a hole in your pocket and no need to travel all the way down town. Love their ice cream especially. Ordered the earl grey lavender flavor and it was rich without being overly sweet. The texture of the ice cream is on the creamy (as what its name suggested) and thick side so some may find it too gelat. Not in my case though! I had this long ago so couldn't remember the exact pricing. The waffles are thick and buttery. Yummy.

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I think this place is overly hyped up. Food is expensive, always crowded and crammed. Noisy place to chill at not to mention the mediocre service they provide. I'm only there to try their waffles, not bad but I prefer the original ones and I don't think it's worth the price. Due to the competitiveness of so many new cafés popping up everywhere, I personally don't think I'll visit strangers reunion again. (They are good for their coffee though, magic coffee is one of the best but unfortunately I'm not a fan of coffee)

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