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Wafflin' Waffles

Wafflin' Waffles

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Geraldine Tay
Geraldine Tay


Tried both the original & charcoal waffle. Prefer the original as it's slightly more crispy & fluffier whereas the charcoal waffle had a spongy cake-like texture. The ice cream was smooth & creamy but a lil' too sweet for my liking. The salted egg yolk sauce could be richer & thicker thou'. However, the addition of salted caramel sauce & dried lavender was a nice touch to the carbon-rich waffle.

Am a sucker for anything Ispahan. Read some not so good reviews about the Ispahan Waffle but that doesn't stop me ordering & try it myself.

Rose flavored waffle with two scoops of tangy raspberry sorbet & pieces of lychee. The waffle was crispy on the outside, dense inside with subtle floral notes. While I like the taste, it would be better if the waffle is lighter.


2 of my greatest love - Coffee & Waffles.

Light & crispy waffle with subtle buttery taste which I adore and keep going back for. While I like the salted caramel sauce (one of the best I've tried), the vanilla ice cream was decent and nothing to shout about. Gimme the pandan ice cream anytime! I wish they have a "mix-and-match" option where I can choose the ice cream flavour and sauce. Fussy Customer. hahaha. **UPDATE: Hatter Street replied that mix & match is actually possible! Just request when ordering! Wheeeeee! Shall do that the next time round! 😊


Crispy waffles with earl grey lavender soft serve ice-cream that melts way too fast. So, a very creative friend decided that we should deconstruct it & turn it into soft serve wafflewich. This makes it easier to eat!


Snowflake waffles with Strawberry Cheesecake & Hazelnut Roche ice cream the other day. Waffle is fluffy & slightly crispy at the edges. Could be crispier imo! Ice cream's smooth, creamy & not overly sweet. The slightly tangy strawberry cheesecake ice cream complements the nutty hazelnut roche ice cream well. Heard they have some other nice flavors too! Warrants a revisit sometime soon, eh?

Smooth, creamy ice-cream with subtle hints of pandan & lemongrass flavour complemented the crispy & dense waffle drizzled with gula melaka sauce. Note: In my opinion, the waffle is not the best cos I prefer crispy & light waffle but my friend (who likes denser waffles) likes this.

Light & crispy waffle with creamy pandan ice cream & gula melaka sauce. Easily one of the better waffles around. Whoaffles, indeed.

Waffle drizzled with thick, luscious, velvety salted caramel sauce, topped with candied crushed cashew nuts and vanilla ice cream.Personally, I like the salted caramel sauce as it has a balance of sweet-salty flavor. Waffle is crispy on the outside, fluffy inside. The candied cashew nuts give the waffle a boost of nutty flavor and crunch.

*Update* Roosevelt's holding a waffles challenge till 31st July! Finish a triple stacked waffles with whipped cream, topped with caramelized bananas, vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce within 5 minutes & the waffles will be on the house!

Valrhona Chocolate Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream & Strawberries. Waffle is fluffy but not crispy enough. Would be better if the chocolate taste is stronger. Ice cream's smooth thou'.

Lust for food. Greedy. Glutton. Culinary dilettante. Catch me on Instagram: @thatgreedypig

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