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Standout Sandwiches

Standout Sandwiches

Here are the ones that have left an impression on me, and for which I will return.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua
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Happiness is stumbling upon this gem while walking with my sis-in-law to pick my youngest nephew from school.
When we first entered the “Cheese Emporium”, a specialty grocery store on Mount Pleasant Village, I was under the impression that it was a treasure trove of cheese (which it is) but didn’t expect to find it a purveyor of the simple yet amazingly delicious classic panini as well.
Filled with salami, mozzarella, hot peppers, pickles and mustard (I chose to leave the mayo out), the ciabatta bread was slathered with butter on the outside and grilled in a panini press. It came out as a piping hot, flattened sandwich that smelled distractingly good and tasted even better. This packed an intense hit of salty and spicy that is truly mouthwateringly.


Rather than me in a bikini, I would have this “Bikini” in me anyday 😂
But seriously, when so slender a sandwich proves to be a sheer force of flavour, how can you not be awestruck? It’s not math but madness that the three ingredients of Iberico ham, cheese and truffle can amalgamate into something of this magnificence.
Having just one piece can be considered masochistic because it whets the appetite for more but yet common sense commands you not fill your belly with more, lest the other temptations on the menu are missed.
Sigh... such a dilemma.


Intense flavours reigned on this Crostini thanks to the spicy Nduja in all its porky power. Its fierce heat was tamed a little by the burrata’s cool creaminess while the confetti of fresh basil threw on a bright herbaceousness. All this action took place on a lightly-grilled piece of sourdough. Made in house, no less.


Sandwiches don’t get more ridiculously indulgent than this. Limited to only 3 of 4 portions per day, the Fat Cow Wagyu Sandwich features a no-holds-barred gigantic slab of Miyazaki Wagyu that’s been coated in a thin layer of breading and fried, between thin slices of toasted and buttered bread. I almost had to unhinge my jaw to take a bite (yes, it was THAT THICK) but I was handsomely rewarded by the fantastic combo of ultra-smooth, buttery soft, fat-laced beef dressed with a hint of a tangy-sweet sauce and the light crunchiness of the toast.
Here’s a tip: Go during lunch and you can enjoy this massive sandwich for $88++. That’s $20 less than the stated price of $108++ in the a la carte menu.


The “Legendary Rendang Grilled Cheese” is my hands-down favourite amongst the new items on the menu.
There‘s no dumbing down of spiciness in the beef rendang that’s cooked with a rempah based on the Head Chef’s nenek’s (grandmother) recipe. So what you get is a grilled sandwich stuffed with aromatic, rich-tasting, chilli-hot shredded meat melded with loads of ooey-gooey melted cheese.
I’d suggest sharing it as it can be very filling.


Head Chef Jason assembled the delectable open-faced sandwich in front of us. On the ox tongue which is cooked using a two-step method, he spread caramelised onions and piped on a luscious load of Tonnato aioli - the classic concoction of mayo, extra virgin olive oil, tuna in olive oil and anchovies.
If you are like me and enjoy the taste of tongue, this is worth ordering.


It’s been a while since I last dined here so when it came to deciding where our group should go for brunch today, the answer was obvious.
Without hesitation, I tend to gravitate towards the “Pimp Your Breakfast” section of the menu but the “Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich” caught my eye and that was it - I knew instantly what was destined for my belly.
Between the soft hot dog buns was a very large and very juicy piece of thigh meat. It wore a thin layer of crunchy crumbed coating that made the sandwich more fun texturally. Rounding things out with a bit of creaminess was a dollop of coriander mayo and a generous layer of smashed avocado. The rush of spicy heat that I particularly loved, came courtesy of Chef-owner Darren Farr’s housemade sriracha. Last but not least, fresh lettuce and sliced tomatoes were layered in between.
Verdict: A really solid chicken sandwich that I wouldn’t hesitate to order again.


Along with the “A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Claypot Rice”, it’s this “Hiryu Wagyu Uni Sando” that stole the biggest piece of my heart.
Sandwiched between the thin slices of buttered toast were the smeared creaminess of Bafun Uni (sea urchin) and a thick, perfectly-done-to-medium-rare slab of, you guessed it, A5 Miyazaki Wagyu.
What I felt made this truly outstanding was the hits-you-in-the-face charcoal-grilled smokiness. I would say it is pretty much an ingredient unto itself.


On Spago’s a la carte lunch menu is this flavourbomb of a Korean-inspired BLT.
Like a super coordinated K-pop band, the “K.B.L.T.” is a slick package of style and substance. First to grab your attention are the vibrant colours and graphic form. Then it’s the bold combo of housemade bread, Korean-style braised pork belly, gochujang aioli, vine-ripe tomatoes and wild rocket that storms in to rock your world.
Even the house-made Brussels sprouts kimchi served on the side is such a ferociously spicy thing it demands a share of the spotlight.


I would order this again in a heartbeat.
The signature Tamago Sando is a sublime sandwich comprising of a very thick and very creamy Japanese style tamago eggs with pear sauce and konbu mayo.
What I find most captivating is the way the light sweetness of the pear and the umaminess from the mayo, both made in-house, plumps up the the beautifully fluffy cushion of egg with so much deliciousness.
Served with a small side of greens, this sandwich features thin slices of nicely-buttered toast as well, which to me, is a small but vital detail.


Unless guilt sets in and that’s when I choose lighter dishes like sliced fish soup, my default setting is big, strong flavours. So an item like the Nduja and Burrata Toast, resonates strongly with me.
Spread over made-from-scratch sourdough that’s baked fresh daily is a spicy sausage paste from Italy. It packs a strong punch but is balanced wonderfully by the poached eggs and mashed up Burrata cheese. A refreshing, aromatic lift is contributed by the fresh mint and basil.
I would say this is one of the best brunch items I’ve had in a long while.


Obviously I had to make up for lost time on my first ever visit to their Novena outlet. So instead of one, I tried two of their bagelwiches today, including “The Ribs” shown above,
Mega flavours detonated with my first bite of it. Smoked in-house by @asian.jon, the pork rib itself was hardcore with a deep-like-Barry-White smokiness and intense flavour from a peppery spice rub. As with this kind of preparation method, the meat can be a touch on the dryish side. Fortunately, it was well-lubed with a generous amount of “Rib BBQ sauce” (a complex little number with bacon, brown butter, honey, dark brown sugar, dijon mustard, coffee and the rib spice), jalapeño and “hobo greens” (a mash-up of lettuce and rocket).
I also learned that “Two Men Bagel House” just rolled out their new menu a week ago - talk about coincidence. So the bagelwich I had today is its latest iteration, having been tweaked by the team to taste even better. I‘ve not had “The Ribs” in its previous incarnation so there’s no point of comparison for me but what I can say is I liked this a whole lot.


Can't cook to save my life but boy, can I eat! 😄 (I pay for all my meals unless otherwise stated)

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