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Standout Sandwiches

Standout Sandwiches

Here are the ones that have left an impression on me, and for which I will return.
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

Did you know that all of the seafood supplied to @lukeslobstersg in Singapore is exactly the same as those for @lukeslobster’s 22 full service restaurants across America and their 10 locations in Japan? Traceable every step of the way right to the source, these suppliers were selected for their practice of sustainable production.

The best way to enjoy the different seafood is to order the “Luke’s Trio”. So it’s especially perfect when you’re visiting for the first time, or if you want to have the best of three worlds. Priced at $33.50, it comes with a half serving each of the Shrimp, Crab and Lobster Rolls.

Their signature Maine-style Lobster Roll is every bit as good as it’s reputed to be. From between the super light and fluffy buttered split-top bun (a thing of beauty in itself, squiggled with just the right amount of mayo at its base), sweet and juicy chunks of lobster meat spill forth. It is so sublime every bite has a tendency to trigger X-rated sounds.

We might be use to seeing more vivid coloured prawns in Singapore and hence, may mistake the paler specimen used in the Shrimp Roll as lacking in flavour but that is not true. Those bouncy babies are really sweet and with Luke’s Lobster’s secret recipe seasoning and buttered buns, taste delicious as well.

If you adore crab, you’ll find their Crab Roll very satisfying because the split buttered bun is abundantly packed with the sweet, juicy delicate thready flesh of crabs from Maine, U.S.A.

Since @lukeslobstersg offers Pre-order online right now, you can actually tap on their link-in-bio on Instagram to do that too.


The famous @lukeslobster that originated in New York and is known for attracting long queues at all its outlets including those in Japan, is officially opening in Singapore this Wednesday, 23rd September at 1pm.
Located on the street level of Isetan Scotts, @lukeslobstersg can be easily found as it’s right by the entrance of the department store.
I had the opportunity to visit today for a preview. Besides catching the making-of action of the brand’s iconic Maine-style #lobsterroll, I got to try most of the items on their menu too. As sweet and juicy as those generous chunks of lobster meat are, the buttered split-top bun deserves equal credit for the overall magnificence. It is ridiculously light and fluffy, and oh-so-fragrant with butter, youll be tempted to bury your nose in there. Worth every cent of the $25.50 price tag if you ask me.


Popeye’s NEW Chicken Sandwich has a piece of chicken thigh marinated for no less than 12 hours, and coated in a secret recipe batter. It is fried till really crunchy and placed between soft, light yellow, slightly sweetish buns.
On the whole, I found the flavours really appetising (love the pickles!) but I do wish the ratio of chicken meat to battered coating was more favourable. Not sure if it was only for the one I got but it felt like there was more crunch than meat.

If you have been following me on Instagram since earlier last year, you should know how much I enjoy dining at Esora restaurant. So when I learned Chef Shigeru Koizumi was back with a special takeaway menu of assorted Sando (Japanese-style sandwiches), I was overjoyed! Of course, you can trust Chef Shigeru to elevate his childhood favourite food to sophisticated heights with his “one degree cooking” philosophy.
Exquisite in appearance, his is an “adult” version of the popular Sando that stays true to the understated elegance of the Esora brand. So don’t expect an in-your-face machismo popularised by a certain famous Wagyu specialist restaurant. Instead, it’s a nuanced thing, flawlessly balanced in complexity, that sets his collection of pristine looking Sandos apart.
For example, the Black Angus Sando ($38) has the thick piece of buttery-soft beef encrusted in thin batter and layered with coriander, an egg mayo concocted with Japanese horseradish and oba (also known as shiso) leaf between thin slices of bread.
In the equally marvelous Japanese Pork Sando ($28) with its slightly sweeter taste profile, it’s celery and a hint of lemon that are the elements joining the juicy, fat-laced breaded and fried pork, as well as the aforementioned Japanese horseradish egg mayo and oba leaf.
Although the temptation is to wolf everything down, I implore you, if you manage to get your hands on these Sandos, please take your time to relish every bite, and appreciate the luscious creaminess and bright herbaceous notes that have been thoughtfully woven into them.


Aside from the slight mishap of undercooking my beef patty (blame it on my fear of overcooking it), everything else about assembling my delivered dinner from @winervlt was a breeze. Yup, after being closed for two months, Ian and his team are back with a vengeance and off to a running start with a tight little menu of their most popular noshes and naturally, to be paired with bottles of the natural wines they famously stock.
My white cheddar-topped “Patty Melt” tasted divine despite turning out slightly beef tartare-ish. Love how light and soft the buttered Japanese milk bread was. Plus for the first time ever, I could dictate exactly how much of the gribiche sauce and ketchup I wanted in my #sandwich. Now that’s very cool.

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This new bar speaks in a quieter, more modulated tone than its sister bar - Jigger & Pony. She exudes a low-key yet unmissable worldly confidence. In terms of aesthetics, she oozes eyeball-grabbing mid-century Western-meets-Japanese style, mixing handpicked vintage pieces with admirable nonchalance.
Knowing our moods, Live Twice is versatile, offering different seating arrangements to suit. Her cocktails, crafted in the Japanese spirit of shokunin by Group Beverage Director @bartenderaki and female Head Bartender @woofyinying are meant to satisfy the two sides we are known to have: the life we live for ourselves, and the one for our dreams. So there’s a list of the classics (but done with a twist) and another featuring concoctions inspired by fantasy and here’s a fascinating fact, named after geishas.
Although the cocktails are the stars at Live Twice, the compact food menu boasts gems like Wasabi Cheese Terrine (this is fantastic with the “Vesper” cocktail it seems) and Tuna Katsu ($22++). My number one pick though has to be the extremely tasty Ebi & Corn Sando ($22++) shown above. The thick prawn and corn cutlet was outrageously sweet, juicy and crunchy. Definitely the munchie to get when you’re feeling peckish.


Although they are called “pies”, these Melbourne-inspired pitas are made with sourdough flour, and come stuffed with three kinds of cheese, spinach plus my chosen add-on of beef brisket.
The dough of the pita has a slightly coarse texture and satisfying chewiness which I found to work well with the flavourful fillings.
To my surprise, the beef brisket was subtly sweet but it was very tasty. If you prefer other meats, they do offer a savoury pulled pork and lamb as well.

Price: $12 for 4 pieces of the Triple Cheese and Spinach Pie.
Add-ons available at $6 for pulled pork and $8 for beef brisket or lamb.


Being a sucker for pork, I was immensely curious about the taste of Budou-buta, the “Grape Pork” from Japan that Bedrock has brought in for this festive season. So I said yes at once when I received the dinner invitation.
Of the three dishes featuring the premium pork created by Executive Isaac Tan and his team, the Pulled Pork and Shrimp Sandwich ($48++) was the one that swept both my dining partner and I off our feet.
It’s an extraordinarily tasty combination of the very tender Japanese pork with just the right amount of truffle mayo between slices of brioche. Now, the brioche itself deserves special mention because it‘s crazy buttery in fragrance and possessed an otherworldly airy-lightness.
Honestly, I found the sandwich impressive enough to warrant a return visit but its accompaniments sealed the deal. The in-house pickled cucumber and chillies provided the perfect counterpoint to the rich sandwich while the highly-addictive crispy-fried potato straws contributed extra texture to the overall. I am glad @momofuku doesn’t do potatoes because it meant I could inhale the entire heap freely.
It may not be obvious in my video but the portion is huge. If you have a smallish appetite, sharing might be a good idea. But make sure you don’t miss out on trying other items when you’re at Bedrock, like the deliciously complex Smoked Tomato Soup, the ever-popular and decadent signature Mac ‘n’ Cheese or the well-seasoned Roasted Bone Marrow.



When regular lobster rolls are too #Basic, there is always this pimped out baby waiting for you at the Burger & Lobster in Raffles Hotel.
Because not only is it topped with uni and caviar, but the chunks of lobster meat are also tossed in an uni emulsion before being stuffed into the toasted brioche roll.
Naturally, being #Extra comes with a bigger price tag of $50++. But do note, unlike their Original Lobster Roll which costs $40++, they do not serve this version with fries or salad. You can add on those separately if you like.

Because we had fallen in love with the #arepas we had in Toronto earlier this year, it was imperative to get a serving of the mealy soft Venezuelan corn bread again, this time stuffed with Head Chef Tamara’s take on the classic “Reina Pipiada” of shredded chicken, mayo and guacamole.


Last Saturday, I had walked in here with the intention of ordering Guest Chef Alan’s (Instagram: @malaccamakanking) sandwich (it’s a Char Siew Glazed Beef Tongue Banh Mi) but sadly, they had run out of it. Fortunately, Chef Gabriel (Instagram: @paulotism) was quick to suggest he‘d make me something new: a yet-to-be-launched sandwich.

My verdict: Two thumbs up!

The Kimchi Grilled Cheese is one appetising creation for sure. I liked how the not-too-sour house-made Korean pickles and locally-grown kale offset the hot ooey-gooey richness of melted mozzarella and smoked cheddar. Ordinary butter wasn’t going to cut it either. It had to be sesame butter that got the honour of being spread on the sliced bread being they went on the grill.

Another plus: The portion is hefty, so two people with smaller appetites can split it.


It’s a well known fact that when meat-lovers visit New York, a trek to “Katz’s Delicatessan” to worship at the temple of pastrami is mandatory. So there was where I ventured this morning.
Once I entered their hallowed hall, I could feel the air crackling with electricity - likely from my own manic level of anticipation. A little blue ticket was handed to me by a really big dude and I was told where to head to place my order, which is basically the long stretch of counters they have running down the right side of the space. All in all, getting hold of my sandwich was a pretty smooth process. Thank goodness because the customers never stopped streaming in.
From the first to the last bite of my sandwich, I was lost in ecstasy. There’s not been a pastrami remotely close to the stratospheric level of moistness, flavour and softness of the one at Katz. To top it off, it proved surprisingly less salty as well. I liked that they throw on complimentary pickles and lightly pickled cucumbers with every order of sandwich too.


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