Interesting Venues!

Interesting Venues!

Cafe within the grounds of a cinema? Automated service in a sushi restaurant? Here's a listing of interesting places to dine at in Singapore!
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua

Newly-opened at Cavan Road near Edith Patisserie and Red Eye Smokehouse is Peranakan Khek — a new takeaway shop that sells Nyonya Kueh and cakes freshly-baked in-house on a daily basis. Tried the Kueh Bengka Ubi which is slightly stiffer but less stickier than what commercial bakeries sell, with a moderately fibrous bite for $2 a slice, as well as a Kueh Salat that comes pretty well-flavoured with a smooth and aptly sweet Pandan Egg Custard layer atop a well-packed layer of glutinous rice that was loosely sticky without turning into a mush — also at a price of $2 a slice. Both Kuehs that I have had seemed to have a good balance of sweetness which makes them easy to finish. Always heartened whenever I visit shops like these that puts effort into keeping traditions alive.

Pernakan Khek is situated at Cavan Suites, 11 Cavan Road, #01-03, Singapore 209848


Korean cuisine may be big in Singapore, but Guksu brings in what seems to be rarely seen around the island; Korean Noodles. Expect noodles with a variation of broths, from dry ones to traditional Anchovy broth or even Clam broths alongside different types of Korean noodles (just like pasta). They also offer quite a variety of Fried Chicken in different flavours. Something out of the ordinary after so many places that offer familiar dishes like Toppoki, Bibimbap and barbecued meats that have sprouted across the island.


No doubt this is something already done by its competitors, but it is interesting to see Ah Huat White Coffee expanding beyond its primary business. In their cafe, expect Ah Huat White Coffee being served and constant reruns of their iconic advertisements on the TV mounted in the dining area. Serving local classics like Curry Chicken and Hong Kong style dishes such as Noodle Soup, most dishes are average, but do try their Baked Rice which is pretty unique to themselves especially with its wok hei. If you are in for tea and looking for some cakes to pair with Kopi, you would be glad to find a variety of cakes supplied from online bakery Cat and The Fiddle, including the Yuan Yang Cheesecake. There is also a second outlet in the west situated at Bukit Batok HomeTeamNS for those residing in the west and would prefer to head to an outlet closer to home.


Lime may not be in the hotel buffet restaurant scene as long as names such as The Line or Melt The World, but it has already seen full bookings during dinner on weekend nights, and it's not difficult to see why. Offering a range of appetizers, mains and desserts, Lime has almost everything covered, from western flavours, Chinese wok-fried Favourites and even a whole section catered to Pernankan cuisine. Of particular mention would be the seafood and sushi section, which is of pretty high quality with fresh seafood and ingredients, as well as the Durian Pengat for those who can't resist Durian desserts. Dessert counter is also rather varied; not only concentrating on cakes but also other sweets such as Creme Brûlée, Bread & Butter Pudding, not forgetting that signature and even iconic Green Tea White Chocolate Fondue that's the first thing you get to see when you enter. With so many items available, this is why Lime is popular with its patrons, for it's just one price one venue for almost everything that you would fancy!


Comnam is the latest child of the Les Amis group, which targets at where Nam Nam Noodle Bar had not yet ventured into. Replacing Canele at Raffles City as its first outlet, the main concept of Comnam is to serve Broken Rice bowls and soups; usually seen as a peasant food in Vietnam but in less lowly form and also rarely seen in Singapore. Portions are generous here, especially if you opt for the higher priced ones, and there is flexibility to choose between Kimchi Brown Rice or Vietnamese Broken Rice. Apart from those, also try the different variations of sides which are not commonly found in other Vietnamese eateries or the drinks which are an interesting modern Vietnamese mix.


Part of the new Mongkok-themed shopping district at Jurong Point, Legendary Hong Kong is not just a place for Hong Kong food, but the place to solve all your crazy cravings for Hong Kong cuisine simply for its wide and impressive variety served. Legendary Hong Kong comprises of four stalls; a Noodle & Porridge stall, Dim Sum stall, Tea Room (opening in September) and a Roast Meat stall with a 230 seat dining area that boasts different themes ranging from a Chinese restaurant to a typical Hong Kong Tea Room so each visit there would feel like as if its in a different venue. Prices might be a bit higher than usual dim sum restaurants but the portion sizes are also more generous in comparison. If you are spoilt for choice, go for the honeyed tender London Roast Duck here that comes in portion, half or even whole which comes with a tangy citron sauce that makes it all the better. Currently running in soft launch mode, expect some items to be unavailable; but honestly the spread available is so varied it probably ain't an issue at all.

The opening of Food Republic at Shaw House introduced a couple of big name brands such as Sumire Yakitori House and the widely-raved Kimchi Express by Kimchi Korean Restaurant. There's also a small Vietnamese stall at the corner named Little Hanoi which is the answer for your Bahn Mi and Pho cravings. Being a food court stall, it definitely has some shortcomings in terms of freshness as compared to the individually-run eateries, but it is still very decent. A full meal with a side, main and Viet Coffee comes below $15; speak about value-for-money Vietnamese fare at Orchard Road!

Think its high time that the word on Whale & Cloud can be spread as it is getting more known. Located at the back alley of Niven Road, Whale & Cloud is a place meant for those who are in for some quiet. The operation hours are haphazard, for the owners all have day jobs and operating this cafe as a side thing. They source their beans from all over the world that are a rare find in cafes locally, and the coffee is charged on tip basis. Cakes are also available, but often sold out early so do make your way earlier if you are keen to try them. This is a spot for some quiet chill, but may it remain that way in time to come ...

Speak about unique dining concepts and La Fondue honestly deserves a mention; its possibly Singapore's only Fondue specialty restaurant that does everything from various Cheese Fondues, Meat & Seafood Fondues and Chocolate Fondues, all using premium ingredients imported from overseas and made from scratch. The fondues are rich, thick and the platters are of generous portions to share. A place suitable for an indulging and quiet gathering that would definitely impress all of your dining partners


Sharing grounds with Medici Cafe Bar is Malaysian-based cafe, Coffee:Nowhere which is located at 44 Rochester Park beside Body with Soul. The name of the cafe seems rather apt for its location; no one would have expected a cafe to be situated here. They serve both espresso-based drinks, brews/drips as well as other misc beverages, and the fully al-fresco environment is unique being close-to-nature, yet cooling and relaxing as there are ample fans around in this location situated away from the crowd. A destination that is pretty unique with its own character, though the patchy service and cold staff needs improvement.


Tucked in the basement of Robinsons Orchard, Venchi Gelato is a rather hidden find as it is located at the same counter as Le Chocolatier instead of being together with the other F&B outlets. Their selection of flavours might be small and at $4.80 for a single scoop, it might be pricey, but it is totally worth paying for thick, rich and flavourful premium Gelato. The Chocolate-based flavours are refined and rich, while the Salted Caramel was brilliantly salted without being over-scorched. Coconut flavour is just as unique; a rich yet light flavour that has coconut shavings and chunks of the fruit to chew on.

A personal favourite when it comes to affordable sushi that does not compromise on quality that definitely is a lot of fun to visit with a group of friends especially if its their first time there. Genki Sushi is not only about its food, but its employment of technology in its service. Think about iPad ordering systems, sushi "trains" that deliver your order straight to the table and robotic chefs preparing your orders. Their variety is also just as interesting; from sushi/sashimi to dons, sides and even desserts such as Tiramisu, all of a decent quality for the price. The self-service table clearing is just as fun; you get to play a jackpot on the iPad when a number of plates are cleared, which can involve a free plate of sushi if you are lucky enough.