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Halal Chronicles

Halal Chronicles

Hunting for yummy, affordable & cosy halal cafes to dine with the loved ones!
Bai Sahari
Bai Sahari
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For the price of $20 for a serving for 2 people, you get a platter of meat (chicken and beef - black pepper or plain), some seafood, vegs, balls and sausages as well as tang hoon with chicken soup. I could not get enough of the beef and ended up ordering more. The sauce the accompanies the food items is good too. Overall it was an awesome gastronomical experience of delicious food in a hawker centre.

Beef sirloin steak served with salad and black pepper sauce. You could opt from 3 different choices of sauces but i feel that the black pepper is the best! The price is affordable and the atmosphere is chillax.


The salted egg yolk pasta was yummy but too much of it tastes very 'jelak'. The crab was unfortunately salty. This will be my first and last try unfortunately. :(


Recently received the green halal chop, the long queued chicken restaurant served yummilicious chicken wings and seaweed fries. You should try their kimchi coleslaw too!

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The thai food here brings you back to Bangkok! The phad thai comes with the clear and refreshing tom yum soup as well as mango salad as sides. A must eat when you're here!

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Extra spicy chicken with chips & coleslaw! It was spicier than what I've expected. The chicken meat was tender and the fries was crispy with less salt, just how I like it :)

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Just like Subway, the process of choosing your bread and ingredients is the same at Toasties. I had the roasted beef if I'm not wrong. It was yummeh! There is a combo that either comes with nachos or cheesy sausage with drinks and I chose the latter. The amount of cheese was generous!

Despite the long waiting time due to tr dinner hour, the food was worth the wait though i wish the portion was slightly bigger.

Love exploring places for its good cafe haunts and yummy food.

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