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Bei Si
Bei Si
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Visited this newly open Japanese & Korean theme cafe today and was super impress by their absolutely pretty decors such as their white chairs and fences. This sweet potato latte was recommended by the barista and its not too sweet yet delicious and creamy at the same time. Yum!

We were debating over it and eventually decided to ask the #barista.. #latteart #coffee #sgcafe #sgfood #sgfoodie #coffeelover #intrepidgastrobar

Chorizo with scrambled eggs, goat cheese, cayenne pepper, grilled tomato and sourdough!

All Day Big Breakfast ($14.90) and Portobello Asparagus ($5.90). The chef uses olive oil for a healthier choice.

Big Breakfast ($15) for Lunch at Artistry. Love the buttery scrambled eggs.

The idea of combining an art class centre and a cafe, is ingenious. This is how Cups N Canvas has set itself apart from the hundreds of other cafes. If you think arts is the only thing they specialize in, you'd be pleasantly surprised with their delicious Blanc Bacon pasta, and fragrant Cafe Latte. Cups N Canvas seems to have it all. You can literally smell art in this cafe.

With desserts that are not too-perfect-to-eat but just perfectly delightful, Carpenter & Cook manages to transport you to the 50s in an unpretentious, cosy way. The old benches and their authentic cutlery creates a lovely ambience for a peaceful afternoon. Don't miss out on their Passionfruit Meringue Tart- a perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Replacing the raved-about pancakes from its' former menu, the Brioche French Toast is served either with Berries and Mascarpone, or with Burnt Bananas, Smoked Bacon and Maple Butter. If you're going for something more substantial, the latter is a better option. Of course, the best thing to come to Riders for is the perfectly relaxing ambience of lush greenery and fresh air. Photo by Gavin Chan.

This brand new cafe along Evans Road highly recommends their salted caramel waffles, which are light, fluffy and tasty. The coffee here is decent too. Needless to say, this cafe will please the Bukit Timah folks! Photo by Alain Foodology.

At only $3.50 for a homemade waffle, this comes at a pretty good value. Pick a couple of their unique ice cream flavours to go along with the crisp waffle, $3 for a single and $5 for a double scoop. Go for their Salted Caramel and the Horlicks Tim Tam flavours. Photo by Make Your Calories Count.


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