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Uniquely Cafes

Uniquely Cafes

Something different from the usual cafe list you see.
Julia Nga  Xinyun
Julia Nga Xinyun

It can be burgers, wings and fries that sounds like a western restaurant but the fried shallots on every single dish make it so Asian taste. (At least that's what my mum likes to use when she cook) I had the crabby patty and like many said, spongebob will definitely approved. The burger were soft and the crab party were filled with seafood taste. It doesn't come with a lot of mayo or what but with fried shallots (again) to up the taste of it. The naughty fries and wings were good. Eat it while it's hot though, a little spicy here and there but the drinks will definitely subside it. The pink guava mojito was alright. My buddy accidentally drop the leaves filled with sugar into the drink in her hibiscus mojito and she was complaining how sweet it was Hahahah! Definitely worth a try! Though it's a little pricey for a burger. Burger range $20-$35

I went there and tried almost all the mains there. (Partly because they don't have a lot of choice) but IM SO SATISFIED OHMYGOD. Especially the seared salmon! It's sweet FYI. Prolly the sauce and also the cheese melted on top of the salmon. Toooooooooo nice to resist it. It's a really huge serving for $23. Anyway their sauce for the koro koro steak was too salty for me, but I still kinda enjoy it because is cut into dices. The lamb was very well cooked, everything was very nicely done. Try their braised pork belly, there's only limited serving, but the pork belly literally melt in my mouth. And the meat part wasn't cooked until it's tough to bite. Five&dime is a nice place to have a date there too, despite the fact that I went with like 6 people HAHAHAH! Really had a good dinner there!

Sick of meat? Real food should be the place you visit if you want to have clean food. If you want to be less sinful on dessert, go ahead and try their pancake. The pancake was thick, and the honey/maple syrup didn't taste too sweet like artificial ones. Fresh fruits were served on too of the pancake, the pancake did taste a little too egg-y but these must be one of the healthiest and tastiest pancake I've tasted.

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I thought maybe I should have something different so I ordered their Sakura ebi linguine. I think it's a pity because they didn't serve my dish immediately when it's hot, so all my linguine stick together, they had a confusion I believe which caused my food to go round and round but not our table. So whatever it is, the generous amount of Sakura prawn that is in my linguine was wow I swear. The linguine was very well cooked and I would definitely go back for more. Since it was scorching hot that day, i had their ice honey lime juice, it was really really refreshing especially during a hot day. Despite the fact that grub is really hard to locate I think it's always worth the trip. :)


Museli, smoked salmon pizza & calamari! I've been on the search of good calamari and kith cafe one was not so bad, the squid is very very chewy, I had a hard time chewing it HAHAHAH! "The cheese in the pizza is so gooooddddd" that is what I keep repeating through my meal. Though my partner would rather they don't put the mayonnaise on it, but I thought the mayonnaise didn't make a very big difference. The Museli kinda surprise me, because I always thought this type of cereal stuff all taste the same but I was wrong. More like because the sweetness all flows in naturally with the ingredients.

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I went there on a Saturday late afternoon about 4pm plus, however we waited for quite a while because there is not any seats and partly because we have 8 people in total. I had their Fuwa Fuwa hoshino soufflé and their hand drip coffee. Fuwa Fuwa which also means fluffy is this really nice egg soufflé I would say on top of my rice. I thought it was those bread on top but apparently I was wrong. The egg was so soft that it become very thin cream on my baked rice. Despite looking so small, I was so full after finishing the entire bowl. The rice was normal rice cook with tomato and a few piece of sausage in it. Their hand drip coffee, unlike the ones in Vietnam. Had a really nice coffee taste. Vietnam coffee tend to taste a little sour but you can really the fragrance of the coffee from hoshino's hand drip coffee. Just the coffee itself smells good enough to be so hard to resist. My bill came up to a total of $35. But it was definitely worth the waiting time as well as the money. Many of my friends ordered their curry rice, pancakes and spaghetti. All of them gave good feedbacks as well, except that the spaghetti seems a little too oily, other than that all is fine.

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So let's say yay to tax free cafe! Located at novena medical center, 8th floor. It's a hidden cafe that not many would notice for sure. The cafe is divided into indoor and outdoor, welcoming you is a shop full of coffee beans. Ordered their scallop spaghetti. The portion is just nice. Something I like about the tomato based is that it doesn't taste watery and full of tomato smell. The sauce was thick and there something else in the sauce that make it pretty unique. You can still taste the sweetness in the scallop which I really like it because it's hard to keep the sweetness of a scallop majority of the time. I had their latte as well, it was pretty good. One of the better coffee that I tried, the fragrance of the coffee immediately filled up my mouth. It was indeed a hidden gem within novena

Since it's located in Bishan Park, you can't deny that this cafe has a really good ambience (apart from the mosquito and insect landing on your table sometimes) but it's definitely a great place to have gathering because they served food with the correct portion in the most reasonable prices. I ordered a chicken thigh burger while Eunice ordered a grilled steak & fries. We add on $2 for their mentaiko sauce wondering what is that, and churros for dessert! The chicken thigh burger had this really special taste, it comes with kaffir like mayo sauce which tasted a little like green curry (?) and the fried enoki in the burger goes pretty well with the fluffy bread. The steak that Eunice had was pretty well cooked, their mustard sauce doesn't taste like the normal mustard and the both of us liked it very much. The mentaiko sauce is a little salty for me though. The churros comes with dark chocolate sauce and creme anglaise. The churros were soft in the inside and the dark chocolate sauce was my favorite. It goes perfectly well with the sugar coated churros giving that butter sweet taste. Their home made draft beer was pretty good, it didn't leave that bitter taste after you drink it, which is my kind of beer actually. Great dinner.


Headed there for a catch up session with my girls on a Saturday afternoon. I ordered their Cajun scrambled eggs & iced honey milk latte. I personally like eating scramble egg, they had sausage in the scramble egg which really suit my tastebud because they happen to have a combination of both the things I like for a breakfast. The toast was generally ok. Their iced honey milk latte was alright too, it was really sweet since the normal latte I had doesn't taste much like that. Since we got an outside seat, I can't help but notice the ants crawling around my table which kinda annoyed me. But generally the ambience there is good enough for a catch up session, since the location is generally good enough for all and the prices there are reasonable since we went to their park mall outlet. Ordered the truffle fries too. But the truffle fries just taste like normal fries, so nothing special about it. However this is a good place for catch up for sure and it's quite quiet for a Saturday afternoon though. :)


Heard that this place is usually crowded during the weekends but it was surprisingly empty when I went over on a Wednesday afternoon. The food was alright, nothing fascinating however the ambience of the cafe was good. Expect some noises because it's just beside a factory. The place is spacious. I ordered their beef burger while my colleague had their all day breakfast and she added smoked salmon. We ordered mocha and it comes with our favorite childhood biscuit (the colorful icing on top) and it goes pretty well with the coffee. The mocha kinda lack of the taste of coffee.


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