Sandwiches, Soups & Salads

Sandwiches, Soups & Salads

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Rachel Xie
Rachel Xie

My childhood fave made 100 times even more indulgent with chocolate-flavoured milk bread crusted in cornflakes and fried till golden-brown and impossibly crunchy on the exterior.

Within, those all-too-familiar flavours of sticky peanut butter and tangy berry jam deliver all the nostalgia and comfort that the inner kid in me demands.


Available in hearty half or full sizes, the Pita Pocket is customisable with each person's choice of fresh veggies and sauces. What a riot of colour!

Happy, healthy Monday lunch earlier today with a 🐵 and 2🐼. Thank you, boys for queuing! The lunch crowd is pretty intense between 12-1pm, so definitely come after then if you don't want to jostle and be jostled.

It's not cheap, but the food here is delish, so I'm not complaining. For $16 nett, you can customise your own bowl with a type of grain (brown rice, quinoa and soba are options), a protein (think seared tuna, roast chicken, and grilled striploin), three veggies, one topping and one sauce.

It's a bit of a walk from my office, but I'm definitely coming back for more hearty, wholesome goodness!


Love that there are lots of these build-it-yourself salad places in the CBD. Shinkansen has gotta be one of my favourites for the freshness and generosity of their ingredients – yes, you can get full on a salad!

The Transit bowl gives you 1 base (mixed lettuce, spinach and cherry tomatoes with the options of soba or mixed grain sushi), 1 protein, 3 toppings and 1 sauce.

Mine here is customised with buckwheat soba, salmon sashimi, an onsen egg, toasted cashews and sliced almonds, momotaro tomatoes and yuzu mayo. Healthy food that tastes good. Yay!


One of the amazing $13++ lunch items at :Pluck, which is essentially a sandwich stuffed with grilled bone marrow, caramelised onions and cheese, with a little tangle of watercress and pickled radish salad.

I love that the bread was toasted to an impeccable crisp without being too hard – I hate when my gums get scraped by sharp toast – and although there weren't tangible pieces of bone marrow, its fatty flavour shone prominently through the sweetness of the onions.


Disappointed that my favourite sandwich doesn't taste as it used to 😔 – I remember it being so much tastier when I had it before.

The vegetarian lasagna bumped up with soft, sweet chunks of zucchini and butternut squash, on the other hand, was surprisingly delish.


My mind tells me I should have a salad for lunch, but my stomach is saying otherwise. 😞 Nevertheless, I really like the variety offered at The Salad Shop – prices aren't exorbitant for the amount of protein that you can get in your customisable salads, and everything tastes super fresh. I recommend the blue cheese dressing!

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Creamy, creamy egg mayo and cheese enhanced with truffle oil and slathered between pillowy ciabatta – you can get the bread frozen and pre-packed, ready to heat up at home!

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Lots of green in this salad, even though it all comes from just one ingredient – seedless grapes! I can't describe how much I love grapes (possibly my favourite fruit after strawberries), so you can just imagine how much of this I gobbled up at the internal tasting.

The salad of green grapes, walnuts, almonds and raisins comes dressed with dollops of house-made whipped cream and ricotta and drizzles of honey. Mix everything together and shovel into your mouth using the pieces of baked tortilla "flatbread" (mad delish because each piece has crispy garlic crumbs glued to it with more honey!).

Lunch earlier today consisting of soba and lettuce with hardboiled egg, cherry tomatoes, oranges, tofu and crabsticks, all tied together with Japanese sesame dressing. Yum!


If you like mix-and-match salads, or "meat boxes", as The Daily Cut terms their products, this is one stop you have to make. Go early or be prepared to brave the maddening queue.

There are three sizes available, each customisable with your choice of 1 complex carb (e.g. brown rice, whole grain pasta), 3 toppings (e.g. almonds, couscous, edamame) and 1 dressing (e.g. honey mustard, raspberry vinaigrette). The Regular ($12) gives you 1 protein (e.g. chicken thigh, salmon fillet), a Large ($15) gives you 2, and a Beast (&18) affords you 3. Some ingredients come at an additional top-up price.

The Regular I put together comprises sirloin steak (+$1), sweet potato, sous vide egg, quinoa and parmesan with ginger ponzu dressing on the side. I found the mix of ingredients flavourful enough so I didn't have to resort to more than 3 or 4 splashes of the gingery sauce.

Along with house pickles and coleslaw, our platter came with Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout Dip, and Smoked Salmon Dip.

The smoked salmon dip was ultra-rich, which I suspect was due to the incorporation of cream cheese. Lighter and more refreshing on the palate was the smoked trout dip flecked with dill.

Foodie lifestyle writer turned foodie PR girl. Notice the constant. I eat to live to eat.

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