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Price at: 8.50$ and 17$ (Respectively) — Generally I feel the prices are pretty reasonable for its quality and quantity.

My second visit here which was years apart but the waffle never fail to disappoint! Definitely one of my go to cafes whenever I have a waffle craving 🙌🏼

However I think cheese fries are generally quite overrated so it was a wrong move to have made that order. (Price at 5$)

Price at: 5.70$ and 6.70$ (Respectively)

Finally had the chance to swing by this gelato boutique and boy oh boy the staff was really friendly and chirpy which made the visit even better!!

Personally couldn’t take the basil flavored ice cream but would give a thumbs up for their thyme-infused cone — worth that additional dollar if you are more of a cone person.

Made the wrong decision on ordering two similar tasting flavor but as mentioned above we couldn’t take the basil and I was more of a chocolate person. I would give this first try at 3.5/5 :-)

Price at: 10-13$ (can’t rmb the exact price)
Whatever the price was, with the generous amount of strawberries and blueberries as well as the granola it is definitely worth it. This could easily be one of the best tasting waffle I’ve had!

p/s. If you are not exactly a big eater or a person with sweet tooth, order this to share instead of soloing it (— like I did)


Price at: 11$

Yum yum and yum! A very simple dish that contains everything I like on one plate. They are very generous with the spread of peanut butter as well if you're a pb lover! 10/10 would order again if I come by this cafe :-)


Price at: 15$

10/10 would order again because it's that yummy!!! The hint of gula melaka as well as the waffle batter was just right, nothing too sweet and nothing too thick. Everything on the plate complemented one another from the salted caramel ice cream to the almonds and strawberries. The presentation was nicely done too :-)

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3/5 for taste wise as there was nothing that caught my attention, I actually stop eating after the first mouth. But then again full score for the neat placement of food!!

To sum up my trip here, it's definitely a photo worthy place and the ambient of the cafe is just right :-) Price might be a little steep but what's not to pay for such aesthetically pleasing food!

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Price at: 14.90$
(Not on the menu as it's a limited edition dessert)

The taste of the panda mousse was a little too overwhelming but out of the 4 dish we got this has got to be my favorite!! 6/5 for appearance because just look at how much it resembles Nasi Lemak with the chili and the egg.

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Price at: 12.90$

5/5 for presentation: look at how legit the foam is!!
3/5 for taste: mainly because it was too sour for my liking

We were looking for a place to dine in and the poster outside saying they sell churros caught the mom's attention and so here we are! Definitely not disappointed at all and very glad we made this choice! This will definitely be one of the place I go to for churros if I ever crave for it.

3 pieces at 5.90$ / 5 pieces at 9.90$

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Finally got my hands on this and.... I AM SPEECHLESS AND DEFINITELY GOING BACK FOR MORE!! :-) I think the portion given was just right for 2-3 to share! What's good is that you are given 3 types of different dips: (left to right) dark/milk/white chocolate each with a unique after taste but I like it plain as well!
Price at: $9.90 (worth it!!)

At a pocket friendly price of $9, you get to taste one of the best authentic Belgian waffles. Although the portion does not seem to justice to the price but it still does satisfy you at the end :-) Definitely worth the try!!

Definitely not disappointing! The dips that came together didn't taste good though. But will come back for more if I crave for churros yum yum!! 😋

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hungrier than ü

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