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Price at: 17.80$

I’ve always liked the taste of my pasta tossed in white wine and garlic and even though I don’t usually take clams, I still go for this dish.

I would give this a 2.5/5 as the texture of the linguine wasn’t to my liking however there was definitely a generous amount of clams on this dish — if you’re a lover of it you might want to try this out!

Price at: 18.80$ and 20.80$ (Respectively)

I saw a lot of reviews on the very shiok salad bar with their free flow eggs (of three different types) and so I went ahead without realizing the menu only serve beef.......

But the friendly waitress came over seeing me all stressed up and offered the ebi set (which was not in the menu) considering if I were to eat just the salad bar I would have to pay 18.80$ as well since it was the minimum fare.

Overall this is a place that serves food with quality even their salad bar at this reasonable fare! Would definitely come back again :-)

Price at: 6$ and 4.50$ (Respectively)

I’ve been meaning to try this place but I guess other than the affordable pricing there wasn’t much to rave about to go back again.

Price at: Something reasonable for a variety of choice!

I’ve been there at least five times ever since I know the existence of this place. It’s definitely my go to place if I ever crave for this ✨ My favourite part of eating this plate of deep fried goodness is dipping it into their v yummy sauce — which has a hint of spiciness that adds even more flavor into your mouth.

(On a side note: the other stalls at this coffee shop are pretty good as well!)

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Price at: 8$ and 15$ (Respectively)

A very quiet cafe located at the second level of Tampines West CC, it has a nice ambient and service was good and fast ✨

I was a little disappointed at how limited the menu was till I saw the waffle selection!! At such a reasonable price with a generous amount of chicken karage (and bacon), I know I will be back here again to try the other “toppings” 🙌🏼

The beef was pretty good according to my friend! But nothing much to rave about the truffle fries.

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Price at: 19.50$ and 26.50$ (Respectively)

Chanced upon this place so we decided to give it a try since it’s been on my to go list for quite some time for now.

On the first bite of my Chicken Parmigiana dish it tasted pretty good (maybe because I was getting rly hungry!) But as I start to go on to my 5th bite the “gelat” feeling was there and it was sooooo salty!! Also my coleslaw was sour? Not quite sure if it’s spoilt or it was meant to be.

For the Aussie burger I only tried the bun and the cucumber which was the only good thing for my entire meal.. (Excluding the wedges!)

So a 2/5 for the dinner — for their yummy truffle infused wedges + the bun of the burger.


(Couldn't recall the price)
My brother was craving for meat hence the decision of western food. Sadly he was disappointed and his craving weren't satisfied. I'm not a beef kinda person so I gave this a pass.

(Couldn't recall the price)
Figured I made the wrong decision to order this so.... It wasn't to my liking and the fact that I prefer KFC's cheesy bbq melts hmm

Fresh and juicy. Still one of my favorite sides to order wherever I go. A bowl of a bout 6-7 pieces it's worth!

Would recommend this dish and it can serve up to two pax if you're not exactly a big eater. Batter tasted quite good and it's crispy.

Not like your regular sweet potato fries, it's coated with what taste like condense milk. A little too sweet for my liking. Wouldn't recommend this side dish as it's not worth the price.

It's a little spicy topped with a generous amount of seafood which tasted pretty fresh. Nothing special just like any other regular Aglio Olio.

No no and no. That's all I can say.

Priced at 19.80$ for the combo meal which comes with a (watery) mushroom soup and drink of your choice.

Priced at 14$, thought it was quite a reasonable for its generous portion. Mash was not bad and I'm not a fan of duck personally but my brother think it was not that bad so??

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hungrier than ü

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