Weekend Feasting

Weekend Feasting

Featuring Sunday Folks (Holland Village), The Lokal, Park Bench Deli, Artichoke, Bochinche, Potato Head Singapore
Marilyn L
Marilyn L

This made for such a delightful breakfast. Soft, fluffy buns sandwiching a fried egg, bacon, frisee and PSD sauce. One of those things that is so simple yet so good. Was gonna go for the acai bowl but let's face it, this is a winning combination. And some days you just gotta treat yoself. (Which i kinda do everyday so that has lost all meaning.)


Pretty sure these need no introduction. I had the Mango Sticky Rice creamsicle, and was pleasantly delighted at first bite: white chocolate coating with toasted coconut flakes and rice puffs. Can't accurately describe the ice cream; coconut milk ice cream with a generous amount of fresh mango chunks, and some sticky rice. Excuse my inability to do this creamsicle justice with words, but like. It's so good that you just gotta have one all to yourself.


Man, this was sublime. Texture was akin to that of cottage cheese, but with a lighter taste. The pickled onions and cherry tomatoes added acidity and brightened the dish, which was great because a hearty serving of cheese can get monotonous. This was so good, the table next to us ordered a second serving ๐Ÿ˜‹

Save the soggy bun at the bottom (not even sure why), this was pretty good. Wasn't a fan of the chimichurri but maybe because I didn't eat the entire burger together (small mouth problems), I couldn't taste if the flavours melded. Loved the bacon but i think if eaten with the cheese, it might have been too salty. Expected more from boCHINche given the price and what I've read, but alas. My friend had the ossobucco with poached eggs and didn't like it. I would rather have spent my money at Common Man just right below.


Everything was on point and huge on flavour! Fell in love with Artichoke the minute I put some of their food in mah mouth.

Creamier's sister outlet, Sunday Folks, serves only six flavours: summer strawberries, roasted pistachio, earl grey lavender, madagascar vanilla, sea salt gula melaka, and dark chocolate. Get it in either a cone (comes with toppings) at $8.90 or on two glorious waffles at $10.90! Quality still remains excellent, and I have to say I definitely love how the ice cream feels lighter 'cause it's a soft serve. I also much prefer the space here as it's so much roomier - less shoulder rubbing!


Man this was gooood. Beef was cooked very well and slightly charred (which I love). The slaw really brightened the burger, as did the super tangy sauce. At $20, this gives Omakase a run for their money but I think I prefer Omakase's cleaner flavour.

Topped with spiced bearnaise, beef chilli, fried shallots, Parmesan and sesame seeds. Didn't find any sesame seeds but I really liked the fries, which are like fried potato slices. Wish there was more beef chilli!


These twice-cooked wings were coated in a sauce boasting Asian flavours, garnished with strips of fresh chilli, spring onion, and some sesame seeds. I liked that they were rather dry despite the sauce, but thought the meat could have been juicier.


With pork belly, broken omelette, spinach and chilli jam. I didn't have this but apparently it was gooood.


Really liked the flavours in this burger. Especially liked the grilled pineapple sandwiched between two pieces of veal schnitzel (which I felt were slightly tough). Also, I think I've found my favourite fries ๐Ÿ˜Š Gonna get a side of fries the next time!


I don't just eat. I feast. ๐Ÿด

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