Sawadika! Thai food here ka! Singapore seems to have thai food spoiled for choice!
Raine Liu
Raine Liu

At @eatkrapow’s Chinatown Point outlet! Oh how I miss their Drunken Noodles ($9)! Love the perfect combination of savoury and spiciness - with that slippery smooooth noods 🤤 Wish there were more!


Located along Tyrwhitt Road, just next to the cafe with the superhero 🐱

I felt the food served here had a local twist to the usual Thai Food that we have.

The Three Little Pig ($19) reminded me strongly of Roasted Pork Belly, with crispy top, but maybe they had stir fried it a little too long with the spices, left the meat on the tough side.

The Moocano ($23), a nod to the popular Thai street snack Mooping, felt more like a saucy Char Siew, but I like it how that paired it with sticky glutinous rice 🤤

Our favourite will definitely be the Wrap It Up ($19) - like a deconstructed Pad Thai wrap in butterhead lettuce - it was refreshing and tasty.

Though the soup Not A Tom Yum ($19) was super aesthetically down to the pour shot - like the name suggest, it really was not a bowl of Tom Yum but tasted like a thick bowl of Prawn Mee Soup.

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Quite like the tasty Fried Kway Tiao ( Seafood Phad See Eiw - $8), the basil flavour could be stronger for the Basil Pork with Rice ($8.90).

But with #BurppleBeyond, we scored a very good deal! We only paid about $4.50 for the mains each!


Signature Claypot Tomyum Mama ($12.90 NETT) - loved the spicey-ness of the broth with Mama Maggie Mee that was of the right amount of heat for me (customisable amount of spiciness and sourness). Came with clams, prawns, yummy meatballs, sotong and (small amount) crab meat!
The person said this Pot was good for 2 but I could definitely finish one all by myself! Will be back for this again 🤗


Just with the first mouth of broth will automatically get your nod of approval! Forget Nana Thai or even Diandin Leluk, this is the place to get all those Thai food craving solved!
The broth will hit every umami spot, at $5, it's a steal with over generous amount of beef! Initially a shock when your beef noodles comes with a huge platter of bean spouts and many other condiments. I think I have never ate so fast before, wish there was more noodles though, my noodles were gone in a flash.
Best paired with some good old Thai Milk Tea ($1!!) to complete the experience.


At Kin Cow, you can choose from different parts of the cow to go with your noodles. Sirloin is located at the back end of the cow, giving the beef a full flavour with a leaner cut. Personally, Ah Ma Liu prefers the softer, fatter parts but I was surprised that it wasn't as tough as I have expected. Probably because the beef was thinly sliced and perfectly cooked.

The dry version comes in 2 bowls and I really appreciate that that huge bowl of soup! The broth was definitely the star of the show as I couldn't help myself slurping down that flavourful soup spoon after spoon. The noodles, sadly on the other hand, was really bland. I would definitely go for the soup version next time here, along with the ribeye or the yummy soft brisket 😋


This was one of the dishes I felt was more value for money - it didn't felt like a salad at all, prawns were HUGEEEE and I really love the accompanying "sauce" of minced meat, spices, onions... giving it a nice heat and a great appetiser to start of our meal 😋


Served in the pot with a flame burning below, your soup remain hot through your meal (not too sure if it's a good or bad thing as the soup becomes more and more gao), of course you can always add more soup :) If not, the pineapple fried rice ($5.50 or $8.90 that comes with a side dish & tom yam soup). Did I mention, the Thai Milk Tea ($2.50) is pretty good, not awfully sweet and can really taste the tea taste coming through.


Pictured here is the Tom Yam River Prawn Noodles ($7). The portion was rather small but it came with 1 rather large sized prawn and mussel. The soup on the other hand was really good though :) Go for the Boat Noodle Beef (Large: $6) - portion was larger and the soup smells divine! Comes with customisable spiciness level (less spicy was already quite spicy).


Traditional tom yum noodles with pork, soft boiled eggs, peanuts and crispy wanton skin.


Was introduced to a round of new selection like the Grilled Squid with Roe (Seasonal Price), Deep Fried Seabass (Seasonal price), BBQ Pork Belly ($18), Thai Style Curry Crab (Seasonal Price), Stir-Fry Fish Maw ($18 - this was really good) and lots more!! Pictured here is still my old time favourite - Lala Bee Hoon ($18).

Thank you @spicythaithaicafe for having us and @fatwithin for the invite!!


Nahm Thai Kitchen serves up simple Thai fare that are really taste yet super easy for the pockets. $6 Seafood Tom Yam Soup? Check ✔️
$6 Phad Thai? Check ✔️ Friday done right? Definitely - Check ✔️


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