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Crispy, but uber moist and soft on the inside. This pizza is worth every ounce of oil used to fry that crispy exterior. The pork and chives combo is well season, so juicy that you need to be careful when taking the 1st bite. A dash of vinegar and ginger, and that bite just seal the deal!


Situated just under the mrt tracks, lies a store that sells China sides, and buns. I bought one to be eaten on the way to teach, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much filling there was. The minced pork are well seasoned, and the bun itself is crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. It's the perfect take-and-go quick bite, that is very filling as well! Cheap too, may I add. Can't help but to buy some back for breakfast the next day!


Urgh just so good! The spices of two type of chilli , pepper and the "numbing" seeds (麻辣) deep fried with the large intestines, is simply way too heavenly. Although the intestines could be clean better, to take away the smell, the strong spices did help to musk it. So delicious and surprisingly not oily at all, this dish goes great with white rice (as you know China food tend to be on the saltier/oily). Because of the numbing seeds, please take care not to bite into them cause it will live up to its name, and numb your mouth! 😅


Omg delicious. I swear this is so awesome, drenched in chilli oil (an usual and typical way of cooking), red but bearable. 1kg, for $38 of these messy babies, this new China restaurant rock my socks. Did I mentioned that it's the cleanest China restaurant by far, that I have ever step in. Cheap, clean, great! Can't wait to go back for more.


Strong flavors, but not overwhelming. Sizzling and tasty, goes well with rice. Especially when you know that china food tends to be on the extreme side.


I know I recommend people to try this bomb. But these babies are just way too delicious to not post it up. Had them for last night dinner. || Price: S$1/stick

When they say "mala", it's not to be taken lightly. Your mouth is numb from the spices thrown in, in a good way. And because we ordered mild in terms of spicy, it's not so spicy that it overwhelmed. Grilled to perfection of crispy on the outside and still soft and fresh on the inside, it is a must-try. Paired this fish with beer, and you are in for a good long night. (PS: beer helps a lot if it gets too spicy.) || Price: S$30 (for the fish), add on of additional ingredient $3/item

Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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