If you've heard of LINO, you'd know they have recently ventured into having a pasta bar! Located within Shaw House, LINO Pasta Bar serves up simple 3 or 4 course set menus for lunch and dinner, at affordable rates of $24++ or $30++ respectively.

For each set, you can also choose to top up for selected items of each category!

For the burrata, it comes with tomatoes & homemade pesto & served with a side of toasted focaccia.

The condiments were extremely well-balanced & complimented the burrata perfectly! Only downside was that there was not enough pesto! However, the servers were kind enough to provide us an extra portion upon request! The pesto was a crowd pleaser with hints of herbs & crushed nuts.


Shared my thoughts about the finished product in my previous post, but here's how it starts.

Never would you have imagined how each component complimented each other so so well. A definite must order if you are a burrata fan!

A stand out dish of the night was our starter, the Salted Fish Buffalo Mozzarella Burratina. Essentially, your usual burrata suspects, with a twist of salted fish.

Yes, salted fish. Deep fried salted fish is added to the mix to give this pop a different dimension!

The dish is first served separately, and plated right in front of you. Each piece of thinly sliced & crispy foccacia is used as a base to piece together the burrata, roasted cured tomatoes, a drizzle of honey, topped with bits of salted egg & black sesame.

what you get is an amazing mix of sweet, savoury, salty, as well as loads of crunch beyond your imagination.

Not traditional, but so so good.

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Finally made it down to Eleven Strands after hearing so much about it! & boy did they not disappoint.

Thanks to Burpple beyond, we managed to get our pasta at 1 for 1! We ordered the Grilled Prawns Pesto Pasta and Squid Ink Pasta, with a side of truffle Kombu fries & it was quite a full meal!

I love that they gave us the option of choosing our choice of pasta. I decided on fusilli as I wanted every curve and angle to hold on to the pesto sauce.

As the plate touched the table, I knew I was in for a treat! I first caught slight hints of toasted pine nuts & with every mouthful of pasta, the flavours grew more! Their version was pesto was on a lighter side and they added a pretty generous amount of olive oil, however, it wasn’t too oily. Even after finishing up the bits of pasta and prawns, I used the fries to wipe up the remaining puddle of oil as it was just soooo tasty!


An Italian classic (I would think) is a squid ink pasta. As a child, you’d have seen it on tv & wonder how people got their teeth stained black while eating pasta. & it’s only till much later that you discover squid ink pasta.

Cooked simple in squid ink & white wine sauce, the linguine was served al dante, with rings of squid, heaps of garlic and came pipping hot.

A fairly simple dish, but a satisfying one nonetheless as you slurp down this black beauty.

Thanks to burpple beyond, our total bill of 2 pastas was $24 #worthit


Thanks to #burpplebeyond, our fri-date got a whole lot better with pastas at a cosy corner in The Grandstand, Turf City.

Unfortunately, the stores in PasarBella have closed down, so there’s lesser options available. Thankfully, burpple beyond brought us here to find a hidden gem!

With 1 for 1, you’d get a choice of pizza or pasta! I’d recommend pizzas if you’re going in a big group as each pizza can feed at least 2 pax! If not, the pasta is perfect for just 1 person.

The gnocchi boscaiola is handmade gnocchi, cooked in creamy tomato sauce, with comes with crispy fried bacon & mushrooms. A fairly simple dish, but extremely flavourful & aromatic, from the mixture of fried bacon & mushrooms. Only downside was that the gnocchi was slightly overcooked, which ended up being a little mushy. But otherwise, it was a pretty good dish!

Side note, for a Friday evening (approx 7pm), it was a full house and we spotted a couple of tables which were reserved, so reservations are recommended! If you’re using burpple beyond, do remember to call in & not use Chope (cause they consider it as double points entries).


For any museum goer, you’d notice FFT tucked away in the corner of National Museum, where whiffs of coffee & food will carry you right to their doorstep.

The usual suspects of brunch is available, but there’s also a variety of mains & pastas.

For affordable dishes that can’t really go wrong, I went for the spicy pulled pork linguine. Stressed pieces of pulled pork were tossed in aglio olio styled linguine, topped with cherry tomatoes, a bacon slice & a sunny side up.


What better way to pair your crab meat aglio olio but with a squeeze of lemon juice and some heat from the chillies and pepper?

The Naughty Chef creates simple basics and allows you to customise by adding different ingredients in (of course with a top up in cost as well). But to keep it simple, I decided to have it as is and it sure was simple yet refreshing.

Chunks of crab meat was shredded and added into their al dente aglio olio before adding that squeeze of lemon to give you that citrus bite amidst the oil-based pasta.


Another favourite that I ordered from Chapter 55 would be their Beef Risotto.

The rice is cooked in a red wine brown sauce and beef stock, which allows the rice to soak up every bit of flavour which makes it a beefy amazing spoonful.

After which, a medium tenderloin steak is placed on top which is cooked just right, with just the right amount of beef and rice.

Thank you #burpplebeyond for that 1 for 1 offer!!


Ordered this as part of the #burpplebeyond promotion and boy was I taken aback at how delicious it was!

It’s tough these days to find a good risotto and I must say, Chapter 55 is winning in this game.

Their Squid Ink Risotto comes with prawns, scallops, clams and squid, which tops their squid ink risotto that’s cooked with white wine. The end result is a sweet, creamy and lightly salted risotto with fresh and plump ingredients! Also, it is quite a sizeable dish, but you can finish it easily as the flavours are not too overpowering.

Best part was that with #burpplebeyond, this was on a 1 for 1 offer, which makes it $14 only! I’d say it’s totally worth it especially for its fresh ingredients and sizeable portion.


Now known at SPRUCE @ Katong, you’d be able to get your SPRUCE favourites as well as specials (only available at this outlet) at their newest store located in Katong Square!

One of my favourites would be their prawn pasta! Orecchiette pasta cooked a garlic, zucchini & spinach cream sauce, topped with sautéed prawns.

For someone who doesn’t really like vegetables, I must say, this dish definitely does its job in making me consume my veggies in another form. The sauce tastes almost like the chicken flavoured twistes, although it’s made purely out of vegetables.

The space is located on the first floor, right next to Starkers & has a NYC theme going on, so you’d definitely not miss it!



Trottole Pasta comes as little twisted ribbons, cooked with grilled eggplant which melts in your mouth, and topped with ricotta cream and basil. Perfect for those vegetarians who love their pasta dishes!


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