Tapas & Small Plates

Tapas & Small Plates

For small eaters and foodies who love variety (or just wanna be spoilt for choice—no judgement!).
Mandy Lynn
Mandy Lynn

Dining out one last time before we leave for Tokyo, so needless to say, we wanted to be wowed, we wanted excellent service, we wanted food that would not disappoint.

And we weren't.

The iberico pork chop [$34] from the robata grill was incredible; salted plum glaze a perfect union with its meat, sweet potatoes and sour cream a delicious accompaniment that doesn't overload.

Al dente ribbons of tagliatelle dance in a rich cream of fresh king crab and yuzu kosho [$25], cherry tomato joining the party to prevent it from cloying – so good we wished we'd ordered the large portion.

And then there is beef tataki [$17] of grass fed striploin tender to touch, marinated in soy and the gentlest hint of wasabi, neighbored with julienned daikon and a shiso leaf that allows its pristine sweetness to blossom – to flourish. It is divine.

This is the food we will miss in Singapore. T-1 to Tokyo. Bring it on.

Dill and salmon has got to be one of the best combinations. The bittersweet earthiness of dill complements raw salmon so beautifully, enhancing its features to a T. Shambles of pickled cucumber, beet, capers draw a tart and tangy sharpness, while sweet dill mustard softens t overall. The result is as delicious as it is picture perfect.


The Adrift king crab melt tastes as if they have just taken a tumble into perfect bowl of crab bisque and have somehow managed to still emerge crisp and full of flavor. It is the creation of someone who cares just a little too much, which is the only way to get it right.

Lightly toasted, then broiled with pimento cheese – lots of it, they arrive with the scent of freshly baked bread, with a warm, soothing hint of butter that almost makes you want to close your eyes for a moment of silence, out of respect for the dish. But we don't. Because the Chef himself is here.

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A classic staple that must be had on each visit to Bochinche is this pan of glorious cheese, wit and crunch; honey as a contour, not a dominant note, a stage more melt than pull.

So good you might not share.

What's more, enjoy this dish on the house every Wednesday with each order of happy hour drink [$10] from 5:30-7:30pm. Looks like we need to make plans right away.


A variation of heirloom tomatoes – plump, sweet and juicy, are neighbored with Japanese cucumber full of crunch and wit, glazed in a ginger-seaweed vinaigrette that brings a mildly aromatic, deep acidic tang to the dish described simply as 'tomato salad'.

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A dark and sexy den in the middle of Keong Saik, Mariko’s offers a mouth-watering menu and an incredible fully-stocked bar with a diverse range of sake, Japanese whiskies and beers, as well as specially curated cocktails.

New on the menu, these warm and melty croquettes are a much welcomed addition. Sink your teeth into one of these and let its flavorsome tonkotsu sauce fire up your tastebuds, bonito flakes adding a layer of complexity to the dish.


Possibly the most delicately cured fatback we've had in Singapore, presented simply with truffle honey and chili. So good we could finish multiple servings on our own.


Not just any butter, this is kombu butter – simply divine. Slather a thick chunk of this house-made butter on a thick slice of warm and toasty grilled bread. Its umami, buttery sweetness will make you yearn for more – even if you (think you) are too full for another bite.

Yes, it really is THAT good.


Not just any pudding, this is The (most raved about) uni pudding. Fresh briny sea urchin sits atop a wobbly mass of rich squid ink pudding. It's all sorts of luxury in a bite.

After all, the proof is in the pudding. And this pudding is all mine.


Before you gasp, no, these have nothing to do with dog meat.

Imported from Britanny, these dog cockles are "cooked" simply in French lime a la tartare. It has all the heft of zesty citrus, with the tenacity of a perfect clam.

The result is so lip-smackingly mouthwatering that it leaves us baffled. It is so good we find ourselves smiling subconsciously (while scooping more onto our plates).

A good restaurant doesn't only serve good food. It makes the world a better place.

We are definitely in a better place now.

I have a big love for these deep fried, golden crusty balls and I can't deny it.

Stuffed full of mozzarella, crunchy chorizo bits and bechamel before being breaded and deep fried to perfection, these chorizo croquettes are given a citrusy-sharp edge courtesy of a little lime and pickled jalapeño vinaigrette; placed atop a smear of house-made crème fraîche.

The dish is completed with pico de gallo that serves to further emphasize its zesty vinaigrette; and I just love the crunch of shallots and tomatoes. So darned good.


Intensely flavorful is this sweet bacon dashi broth, studded with finely chopped chives. The fragrant garlic croutons does excellent service on the broth, soaking up every drop of rich, briny sweetness of clam.

It may be a small plate, but it's big on flavor, all right.


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