Breads, Sandwiches & Tartines

Breads, Sandwiches & Tartines

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Mandy Lynn
Mandy Lynn

Thank God it's Good Friday!

Rise and shine! Here's welcoming the start to the long weekend—a chocolatey breakfast of our favorite molten chocolate buns by Duke Bakery.

I absolutely love freshly baked breads and pastries, and soft buns (no pun intended), so these madly soft and chocolatey buns were perfect. The bread breaks open softly to reveal a rich molten chocolate center of real chocolate chunks that melt in the mouth! I am TOTALLY digging this.

Best of all, it doesn't rip a hole a the wallet. A packet of five goes at a mere $4.50.

Looks like I'll be back for more soon.

If there's one thing I can't resist, it's the smell of freshly baked bread—croissants, to be exact. Made with the finest ingredients like AOC butter for that creamy goodness that's prefect with its flaky pastry crust. I can't wait to sink our teeth into these babies. Yes, please!

A rare find in Singapore are the Jewish-style bagels (from $8) made with unleavened bread. It’s chewier than the New York style bagels that we’re accustomed to, but not to say that different is bad. Our personal pick: bagel with gravlax, herbed cream cheese, onion and capers ($16). Just look at how generous they are with the layers of thick slices of chunky salmon! Our only gripe is the lack of Munster cheese, and perhaps a sunny side up egg? (It’s a New Yorker thing.)

Generous portion of fresh chunky Boston lobster meat slathered in a creamy sauce, packed tightly in a toasted garlic butter roll that's delightfully crisp and buttery; served with straight cut fries and garlic aioli, and a side of mesclun salad that was so poorly dressed we only realized that dressing was intended when we finished the greens and realized the bottom of the bowl was lightly tainted with balsamic. While dinner was enjoyable, we're not quite sure it's worth the 75-minute wait. Let us know where your favorite lobster roll in Singapore is! 🍴😋

Nothing beats Chef Pang's freshly baked croissants to start the day! Warm, crusty and full of flaky, buttery goodness, these viennoiseries are soft and fluffy yet crisp, melting in the mouth with each bite. All I need is a cool slab of Lurpak to have it with! Available at all Antoinette outlets on weekends.

We're having a toasty bagel w a sunny side up egg and cheddar, and a glass of freshly squeezed Florida's natural orange juice!

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The Spaniard sub: tender, juicy Wagyu balls slathered in a rich sobrassada paste and a touch of blue cheese, placed atop a bed of roasted onions accompanied by green chili skin between crisp ciabatta. It's partner in crime comes in the form of a pimped up (DIY) salad of pulled pork, sautéed mushrooms, penne pasta, pomegranate, rocket and arugula, tossed in salsa verde and topped with a soft boiled egg. We appreciate how each ingredient shines on its own to bring the dish together, especially how the pomegranate adds a nice touch of sweetness and crunch to the salad—good enough to warrant a return visit.


Briny succulent chunks of Boston lobster meat (from a whole lobster) slathered in a sweet seafood mayonnaise dressing is stuffed into a warm and toasty buttered hot dog bun, garnished with spring onions. Not too shabby and definitely value for money (at $21.80 with fried and a side salad). Available for a limited time period across all Swenson's outlets from Oct 15 to Nov 30. Dig in!


Grilled chicken breast sandwich drenched in a creamy pungent blue cheese dressing, topped with a sunny side up egg with a beautifully runny yolk!

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