Burgers & More.

Burgers & More.

My list of burger places to head to to satisfy my burger cravings.
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

Due to P2HA, dining out is obv not possible, but no one said you can't have Michelin-star food in the comforts of your own home!

I was blessed by a friend who gifted me a meal from Burnt Ends! So here goes the multiple posts on it!

Next up, the Bone Marrow Bun. It does look a little unassuming at first, kinda like garlic bread from a certain pizza chain. But what's in it, is at least ten folds better than garlic bread. The spread is a mix of garlic and bone marrow slathered between their homemade brioche bun once again then oven-baked to ensure that all the juiciness has seeped into the buns. That first warm toasted bite screams umami & all I wanted was to be greedy and have it all to myself 🤫

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Due to P2HA, dining out is obv not possible, but no one said you can't have Michelin-star food in the comforts of your own home!

I was blessed by a friend who gifted me a meal from Burnt Ends! So here goes the multiple posts on it!

First off, the Sanger. This burger is no stranger to the scene because it's one of the burgers that made Burnt Ends popular since their beginning! This signature pulled pork sandwich has 12h slow cooked pork shoulder, chipotle aioli, coleslaw & pickled jalapeños packed between homemade brioche buns topped with cheddar. What you get is a huge sloppy bite that's bursting with flavour, leaving you wanting to wolf down the entire thing by yourself (if your stomach allows it).

Thinking of what to have this week? Why not do a pick up or delivery of @bbbunsfordays - your korean-inspired juicy fat burgers!

Located at B1 of Punggol Plaza (somewhere that I didn't go until I visited), this hole in a wall concept pops up from its neighbours (the market & a Chinese restaurant) with it's graffiti-filled pick up point.

Apart from a loud exterior, their burgers also screams GIVE ME MORE with their juicy patties and fluffy burger buns! A personal fav and a crowd fav as well is the Flame-Grilled Cheese Burger ($10.90) which comes with a smashed beef patty, made of Angus beef, grilled cheese, caramelised onions & their secret ssamjang sauce! The amount of umami with each bite makes you want to go in for another bite.

On the side, also order their fries & korean sodas (aka ade) to complete your meal! Definitely something worth trying in you live in the North East area!

Thanks again to Ni Zhen for asking us along! 😍

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📍Punggol Plaza

A new addition right after the CB period, SMÖÖbar added in Rambürger to their listing to provide you simple hearty Ramly burgers!

You've got an option of either chicken or beef, and either a single or double option, which makes it extra yummy!

Apart from #burpplebeyond, they've also got promo on Fave for takeaway meals for 2-3 pax or 4-5pax! Don't say bojiooo.


New on the Maccas menu is their sweet chilli fish burger!!

You’d usually think filet-o-fish is the way to go, but with this newest seasonal addition, I think the old staple has a competitor.

The new burger comes with fish in a crusty tempura-like batter, topped with sweet chilli sauce (kinda like sweet chilli + mayo), and fresh lettuce (not in frame cause this was a special order) between 2 toasty buns.

The ending result is a tasty good ol’ maccas meal 😊

If buns aren’t your thing, you can go for the fish & fries meal, which is essentially the same fish (2 slices instead) together with fries!


Hands up if you’re a fan of hot dog buns 🙋🏻‍♀️

The LA-based fast food favourite, @fatburgersg has brought in three brand new exclusive favourites - their gourmet hot dog buns 🎉🎉

In addition to their juicy hamburgers that everyone loves, their gourmet hot dog buns comes with fluffy toasted brioche (oooooh they were so fluffy and crispy), juicy chicken sausages and the same toppings that you can also get for your burgers!

Pictured is their Classic Hot Dog ($6.90), which comes with the same toppings as Fatburger’s signature - The Works - where you get chopped lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, relish, topped with a massive load of mayo and mustard. There’s so much toppings that you’d have to go in for a second mouth before you get to taste all the components together!

Apart from that, there is also their Chilli Dog ($7.90) and Chilli Cheese Dog ($8.90) which comes with their signature homemade chilli that you get when you order their chilli cheese fries ($5.90)!

Best part, for my dear Muslim friends, Fat Burger is official halal-certified! So grab your friends and head down to either KINEX (used to be known as ONEkm) or Velocity for some buns 🌭

Thank you @brandcellar for the invite! 😌


Valid only for the month of December, @parkbenchdeli has collaborated with Chef Jake of @burntends_sg to bring us this amazing sandwich, Jake’s Beef & Marrow.

Think Burnt Ends’ freshly baked rye bread, with a generous layer of pickled walnut spread, slow roasted beef rump, sliced beef marrow, grilled portobello mushrooms, cheddar and fresh horseradish. Delicious, ain’t it?

The horseradish gives you a nice hint of spice that cuts through everything while the mushrooms gives you a nice bite as the marrow & rump slowly melts away with every bite.

As my dear friend @patricoantonio says, “this is the best sandwich that has been made, and we’ve been here since day 1.”

So please get your hands on this, cause it’s so so soooo good & there’s only 25 portions daily.


Available only during this one day collaboration between Park Bench Deli and Minang Makan Rumah, my fav from the trio of the offerings would the Rendang Burger!

A thick juicy beef patty, with beef rendang on top, cheese, pickles and sandwiched between brioche buns. This combination is so so delicious, that as a friend of my says, “a certain fast food chain has got nothing on this man”.


Perhaps the most indulgent but so goddamn delicious sliders I’ve had in quite a while.

The Soul Sliders is served as a pair and the portion size is definitely as good as having a full burger on your own.

Choose from 3 levels of spiciness - mild, extra and insane which coats their Nashville style buttermilk fried chicken, and served with pink mayo, coleslaw, pickles and sandwiched between two fluffy mini buns.

For those who likes a kick out of their meal, go for the extra, which leaves your tongue burning with some heat and bitting into the savoury, juicy (and totally not oily) boneless chicken thigh patty.

Apart from this, have a go at their signature Nashville Hot Chicken as well!


This amazing, & oh-so-sinful Cheesy Mac Burger ($18) is one solid gold winner of all burgers.
Instead of buns, you've got yourself two Mac & cheese deep fried patties that sits on either ends of the burger.
In between those 2 are your thick juicy beef patty, bacon, caramelised onions, arugula & more cheese.
Well, I don't have to say much, but I'm sure you can already imagine how insanely good this burger is.
Before you start drooling, do note that this burger is available for a limited time only! They're available till the 30th of November, so you've got about 1.5 months to indulge & walk them off by walking home. •

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Tucked round the corner from the escalator is this unassuming little burger joint - Kay's! They serve up pretty good burgers with simple sides of fries or onion rings, depending on what you'd like!

One of the burgers we tried was #TheHype-Burg, also known as the Salted Egg Chicken burger. With the whole hype going on about salted egg, there'd be a certain expectation to this burger & I must say, it definitely lives up to it's hyped name! The owners have added some chilli padi to the salted egg sauce, giving you that extra punch (without killing you) & ensuring that you can gobble that whole burger down within seconds without complaining about it being too jelat.

The chicken thigh was thick & juicy & I really liked how they added a huge slice of grilled pineapple, which helped with cutting out the possible jelat-ness of the sauce (if you're not a fan).

Another plus point would be that, it is a halal-certified store! So now we can all add it to our list of stores to bring your Muslim friends too!


For Artichoke Young Guns, happening only this weekend, you'd be seeing the young chefs working it out in the kitchen & trying out the special items!

Jolene's Crabby Buns ($26) comes with Doritos Crusted soft shell crab, red herissa tuna pate, pickles, zhoug, lime toum & mighty fries.

While I'm not sure what some of the ingredients are, the combination of all of them together was UH-MA-ZING! The crisp Doritos crust makes every mouthful a delightful one while you sink you teeth into the depths of the sea, I mean crabs.


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